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Tear Jerker / Infinity Train

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Once your number reaches zero, you'll be gone forever.

As Tulip has to deal with her grief over her parents divorce, there's also all sorts of traumas the train brings up that will likely bring tears to your eyes.

As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

The Grid Car

  • The series wastes no time in delving into some really heartwrenching moments. Tulips parents were recently divorced and are still trying to balance out their new lives now, but Tulip is as stressed as her parents. She gets instantly annoyed when Mikayla brings it up, and yells at her mom at why it's so hard for her and her dad to look after their one daughter when it shouldn't be that hard. As Tulip's mom breaks the news that she nor her father would be able to drive her to the coding camp, Tulip storms off to her room and cries to herself.

The Beach Car

  • Tulip's reaction to seeing the numbers on her hand going down; instead of thinking it's a good thing she instantly believes it's bad and when One-One convinces her it's counting down her to her death she full on starts to panic. We later find out that it was a good thing, but still...
  • As Randall practices his salesman pitch and how valuable teammates are, Tulip's expression slowly goes to one of guilt and she starts to worry about what the cat would do to the little robot. She even realizes how little she's cared for One-One and only treating him as a nuisance than a friend.

The Cat's Car

  • In order to get out of the Cat's memory trap, Tulip is forced to confront some of her worst memories and put them back together, like the day at DolphWorld that wasn't as great as she remembered (between the lackluster show with sickly dolphins and her parents arguing), or the day she learned her parents were undergoing a separation and she lashed out at them.
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  • How Tulip remembered the day her parents told her about their separation and what it says about how traumatic it was to her. In reality, her parents were as torn up about it as she was, but in her mind, they were intentionally tormenting her and ruining her life. Present!Tulip understandably doesn't take this realization well.
  • The memory of a younger Tulip tucking her dad in is both this and a heartwarming moment. Assuming from context, he either had an especially terrible argument with his wife or this is the night after the divorce. The poor guy is even seen crying at the beginning of it.
  • The Steward destroying the Cat's possessions, coupled with the Cat's understandably devastated reaction.

The Unfinished Car

  • Tulip talking down One-One by assuring him he isn't responsible for the car being broken, just like she isn't responsible for her parents' divorce.
    Tulip: I know what it's like to think that i-if you had just been "better", things would have been different. That you're responsible for fixing things that are beyond your control. Just know that I speak from experience when I say this is not your fault. And I still want to help you, One-One. If you'll let me.

The Chrome Car

  • Tulip's reflection calling her out for ignoring people and staying in her room, even pretending that she didn't hear her mother calling because she was working on her game.
    • She also laments that she doesn't even have a name, because all she's ever been is just a reflection of Tulip.

The Ball Pit Car

  • This episode hits hard with the Mood Whiplash, going from Tulip's fun playtime "adventure" with Khaki Bottoms the living plush rabbit to her being menaced by the Steward, guilt-tripped by the Conductor, and having to fight and subdue poor Atticus after he's turned into a Ghom. The episode ends with Tulip in tears as One-One struggles to comfort her.
    Sad-One: (putting a hand on Tulip) It's okay to cry.
    • Watch closely after Atticus is turned into a Ghom: he seems to hesitate for a second before going after Tulip.
    • Not to mention another reason why Atticus's death hurt so much—even though Infinity Train itself is a miniseries, the fandom hasn't just gotten to know Atticus over the week the show has aired. We've known him for the 2-and-a-half-years since the pilot.

The Past Car

  • Tulip's numbers increasing again as she miserably turns her back on the car and makes in the opposite direction. Atticus' transformation into a Ghom has hurt her so much she feels helpless and angry. She even starts to yell that she doesn't care about her number or if it will lead her home if she has to live with the fact that she essentially got one of her friends killed trying to protect her.
  • We finally learn the Conductor's backstory: they were originally a human woman named Amelia who, in mourning for her dead husband Aldrick, stumbled across the Infinity Train and took over.
    • The memory revealing that Amelia is the Conductor shows her (after Aldrick's death) running through town to her old university, and going up to the roof. It's not hard to figure out what exactly she was going to do...

The Engine

  • Tulip is clearly tempted for a moment by Amelia's offer of creating a car for her where she can live with her "parents", like the divorce never happened, even if she knows that it wouldn't be real.
  • The Conductor's Villainous Breakdown, especially when she reveals that she got so wrapped up in trying to recreate her old life and did so many terrible things, her number just kept getting bigger and bigger, to the point it extends off her hand and all the way up her arm to her neck.
    Amelia: Don't you get it?! I don't want a life without Alrick!!!
  • Tulip having to say goodbye to her friends is appropriately tearful.


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