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"Don't be a worry-baby,
No need to hurry, baby,
When you're with me....
As the passengers come to terms with their issues in the Infinity Train, there's bound to be moments where they start growing.

As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

Book 1

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     The Grid Car 
  • Tulip's fascination with the cars and having fun with them.
  • One-One becoming Tulip's friend. It's more than likely she would have gone mad without him with her. More so when she learn she ends up saving him and restoring him to his rightful place.
  • Despite the horror aspect of it, the energy vortex reaching into one of the cars, pulling out a humanoid life-form, and tearing it to shreds; from what we learn and see later, it's not a death. Someone's number went down to zero, and they are legitimately, and safely, returning home.

     The Beach Car 
  • Tulip brings up a fond memory of her and her dad fixing up go-carts and having pizza, stating that despite the divorce, she still had happy memories with her family. Sure it drops her number down and she panics later, but this becomes Heartwarming in Hindsight since it's one of the first signs that she's working through her emotions and mental problems.
  • One-One giving Tulip a flower to wear in her hair, even though it's not exactly a Tulip like her name. When she gives it away for the Cat's gear, One-One is sad that Tulip traded it away. However, when she realizes her mistake of giving One-One to the Cat, she asks Randal to stop by the shop for a moment as she reclaims the flower and leaves a packet of gum behind instead. One-One is visibly happy when Tulip puts the flower back in her hair.
    • Also Sad-One actually being sad when the cat drives away.
    Sad-One: Goodbye forever, Miss Tulip.

     The Corgi Car 
  • One-One goes along with Tulip trying to run through the cars to get to the conductor. He times her, and says, "On your marks, get set, go." Though he needs a reminder the first time.
  • The Corgi Car is a car full of talking corgis who live in a kingdom called Corginia. Despite attempting to act civilized, they all act like real dogs do, including Atticus. Even Tulip can't help but enjoy her time with the dogs! She calls them "ridiculously adorable" while trying to say she doesn't want to help.
  • Atticus takes on the Shadow Monster both to save his kingdom and buy Tulip and One-One time to get through the door.
  • Atticus joining the group. While he is doing it so he can slay the Steward, it's still nice to see Tulip's group grow once more.

     The Crystal Car 
  • One car involved Tulip saving Nancy's Italian restaurant. She's genuinely happy about doing a good thing.
  • In order to unlock the door, Tulip has to think of something that she cares about and sing a song associated with that. She randomly thinks of "roadtrips", and is forced to sing a song that her family used to sing on roadtrips. In other words, she cares about roadtrips because they remind her of a time where her family was still together. "The Cat's Car" makes this moment a lot more Heartwarming in Hindsight, as it's the only memory that doesn't get distorted through Tulip's interference. Meaning that Tulip and her parents were genuinely happy.
  • At first, Tulip is clearly very uncomfortable and embarrassed when she starts singing "Word Up!", the song that resonates the most with her heart. However, One-One is dancing along while she sings, and after Glad-One cheerfully comments, "Your heart is fun, Miss Tulip!", she visibly cheers up and starts getting into it, happily dancing along as well with One-One and Atticus.
  • How genuinely happy the song seemed to make the guardian of the Crystal Car.

     The Cat Car 
  • As hinted in the previous episode, we see a younger Tulip on a roadtrip with her parents, singing and having fun.
  • Tulip revisiting an altered memory of her sitting near the couch at night, staring at nothing. Later, we see the unaltered memory: Tulip is actually tucking her dad in who's sleeping on the couch. Awww.
  • Despite Sad-One's deadpan attitude and general pessimism, he does genuinely like Tulip and even takes a moment to reproach the cat for tricking her.
    Sad-One: We don't like you.

     The Unfinished Car 
  • Tulip looking after One-One and Atticus after the spa car. Atticus isn't amused by the bath he got, shaking his fur. He says deadpan that humans have a different form of relaxation.
  • Atticus bonding with the king in the Unfinished car and the two hitting it off. He offers to send his people to help.
  • Tulip getting through to One-One that the Unfinished Car's flaws are not his fault, and that she is there for him when he needs her. Their little hug afterward really nails down how much Tulip and One-One's relationship has changed since she sold off One-One to The Cat.

     The Chrome Car 
  • While Tulip's reflection was a bit of a jerk for wanting to leave Tulip in the car, it's not hard to feel sorry for her when you realize she's become sentient once they entered the Chrome car and wants to be her own person. Tulip forgives her and even helps her to the next car, where her reflection is joyful seeing all of the accounting around her and thanks Tulip for giving her this chance.
  • Both Mirror One-One and Mirror Atticus are willing to help Tulip stop the Mirror Police from killing Mirror Tulip.

     The Ball Pit Car 
  • The Business Car has a pie chart that shows "The Four 'R's' of Business": "Revenue", "Reports", "Research", and "Rest". The "Rest" slice even has a bedroom inside where Tulip, One-One, and Atticus can rest, themselves.
  • Tulip continues to show how close she's become to One-One and Atticus by giving One-One a toothbrush and toothpaste (despite him not having a mouth) and smoothing out Atticus' fur since it's frizzy due to humidity.
  • Khaki Bottoms is a cute stuffed bunny whose train car is a playroom with slides, ball pits, and kiddie tunnels. The "adventure" is nothing more than a cute game he made up, and it's all very adorable. Tulip and the gang can't help but go along with it and end up having a lot of fun.
  • Tulip tells Atticus that he doesn't have to keep following her, but Atticus believes he should come along not only to get to the bottom of what happened to Corginia, but also because he sees Tulip as a true friend and won't leave her so easily.
  • Atticus pretty much sacrificing himself to buy time for Tulip and One-One to escape the Steward. It ends up backfiring when the Conductor turns him into a Ghom.
  • Ghom!Atticus attacks and attempts to drain Tulip, nearly killing her. Then it stops, shaking its head and growling, giving Tulip time to escape.
  • One-One comforting Tulip after she traps Ghom-Atticus, assuring her that it was okay to cry.

     The Past Car 
  • The cat making amends with Tulip, albeit mainly because she wants revenge on the Conductor for nearly killing her.
  • Amelia and her husband genuinely loved each other very much... which makes her reaction to his death even more heart-wrenching.
  • Even the day of the funeral has a heartwarming moment. Amelia's curled in Alrick's sweatshirt, in a Troubled Fetal Position. Her friends call through the closed door, saying that they want to be there for her. They say coming to the funeral may help, but respect her wishes to not go.
  • The fact that the train stopped Amelia from jumping off the roof. It was an Interrupted Suicide. The train may have Omniscient Morality License, but its heart is in the right place.
  • Tulip's number goes down to 0, which summons a door back to her home... but she decides to put off returning until she can turn Atticus back to normal.
    • This makes the scene at the beginning of the series Heartwarming in Hindsight. The passenger sucked into the vortex? He moved on from his traumas and can go home.
  • Tulip tells The Cat that she doesn't WANT to feel bad for "The Conductor" because of what was done to Atticus. However, she then quietly says that she knows now that it's a person named Amelia, who's hurting. Despite her anger, we know that Tulip wants to help Amelia, too.
    • Even better, this realization is what brings Tulip's number down to 0 and triggers the door to her home. Learning to sympathize with others (first with her parents, then with Amelia) is what helps Tulip move on from her own trauma.
  • One-One revealing that being "gone forever" is a good thing becomes heartwarming when you remember that unknown passenger from "The Grid Car". Whoever they were, they must've overcome their personal demons.

    The Engine 
  • After dropping Tulip and the others off, The Cat admits she was happy to have been able to help them out. Tulip sincerely thanks her for "doing the right thing".
    • When Tulip attacks with a pipe, she states that it's a "donut holer" in honor of The Cat.
  • Tulip reuniting with Atticus after he was turned into a Ghom.
  • Despite everything the Conductor/Amelia inflicted on her, Tulip decides to forgive her and state that she's able to change and atone for her mistakes.
    • Even as Amelia points out that she sent Tulip's door away, her number is going down, showing that she's repentant for that act, and then One-One reveals that it wasn't nearly as devastating as Amelia originally believed as he summons Tulip's door to the Engine.
  • In a wonderful inversion of Humans Are Bastards, Amelia's number is still a number (instead of something like infinity) meaning that she is morally redeemable, even if it would take a very long time. The number itself goes down a little to indicate it.
  • The end of the series has Tulip in a much better relationship with her parents as she proudly states to her father that she's ready for whatever may come.
  • As Tulip is about to part ways, she kiss-pats One-One, causing Sad-One to bashfully chuckle, and when she turns to leave, he panics and rapidly asks for a hug first. Having spent the whole journey in such a dour mood, it's absolutely heartening to see the poor guy lighten up for a brief moment.

Book 2

    The Black Market Car 
  • Alan Dracula saving MT. He turns invisible and cloaks her from the Mirror Police. After they're safe, MT sincerely thanks him. This was their first meeting.
  • MT spending time with Alan Dracula. After running from the Flecs for so long, her relaxing and making her first friend ever is nice to see.
  • One-One making instruction videos is this. Not only is he doing more to help passengers figure out how to navigate the Train, he also is making them based on how Tulip complained in "The Beach Car" that there weren't any instruction manuals. It shows how much Tulip meant to him as a friend.

    The Family Tree Car 
  • MT and Jesse learning to cooperate with each other is cute.
  • MT flicking Jesse's forehead. It hurts, since MT's metal, but it's still a cute gesture.

    The Map Car 
  • The mermaids Jesse swim up to not only give him the map piece, but also compliment MT on her haircut. Mt's little blush is so cute!

    The Toad Car 
  • Jesse takes the toad of the titular car (who you need to kick in order to leave) with him instead of having the toad be kicked again and again.
    • After MT gives Jesse some blunt honesty about his actions and Jesse thanking her, his number drops to 14. Jesse's so grateful that he hugs MT...who reciprocates the hug with a smile on her face.

     The Parasite Car 
  • It seems that, assuming Perry is telling the truth about being able to read Alan Dracula's mind, the deer genuinely enjoys MT and Jesse's company.
    • MT also clearly has begun to consider Jesse a friend, willingly singing and laughing with him during their journey.
  • Perry (who is losing control of Alan Dracula's body) tries to reason that he can make it so Alan Dracula will always listen to MT and Jesse. This next line shows how much our heroes have come to appreciate the real Alan Dracula.
    Jesse: We don't like Alan Dracula because he listens, we like him because he's Alan Dracula!

    The Lucky Cat Car 
  • MT reassuring Jesse that he'll have a chance to make it up to Nate once he goes back home.
  • When The Cat sees what she thinks is Tulip still on the train, she's shocked and even calls MT "kitten". It's actually kind of sweet that she genuinely cares. (Although she still has MT and Jesse earn points to have the right to leave the car)
  • MT gets annoyed and frustrated that she's seen as lesser than a passenger (Randall explains that Passengers gain more points in the games because they have greater need to leave the car). Jesse promises that it doesn't matter because the two are together and he promises to bring her back to the real world. This is such a heartwarming gesture that it drops Jesse's number all the way down to 4.
    MT: The point is that everything and everyone on this train wants me to fail!
    Jesse: Hey, I don't want you to fail and I'm on the train. And who cares about them? Once my number gets to zero, we're all leaving anyway.
    MT: What?
    Jesse: What what?
    MT: I—I don't—(blushes) I mean, I didn't think... You want us to come with you? You want me to come with you?
    Jesse: Yeah, you're my friend. I'm not going to leave you here with the Flecs chasing after you. (Number goes all the way down to 4) See? Even my number knows you should come back with me! It wouldn't have come down if it wasn't the right thing to do.
    MT: (clearly trying not to break out in a huge smile) Well, if your number thinks so, I guess I should.
  • After disappearing from "The Ball Pit Car", Khaki Bottoms is shown alive (albeit he lost an ear), running through the car with his jiggle-wiggle in hand.
    • The episode has cameos of previous denizens too: Greige is playing a dancing game and Nancy is selling homemade pasta.
  • At one point, Alan Dracula shapeshifts into a jar of pickles, labeled as "Alan Dracula" brand. He's accepted his name.

    The Mall Car 

    The Wasteland 
  • In a weird, twisted way, Grace really does care about her fellow passengers. After Jesse leaves, Grace speaks solemnly as if Jesse had been tricked down a path that was not good for him. She's dead wrong, of course, but she does sincerely care.

    The Tape Car 
  • Although she sadly reflects that she probably wouldn't be able to take Alan Dracula with her even if she does manage to get a number, and he probably wouldn't be very happy if he did somehow come with, M.T. makes it clear to the deer that she doesn't consider him a pet, but a friend, and Alan Dracula makes it clear that he returns the sentiment.

    The Number Car 
  • When Jesse returned home, his brother Nate immediately finds him and glomps him. All is forgiven on Nate's part, and he even listens to Jesse's story about the train, and goes to get food when his brother needs some alone time to process what happened with MT. If that's not a good little brother, then what is?
  • Jesse cares about M.T. so much that his emotional turmoil about having to leave her behind actually brings him back to the train. You Are Worth Hell can be really sweet.
  • Despite being primarily concerned with making sure the train works the way it should, One-One does try to help in his own way, and he ultimately succeeds thanks to M.T.'s Loophole Abuse which he allows when he probably could've denied it. In fact, the entire reason he and the train are stricken with their Logic Bomb is because One-One refuses to just write off Jesse's problem as impossible and insists on helping somehow.
  • Alan Dracula ends up saving M.T., just as he did at the beginning of the season, from getting sanded. It means she's finally free.
  • The end of the episode, where M.T., now free of the train with Jesse, looks out at the lake, not having to worry about the Mirror Police anymore, and renames herself "Lake".

Book 3

     "The Musical Car" 
  • Grace and Simon have a natural, easygoing relationship, joking around and supporting each other's interests. They are obviously very close.

     "The Jungle Car" 
  • The montage of Grace and Simon traveling through the Jungle Car together is genuinely charming- it goes to show that when they're not hellbent on destruction, they can be normal people who are genuinely good friends with each other.
  • Simon catches Grace when a strange soundwave (later revealed to be produced by Tuba) knocks her off the log. A bit later, Grace returns the favor by pulling him out of the way of a falling tree.

     "The Debutante Car" 
  • It's a quick moment, but when Grace sees how upset Simon gets when she brings up the Null he encountered when he first arrived on the train, she quickly changes the subject and puts a hand on his shoulder as if to comfort him.
  • When Grace sees how troubled Hazel is about being unable to remember anything about her parents or life before the train, she tries to distract her by bringing up her experience with dance lessons. The more Grace talks, the more she reveals about her past and neurouses, including how hurt she was the one time she took part in a group recital, only to still end up feeling left out because she didn't know any of the other kids. Hazel responds by squeezing her hand comfortingly.
    Hazel: It's okay. I don't know any other kids either.
  • The fact that Grace and Simon finally just go along with the train for once and play by the rules of the car without their usual Apex chaos. What's especially sweet is that Simon clearly ends up enjoying the dance despite initially being the one most opposed to it.
  • At the very end of the episode, Grace and Tuba silently share a look that implies that Grace seems to be internally second-guessing herself and her beliefs about Nulls, highlighted by a shot of her number going down for the very first time.

     "Le Chat Chalet Car" 
  • In one car, Grace, Simon, and Hazel decide to get into a snowball fight. It's very sweet if you disregard Grace and Simon wanting to murder Tuba.
  • Tuba attempting to fix Simon's hair after flattening him with a giant snowball. It's a small sign that she's starting to feel affection for him... unfortunately, it's so small it goes unnoticed by Simon.
  • Whatever went on between them, The Cat genuinely does seem to have affection for Simon after all this time and seems to honestly regret abandoning him.
  • Grace apologizes to Simon for being too distracted to realize how distraught he was at having to stay with the Cat. She also reveals to him that her number has been going down, acting uncharacteristically vulnerable when she admits to how worried she is that he or the Apex kids will think less of her for it. Simon responds by assuring her that they're a team, and the two share a hug.
  • The fact that Simon quietly returns The Cat's "au revoir" at the end of the episode, despite having spent the episode furious at having to be in the same house as her, implies his feelings about her a lot more complicated than simply hating her.

     "The Color Clock Car" 
  • The fact that, for one moment, Simon and Tuba actually got along. Then Simon had to ruin it...
  • Also a Tear Jerker: Tuba's last words to Hazel is a bit of the lullaby she always sings, comforting Hazel before throwing her to safety.
  • While the ending of episode 5 is a massive Nightmare Fuel Tear Jerker, Grace is visibly disgusted and furious at Simon after he tells Hazel that he wheeled Tuba. She then goes after Hazel to try and comfort her.
  • Meta Example: After the episode aired, Kyle McCarley took the time to flock over on Twitter and praised Isabella Abiera for her performance at the end of the episode. He said that the episode's final scene was hard to record because Abiera killed it.
    Kyle McCarley: The only time I've ever been on a group record and thought, "man, this would be easier if I were recording solo"...the end of episode 5 of Infinity Train has to be up there for the most difficult job because Isabella Abiera is SO GOOD.

     "The Campfire Car" 
  • Grace reassuring Hazel and agreeing to keep her non-human status a secret from Simon.
    • For someone who can be insensitive towards other people's feelings, Grace is still able to explain Tuba's death to Hazel in a way that a parent would explain a loved one's death to a child.
  • While Grace and Tuba didn't have the best relationship, Grace is still saddened by her death and helps Hazel get through the funeral.
  • Hazel is broken by Tuba's death, but she is able to accept what happened by the end of the episode, deciding to live on for Tuba's sake and to be strong like her.
    • We also get the full version of Tuba's lullaby, and it's a song about always being there for someone even when things are bad.

     "The Canyon of the Golden Winged Snakes Car" 
  • Even though Amelia says that One-One sees the passengers more like numbers than as individuals, he still gave her a card with a message from him to read to other passengers just in case. One-One may operate on Blue-and-Orange Morality, but he does try to relate.
  • Simon and The Cat were close enough that The Cat apparently told Simon her name.

     "The Hey Ho Whoa Car" 
  • Hazel hugging Amelia and thanking her for breakfast. Amelia is even touched to have her first compliment in 33 years.
  • Even with how huge her number is, Amelia is still doing her best to make amends for everything she's done. She truly wants to be better and get off the train.
  • Amelia retains some sense of humor when she jokingly calls One-One, "a little peanut".
  • Instead of being angry or denying Amelia, Grace shows her character development by accepting the truth and acknowledges her mistake for starting The Apex in the first place.
  • While it's sad that Hazel rejects Grace and Simon in favor of Amelia, she states her reasons why: that all Amelia will do is an experiment on her if anything. Amelia wouldn't murder her, the way Simon killed Tuba. Grace is forced to admit she's right.

     "The Origami Car" 
  • Grace being careful not to step on the origami birds, even as Simon intentionally crushes them.
  • The flashback of Grace saving Simon from a ghom was pretty nice... Shame what ended up happening thanks to lie...

     "The New Apex" 
  • Grace sees the trail of crushed birds Simon left on his way out and takes the time to undo the creases from Simon stomping on them. The birds repay this kindness by rescuing her when Simon throws her off the train.
  • Even after everything he did and tried to do to her, Grace still saves Simon's life. Unfortunately, he doesn't appreciate it this time.
  • Grace admitting the truth to the Apex and that they have to work on finding out themselves. As the kids become excited at this, their numbers start to drop down and an origami bird rests on Grace's shoulder, signifying her character growth.

Book 4

  • This season reveals that One-One was nowhere near the adorable cute orb that helped Tulip. He was actually a bit cold and unsympathetic. Tulip's friendship made him realize he needed to be better in the present.
  • One actually follows Amelia's suggestion to return the passengers' clothes and belongings when she reasons that it helps them retain their individuality and make their growth more personal. While it's a trick on her side (to get Alrick's voice modulator back so she can take over the train), previous books show One-One still making it a policy to let passengers keep their belongings, meaning he still believes it was a good idea.
     "The Castle Car" 
  • While both boys are a bit disappointed in Kez for lying to them, they take the time to hear her side of the story of what happened to Jeremy. Once they learn about her Freudian Excuse, Min comforts her that it wasn't her fault that Jeremy got off the train without saying good-bye. If anything, she actually did Jeremy a world of good by giving him closure.
    • Despite that Morgan's first impression was a bad one, Min even acknowledges that although it's irrational of her to take her anger out on Kez, she too has a right to feel sad about losing Jeremy.
     "The Train to Nowhere" 
  • Min deciding that he does want to go to New York with Ryan. "You stuck with me, so now you're stuck with me." And he proves to be as good as his word when this means he gets an exit from the train... but refuses to take it because he won't leave without Ryan.
  • It's kind of played for laughs as a comedic Anti-Climax, but Kez apologizing for all the messes she's made, triggering a series of increasingly ridiculous apologies from everyone to everyone else, is also also very earnest and heartfelt.
  • The ending of both the season and the series ends on a high note: Ryan and Min-Gi playing the title song in a club in New York (the state). They look genuinely excited and happy for the first time in a long time.

Side Material

    The Train Documentaries 
  • Though there's some Bathos involved by the fact that the wizards in "The Wizard Car" can only say "spells", the two wizards who briefly break up do reconcile and get back together in the end.
  • One-One occasionally alludes to his adventures with his friends:
    • In "The Minecart Car", we see in the background that One-One has written a letter to Tulip. (Crosses over in to Funny Moments territory as the address is written as "Miss Tulip / My Friend / Her House / Minnesota".) There's also a hand-drawn picture of Tulip, One-One, and Atticus together, where all of them have heart-eyes and they're surrounded by more hearts. One-One may be the Conductor again and have a lot more responsibilities now, but he still considers Tulip and Atticus to be his True Companions.
    • In "The Wedding Car", he brings up "my friend Atticus".