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WALL•E: The beautiful movie about two robots and a bunch of pudgy humans IN SPACE. And while we do examine issues about the environment and consumerism, the story is really about love and home and second chances and there are some simply soul touching moments along the way. It could easily be considered the most heartwarming and optimistic post-apocalyptic story ever.

Moments pages are Spoilers Off. You Have Been Warned.

  • After EVE shuts down, WALL•E takes care of her even through rain and storms.
    • And on the Axiom, the look on EVE's face as she watches a playback of WALL•E taking care of her through her video recordings. One could conceivably make the argument that this was the moment she started falling in love with him.
    • Meanwhile, back at the pool, WALL•E's practicing his apology to EVE for the incident at the repair ward. This consists of nothing more than saying EVE's name while stretching out his clasped hands, each time in a slightly different tone and gesture. After doing this only three times, he simply gives up, calling it "pathetic."
  • After WALL•E appears to have completely lost his sentience and love for EVE, she...sings to him, and spark-kisses him goodbye. Then a few moments later..."Evuh?" Not to mention how when he sees that she's holding his hand he said "Eevah!" in the happiest voice you'd ever hear from a robot.
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  • Everything that happens between John and Mary. Literally everything.
  • The dancing scene, otherwise known as "Define Dancing". WALL•E and EVE fly around the spaceship together (the dance over the Axiom's hull), particularly when WALL•E's propellant runs out and EVE catches him. Also Awesome Music.
  • The trip to the Axiom, when WALL•E knocks on the window and points the stars out to EVE. Especially the little "EEV-A!" sound he makes.
  • Also the sunset, every time WALL•E's binocular eyes slanted downwards, every time they hugged, both times they "kissed", when EVE watched her security recording that depicted WALL•E's efforts to protect her, the entire finale...
  • When, in the junk disposal room, EVE chooses to ignore her original directive in order to try and help WALL•E, who had gotten severely damaged. And WALL•E willing to put EVE's directive before his happiness. When she tells him that he's her directive now and she holds out her hand for him to hold, he shoves it aside and moves to grab the plant, explaining to her that they can use it to get back to Earth where he can be properly fixed.
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  • Hubcap Hat. D'awwwwwww.
  • Every time WALL•E watches Hello, Dolly!, gets to the part where Cornelius and Irene are holding hands, and unconsciously starts holding his own hands. And the fact that it was EVE finally holding his hand after WALL•E's memory got erased that caused him to reboot back to normal.
  • The end credits. The pictures of the humans and robots rebuilding civilization and restoring the earth, and of WALL•E and EVE holding hands under the tree that grew from the boot were absolutely beautiful. Particularly the fact that the humans and robots are rebuilding everything together. The pictures in evolving styles multiply it over 1000 times too.
  • Near the end, in the usual Pixar logo gag, Luxo Jr. stomps the "I" in "PIXAR" flat, faces us, lights up for a sec... before going out. Then WALL•E strolls by, uses his pincers to smoothly spin the dead bulb off and replaces it with a new one. Luxo Jr. lights up again, and WALL•E pats him on the "head" and moves away. As the scene finally fades to black, the replacement bulb is revealed as an energy-saving bulb. A CMOA+CMOH to be sure.
  • All the "defective" bots that WALL•E inadvertently recruits in the repair ward start using "Put On Your Sunday Clothes" as a rallying cry. They even start beeping/whirring/buzzing/whatever in time with the tune.
  • The Captain's "We HAVE to go back." epiphany. Of course, he also had an earlier one, when he at first seems to be just like the others on the Axiom, until he analyzes the soil and hears the word "Earth." The capper is his now-famous line, "I don't WANT to survive! I want to LIVE!" One of the most beloved lines in Pixar history.
    • When we found out he was so fascinated by Earth and had been asking about thing after thing was a CMoH all by itself. Then he asked about dancing and as the computer defined it for him, we cut to WALL•E and EVE doing their outer space flying dance. Awwwwwww.
    • When AUTO in all but name sent the captain to bed, and he snuck back to the main computer and kept looking things up, just that "Little-kid-under-his-covers-reading-by-flashlight" vibe.
  • Every time WALL•E met someone new.
  • The secretary-bot learning to wave. D'aww! By proxy, the WALL-As waving too.
  • WALL•E rocking himself to sleep in the beginning.
  • The part when WALL•E is watching EVE fly for the first time is really heartwarming. (You know, before she shoots at him.)
  • WALL•E's and EVE's first "conversation." How does a scene consisting of four words repeated over and over again look so sweet?
  • WALL•E's reaction after EVE "kisses" him the first time... it's the AI version of Post-Kiss Catatonia.
  • As well as his expression after he regains his memory and realizes that EVE is holding his hand.
  • Garbage Airlock, when the WALL-A units stop what they have been 24/7 doing for the last few hundred years to give EVE some light to try and fix up WALL•E and when EVE shoots a hole in the roof and flies off to try and get WALL•E back home to save him they give a wave to wish them good luck. The hand shake with M-O is a nice moment too.
    • M-O cleaning up WALL•E because it's the most he can do to help, but leaving himself covered in dirt. Considering he has the robot form of OCD and mysophobia, and that it is programmed into him and thus he can't really help it, it is heartwarming to see.
    • "Di ... rec ... tive." The little guy was on the point of literally falling apart and he still chooses helping others over saving himself. It's even more than that: the intense electric shock given to him by Big Bad AUTO shorted out his heart-equivalent. EVE couldn't find a replacement in the garbage, so the only place where they could get a replacement was WALL•E's "bachelor pad". EVE would only think of him, swapping out her original procedural mindset into the less-rational behavior exhibited by, for example, Romeo and Juliet. By directing her back to the "Di...rec...tive," WALL•E was able to redeem everyone on the Axiom and get himself to the only place where he could be helped. In one fell swoop. Sort of like a CMOA for WALL•E as well.
      WALL•E: Di ... rec ... tive. Earth.
      EVE: ... Earth? Earth!
    • The alternate cut, where the roles are swapped. EVE is the one hanging by a thread, choosing the directive over her own safety. WALL•E manages to save her by swapping her fried CPU with his lighter.
      • After trying to demonstrate that EVE is in one of the cubes that the WALL•As just made, his 'bigger cousins' look overjoyed to see a smaller version of themselves, and even pat WALL•E on the head, as gently as a machine their size could.
      • A minor detail, but adorable. At one point, as WALL•E continues trying to repair EVE, she attempts to cling on to his hand.
  • The scene when WALL•E and EVE are heading out of the airlock. Just before they fly out WALL•E calls out to M-O, and M-O (initially in disbelief) happily accepts and they all fly out. Both of the robots seemed to be in constant argument with each other prior to this scene and it was beautiful to see them Overcome Their Differences.
  • Every time EVE gives her adorable little giggle, as well as when she whispers, "WALL•E!" at the end.
  • One of the most beautiful moments in the film comes early on when WALL•E is showing EVE his collection and pulls out a cigarette lighter, which she flicks on. They both stare in awe at the little flame for a while...then his gaze moves onto her.
  • When the humans, Mary and John included, of the Axiom try their best to pull others to safety despite not really knowing each other. Ok, so they seem to be thoughtless consumers who are disconnected to each other through their holo-screens, but they are quite nice people who care for others.
  • While its use throughout the movie as WALL•E and EVE's love song makes it heartwarming in and of itself, Hello, Dolly!'s "It Only Takes a Moment" brought Tears of Joy when overlapped with the reunion of WALL•E and EVE and the Axiom's captain and passengers beginning to repopulate the Earth at the end. Something about the last line: " be loved a whole life long". It perfectly encapsulates WALL•E and EVE's future together, and also hints at the lives of meaning and dignity that now lie ahead for humanity.
  • Every single time a robot waves, especially since this usually something WALL•E taught them.
  • One of the commentary tracks on the Blu-Ray proposes the idea that WALL•E keeps mispronouncing EVE's name even after she clarifies because he was so happy to see her amused reaction when he messed up on it the first time.
  • The scene where the humans on the Axiom work together to get the plant to EVE and into the Holo-detector - they don't know what it is, what it does, or even who WALL•E was before this point, but after seeing him get crushed trying to hold the machine open, they work to help save him just as much as the robots do. It really goes to show that even after 700 years' time, human heart and compassion does (and will) still shine true.


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