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Film - Animated

Video Games

  • LEGO The Incredibles: The title character appears as an unlockable character, unlocked by building the Transportation Truck in the Municiberg Industrial District. Wall-E can dig and use his laser to zap objects.

Western Animation

  • Pixar Shorts:
    • During the musical number at the end of "Your Friend the Rat", WALL•E makes a cameo.
    • In Tokyo Mater, a jumbotron advertises "Buy 'n' Large Lug Nuts in a Cup".
  • The Simpsons: In "The Burns and the Bees", a green version of WALL•E appears in Homer's Imagine Spot.
    • In "Angry Dad: The Movie", Lisa is menaced by a WALL•E lookalike holding a shotgun.
    • In "Loan-a Lisa", a cloud shaped like WALL•E can be seen.
    • In "Stealing First Base", during Bart's montage of romantic movie moments, we see a scene of WALL•E and EVE.
  • MAD:
    • In "TransBOREmores", WALL•E is seen among the robots partying in Sam Witwicky's house.
    • One sketch, "WALL•E•NATOR", spoofs the film. It has WALL•E going after those that produce garbage. Which, as it turns out, includes the writers of ''MAD''.
    • WALL•E is among the robots that appears in "Real Veal".
    • At one point in "The Iron Giant Lady", WALL•E and EVE can be seen on a poster. Also, EVE appears at the Robot Grammy Awards.
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