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Characters / Future Card Buddyfight

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Characters that appear in Future Card Buddyfight. This anime has such a large cast of major and recurring characters that it had to be split into several pages.

  • Gao and his Buddy Monsters note 
  • Team Balle du Soleil Humans  Monsters 
  • Aibo Academy Students and Staff Humans  Monsters 
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  • The Buddy Police Humans  Monsters 
  • Sengoku Academy note 
  • Disaster Humans  Monsters 
  • The Hundred Demons note 
  • World Buddy Cup participants Humans  Monsters 
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  • Chaos Control Company Humans  Monsters  Other 
  • Family Members Humans  Monsters 
  • Other Characters Season 1  Season 2  Season 3  season 4 
  • Ace Characters Humans  Monsters 


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