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     Journey into the Depth of the Student's Soul 

Journey Into The Depth Of The Students Soul



Journey into the Depth of the Student's Soul (Cesta do hlubin študákovy duše is a 1939 Czechoslovak comedy.Written by ... and directed by... Remains a dear favourite. Hilarious comedy, sympathetic protagonists and side characters.

The story is set at grammar school. 1st republic.

  • Rabiska who has a scientific passion for "a student's soul", keeps a record of events at the school and collecting curiosities confiscated from the students during lessons
  • Matulka kindly biology professor, cold feet, has himself yet to pass the final state exam
  • Vorisek — Czech and Latin, young professor, former student
  • Seda — French teacher
  • physical education teacher
  • director
  • janitor Petule


  • Mazanek the class wally and teacher's pet Mazanek
  • Kulik — sports, a talented footballer but a bad student
  • Jan Vanek — a sensitive pianist and gifted musician and he is having little luck with his studies
  • Zdena Chalupova — top of the class


  • mid-grade
  • students' ball
  • Vanek — sold piano
  • Zdena and Honza's relationship
  • Matulka's collapse and exam
  • maths test
  • pranks
  • reading

Due to poor mid-grade results Vanek's father sells his piano because he's convinced it keeps his son from his studies. The perceptive young professor Vorisek understands Vanek's talent and passion for music and helps him by having a word with his father.

Professor Matulka gets so upset by a prank that he collapses.

The students are ashamed and moreover, shocked when they then find out that Matulka has never signed up for his final state because of his nerves and is therefore very poorly paid as junior teacher. The students make a plan to help him. Under the pretext of buying collections of insect for the school, Matulka demonstrates his phenomenal knowledge to a university professor and his performance is accepted as an examination. Beaming with joy, Matulka is welcomed by his seventh-year students. He asks professor Rabiska to write in his book that students not only have souls, but also hearts.


Here be a draft article for Opraski Sceski Historje

Pikshurez from Cezck Hystorya

Pikchurez from Check Hystorya

Piksherez frem Cezck Hystori

Pikshurez from Cezck Hystori

Pikshurez from Cezck Hystorie

Pikshurez from Cezck Hysteri

Troupz frm Cezck Hysteri:

  • Angry Fist-Shake: Standard reaction. (Find concrete examples.)
  • Catchphrase: Zmikund (that would be King Zikmund aka Sigismund of Luxembourg) has "deel widit" (in Czech "se stim smiř"). Its his standard reaction, especially to Jan Hus, a church reformer, whenever the latter complains about being burned at the stake.
  • Destination Defenestration
  • Eye Scream:
    • Jaromir
    • Jan Žižka lost an eye during a battle. One Pikchure shows how he lost his second eye.
  • Visual Pun: Often the character design is based on one.
    • Frederick V of the Palatinate is known as Winter King — in winter gear with skis.
    • Jakub Jan Ryba (ryba = fish) is drawn as a person with a fish head.
  • Shout-Out: In bucketloads. Find concrete examples.
  • Stylistic Suck: Drawn in Microsoft office. Suckiness squared, and it's awesome.
  • Reclusive Artist: Milan Kundera, a Czech writer residing in
  • Xtreme Kool Letterz:
  • Historical Domain Characters: Hundreds of them. The popular and recurring ones are:
    • Zmikund
    • Jan Hus
    • Charles IV
    • Zmikund & Hanspaulka
  • History Repeats:


    Spoiled Sweet Cleanup 

Spoiled Sweet is a trope that is often misused and suffers from Trope Decay.

There are relatively few examples on the page (about 100), yet it had over 1800 wicks (some misuse was removed, we're now on about 750 wicks).

This trope is problematic because many people believe it automatically makes the character more likeable, but Tropes Are Tools. A character is not better or worse if this trope is used (or isn't).


Link to a cleanup thread.

What it is

  • She's sheltered, pampered, showered with love and attention and material things.
  • She's indulged in everything she could ever want. She's doted on by family and friends alike.
  • She's naive, optimistic, idealistic and almost always outwardly nice to everyone.
  • She might be a bit selfish or condescending.
  • She's friendly and quite accustomed to getting her way, even insistent upon it, but is willing to take "No" for an answer if getting her way means hurting others.
  • She is often reaching out and she's friendly to those lower in class or who have less money.
  • What is sweet? Sweet is always being there with hugs, a shoulder to cry on, kisses. She is likely to ask about other people's emotions. She puts other people's feelings first. She wants to put a smile on a friend's face (ideally everyone's face).
  • She's empathetic. She has a naive (but idealistic) belief that all people are good and wonderful and that she needs to be good and wonderful back.
  • Typical plot is that Spoiled Sweet befriends someone poorer or of lower social class (in high school setting someone who is way less cool or not popular enough), and she thinks she can easily make them fit into her sweet upper-class lifestyle or put her on the top of popularity chain... without understanding that it's not that easy or that her behaviour can appear condescending. In high school setting, she's very friendly to stereotypical loser kids.

What it's not

  • Nice Gal and Nice Guy. Separate tropes. More broad than Spoiled Sweet.
  • Wealthy Philanthropist: Giving away money and doing charitable things is not absolutely required for Spoiled Sweet. They may overlap though.
  • Uncle Pennybags: Sharing one's wealth and having fun with one's less rich friends is not Spoiled Sweet either. They may overlap though.
  • Sheltered Aristocrat: Like Spoiled Sweet, they might be naive about 'real life' behind the palace walls but have good intentions. These characters can treat servants and common folks like jerks without really understanding that they're jerks. Usually it's a set up for some development because aristocrats and especially roayls are supposed to care about their subjects and common folks.
  • Noblesse Oblige — redirect to Royals Who Actually Do Something. "Noblesse oblige" is generally used to imply that with great wealth, power, and prestige come great responsibility. Royals and aristocrats should behave well and their nobility extends beyond mere entitlements. It requires the person of high status to fulfil social responsibilities. For example, a primary obligation of a nobleman could include generosity towards those around him, including his servants and people who live on his property or rent his land. See also Non-Idle Rich or Comes Great Responsibility.
  • Small kids: If everything is going well in life, kids are sheltered and pampered even if the family is fairly poor or if they have average income. Most kids are sweet or portrayed as Cheerful Child. An adorable, nice child loved by his parents is not this trope.
  • Boys and young men: There might be exceptions, but men are extremely rarely portrayed as having that sweet but boring idle rich life and they're never that pampered. Media tend to code sweetness as very feminine because it shows a lot of weakness and vulnerability.
  • Lovable Alpha Bitch: If she's an Alpha Bitch, she doesn't fit.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: If she's a jerk, she doesn't fit.
  • Spoiled Brat but downplayed. If she's a brat, she doesn't fit.
  • From rich background, but still a nice normal woman. Too broad. Not a Trope / People Sit on Chairs.
  • Just being rich and not a jerk. Too broad. People Sit on Chairs.
  • Spoiled doesn't equal rich. Usually if the character earned their money via hard work, they don't fit.

Examples of misuse

Including but not limited to insufficient context, no-context and half-context examples or things that are too vague.
  • Spoiled Sweet: On his bad days, he'll come off as (particularly) insufferable and bossy Spoiled Brat, particularly towards Saotome. He's still a fairly responsible leader in general.
    • Not subtrope of Idle Rich, a leader guy, not a female and he comes off as a jerk from the brief description.

  • Spoiled Sweet: Despite being as rich as everyone else in Stone's crew, she is much kinder to Nick than anyone else.
    • This trope has a much higher threshold than being kinder to one kid that others who are all horrible to them. It might be a valid example, but there needs to be more context. Being kind to one's special person is not this trope.

  • Spoiled Sweet: Arguably. Her parents are loaded, her adopted brother is royalty, and her husband by his own admission tends to spoil her (because seeing her smile is worth whatever effort it takes). Lydia is nevertheless friendly, well-mannered, kind, and affectionate.

  • Spoiled Sweet: Justified. While he was initially shallow, irresponsible, lazy, and "dramatically over-the-top" due to originally being raised as the only child of his royal family, it's noted that he was deeply loved by his parents, who originally were content with having a son until Rising Sun was born. As a result of his upbringing, he developed a compassionate, empathetic, and open heart and mind. Benevolent influences and proper teaching would later curb the "spoiled" side of him and bring out his "sweet" side more.
    • No, no, no. He's from a royal family — and it's off already. Rulers and princes are supposed to be compassionate and care about their people. It doesn't explain how he's sweet. It's a rambling example context without actually explaining the trope.

  • Spoiled Sweet: Is nurtured by her parents quite a lot, but is generally a nice kid who shows her affection towards everyone around her.
    • The trope is more narrow than this.

One character:
  • Spoiled Brat: She was thoroughly spoiled by her parents to the point where she often acts like a toddler, instead of her age. She even keeps this attitude while trapped in the school.
  • Spoiled Sweet: She may be spoiled, but nobody can deny she cares a lot about her brother when she gives him (or tries to, depending on Satoshi's choice) her caramel beads as a good luck charm.

    • Okay, she can't be both at once. Pick one. The Spoiled Sweet is probably off because it doesn't concern very small kids (teens and young adults are the most common for Spoiled Sweet). It doesn't even touch the Idle Rich part of the trope.

A kid:
  • Spoiled Brat: His parents are very rich, and he himself used to be driven to school in a Mercedes in middle school.
  • Spoiled Sweet: Downplayed. He's too awkward to openly show people he cares, of course, but he doesn't go around bragging about his money or looking down on people for being poor (he does call Kimishita "peasant" on occasion, but that's more because he'll call him anything insulting available, and he never actually treats him badly for being poor), blushes when people comment on his family's money, and is very generous. At the team barbecue he brings expensive meat that he shares with anyone, he's implied to pay for his teammates' drinks at the beginning of nationals and lets Tsukushi (who buys them) keep the change, and lets his team use his house for their study session.
    • PICK ONE. A kid can't be both a brat and Spoiled Sweet. This hints at other tropes like Uncle Pennybags.

  • Spoiled Sweet: "Sweet" isn't the right word to describe Sam, but she's not as spoiled as the other rich girls.
    • ZCE and probable misuse

  • Spoiled Sweet: Even when she was at her worst as a diva, she didn't hesitate to save Mizuha from the black pillar created by the Compile at the expense of her own safety.
    • zce and likely misuse

  • Spoiled Sweet: Son of a duke, yet one of the most humble and friendly people in the series.
    • Being humble has nothing to do with this trope; these Spoiled Sweet gals are not humble; a guy — Always Female trope.

  • Spoiled Sweet: Unlike his Foil, Ambrose, Sovoy is a nice guy despite coming from a privileged background and befriends Kvothe. Still, he becomes substantially unpleasant and more of a classical Spoiled Brat whenever he gets drunk.
    • Misuse.

  • Spoiled Sweet: Duchess's aristocratic upbringing hasn't dampened her polite, friendly nature.
    • Insufficient context

  • Spoiled Sweet: Rich and kind; has no concept of social class differences whatsoever.
    • insufficient context

  • Spoiled Sweet: Is a textbook Nice Guy despite his eccentricities.
    • ZCE of both Spoiled Sweet and Nice Guy.

  • Spoiled Sweet: Invoked as Santa states his goal is to induce this in children, and is why he gives presents.
    Santa: So that someday, Mr. Prune, they can learn to give too.

  • Spoiled Sweet: The Crown Prince, while generally a noble and righteous character, has clearly never ventured much outside of the Palace. While he is initially replused by the countryside's poverty, it soon dawns upon him how vulnerable the commoners are, and becoming a protector of the peasantry (as opposed to the nobility's generally hostile and classist attitudes) is part of his Character Development over the series.

  • Spoiled Sweet: Unlike Zarya and Piper (who both grew up as Street Urchins) or Em (who was merely working for the royal family), Arkayna was raised as a princess in a palace and with all the luxury that implies. As thus, she isn't above acting arrogant or flaunting her royal status from time to time, and have prejudices toward some people (in particular pirates and thieves, which causes her to clash with Zarya initially). Still, she is a good person at heart, and genuinely wishes the best for Drake City.

  • Spoiled Sweet: He comes from a wealthy family, but is still one of Class 1-B's nicer students. This is deconstructed, as the ULTRA ANALYSIS Character Book reveals that due to being brought up in a very well-mannered and doting family, he's unable to "throw away all reason" like his hero Hound Dog, which is something he wishes he could do.
    • Misuse that doesn't hit the defining traits of Spoiled Sweet

  • Spoiled Sweet: Belinda. Based on a real friend of Pope's, she's shown as having a good, sweet heart under all that lace.
    • Zero context.

  • Spoiled Sweet: Rich, privileged, brave and heroic.
    • Zero context. Being rich, privileged, brave and heroic are not defining traits of Spoiled Sweet.

  • Spoiled Sweet: As far as someone can be sweet when their childhood was full of abuse and suffering, The Duchess still manages to be a somewhat pleasant person.
    • Misuse. Somewhat pleasant is not sweet. She has not been pampered.

  • Spoiled Sweet: His family seems fine with his hobbies in pastry (And openly declares that he wants to be a pastry chef) & manga collectibles, and his cowardly attitude.
    • This is so far from the trope... It's not even close.

  • Spoiled Sweet: It's not touched on in the main narrative, but her bio states that her family owned the mining corporations on the Moon, which means that she's loaded. Despite this, she has always been supportive of military personnel and deeply patriotic to Earth (and not in a jingoistic manner), and chose to enlist in the UNSC. She fairly well embodies the ideal of "Service Before Self".
    • Insufficient context for the spoiled part — is she pampered? If so, by whom? The sweet part is not explained either; serving in military for one's country (planet) is not typical for this trope either (too far from the Idle Rich).

  • Spoiled Sweet: Her mom's President of the galaxy, in case you didn't know.
    • And?

  • Spoiled Sweet: She was the daughter of a rich industrialist, but also a nice girl. Discovered that her beloved father had impoverished workers in his labor farms, she start to protest together with the workers.

  • Spoiled Sweet: It's obvious Nadia's dad gave her as many advantages as he could and would literally move galactic politics for her. Nadia is very aware of it, and very grateful for it. Helping out the less fortunate and generally being the good guy gains a lot of approval from her.

  • Star Wars: Princess Leia. Despite being royalty she doesn't act stuck up or superior at all, is more than willing to get her hands dirty (Royals Who Actually Do Something), and is generally A Mother to Her Men.
    • She misses some of the key things: kinda naive, always kindly and sweet even to people who don't deserve it, probably a bit shallow. The write-up doesn't explain the pampered part. Not all princesses are coddled and spoiled by their loving parents and servants. She can take care of herself and others, and she's far from having a sweet Idle Rich life. She's probably a wonderful person and a responsible princess, a leader who takes care of her people. Royals Who Actually Do Something is the fitting trope, or Comes Great Responsibility.

  • Spoiled Sweet: She's not really different than any other normal girl.
    • ZCE and probable misuse.

  • Spoiled Sweet: The Deku Princess can boss around her own father and intimidate her subjects like a typical spoiled princess, but she's still a nice girl who went out of her way to brave a dangerous dungeon to cure the swamp of its poisonous water and only lashed out at her father and subjects because they were about to punish an innocent person. She also lacks the Fantastic Racism of the others; while they will only let fellow Deku Scrubs into the palace and are implied to be eager to punish the monkey in part for being a non-Deku, she is a close friend and ally of the monkey who also politely refers to Link as "Mr. Link" regardless of what form he takes.

  • Spoiled Sweet: Even though by the beginning of the game she is little more than a NEETnote  and a freeloader with a really rich daddy, she is very brave, smart, kind and helpful.
    • Insufficient context.

  • Spoiled Sweet: Unlike her husband Luke, Hannah is amicable to Isabella and her friends. She's also the only person who can enter a romantic relationship with Zach. You also learn in Marianne's chapter that Hannah donated enough money to a shelter to keep it open for several more years.

  • Spoiled Sweet: Despite being rich kids, they also do some charitable works such as Dorothy and Morgan holding a blood drive in the show's pilot, Jonny participates on a LGBT Campaign, and EJ participates on a Gay Pride.
    • Doing charitable things is not the only requirement for this trope.

  • Spoiled Sweet: Despite being a Deadpan Snarker, and the richest character in the series, he is incredibly empathetic, often looking in the best interest of Jack, Declan, and Emily.
    • Snarkers are usually annoying and cynical; he's rich, but is he sheltered or pampered?

  • Spoiled Sweet: A downplayed example since an Ax-Crazy girl who's a villain in most of her appearances isn't truly "sweet", but she's nonetheless affable when she doesn't do villainous things, always polite, and hasn't let her wealthy, powerful background get to her head (she became villainous for other reasons).
    • By downplayed trope, we mean not an actual example.


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