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Future Card Buddyfight is a Japanese Collectible Card Game made by Bushiroad, tied-in with the anime of the same name. The game was first released worldwide on January 24, 2014.

Future Card Buddyfight includes six types of cards. All the cards (excluding some Generic cards) belong to a world, and only cards from a single world (barring Generics and a few exceptions) can be used together. These six types of cards are:

  • Flag, an individual card set up at the start of the game which declares the world the player is using. Cards not from the flag's world can be included in the player's deck, but they cannot be used.
  • Monster, which can be called to the field, use abilities, and attack the opponent and their monsters.
  • Item, which can be equipped (placed on the flag card) and also perform attacks (if there's no monster in the player's center monster zone) and use abilities.
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  • Spell, which have abilities that activate when they're used; some spells have the "Set" keyword that lets them stay on the field and continuously apply their effects.
  • Impact, a special type of card that can only be played in the final phase of a turn. They have powerful abilities that can often immediately win the game when played.
    • Impact Monster, a special type of Impact cards that act like both Monsters and Impact cards. They are called in the final phase and can also attack during that phase.

In game, both players start with 10 life, and the objective of the game is to reduce the opponent's life to 0. At the start of the game, both players place one flag card and one monster card, known as a Buddy, on their side of the field (these two cards are not considered to be a part of the deck). Players also put two cards from the top of their deck to the gauge zone, a mana analogue that some cards require as a cost. At the start of every turn, players will draw 1 card, put 1 card to the gauge zone, and draw another card. Players can call any amount of monster cards, as long as the sum of the size stat (usually 0-3) of the monsters on the field does not exceed the limit (default 3).


When calling a monster with the same name as the Buddy, the player can perform a Buddy Call (moving the Buddy onto the field and putting the called card into the Buddy Zone; costs are paid normally) and gain 1 life as a result of "Buddy Gift". Buddy Gift is usually the only feature of the Buddy mechanic, though some cards have more interactions with the Buddy mechanic. Players are generally limited to one Buddy Call per game, since it can only be performed when the Buddy is standing (placed vertically), and the new Buddy after the Buddy Call is placed resting (placed horizontally).

In 2020, Bushiroad announced that the entire Buddyfight franchise would be discontinued due to declining sales. The final set of the card game was released in September 15, 2020, with official events and support for the game continuing until June 30, 2021.

This game provides examples of:

  • Armored Dragons: The Armordragon class of monsters includes both standard and anthropomorphic dragons that wear armor.
  • Finishing Move: Impact cards are designed as such, having powerful abilities that are activated at advanced game states and used to win their user the game. They are also literally named Finishing Move in Japanese.
  • Theme Deck: Enforced, as the flag restricts the player's deckbuilding to only use cards in one world and share one theme.

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