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Tear Jerker / WALL•E

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  • The teaser poster shows WALL•E standing atop a pile of garbage, with no company other than Hal Roach, giving a lonely stare up at the night sky. Couple this image with the tagline about WALL•E searching for a purpose greater than that programmed into him, and you have an intriguing, slightly depressing image of what to expect from the film.
  • The first 20 minutes of WALL•E, introducing one of the most lovable characters of all time trapped in the most hopeless and depressing situations of all time. It gets better, but still...
  • Think about what it was like for WALL•E to wake up for the first time, being able to think and feel and live and all he has to experience it with... is absolutely nothing, with no one. And what is WALL•E's objective (picking up trash and making them little compact boxes) turns into a very subtle, but grand show of how very long he was there, and how lonely he must have been.
    • Which paints his falling in Love at First Sight with EVE into a much darker, more depressing picture— he was probably so desperate for companionship that he would have felt immediate affection for any newcomer just by virtue of their mere existence.
  • The scene when EVE is deactivated and waiting for the ship to come back, but WALL•E keeps standing there with her, carrying her to work, and trying to hold her hand.
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  • When the shuttle exploded, and EVE, thinking WALL•E was destroyed, let out a little: "".
  • The look on the Captain's face after he's gone on his Wiki Walk, discovered how awesome Earth is, and then realizes what's become of the once-beautiful, lush planet. This is probably the first time he's ever really thought about Earth in his entire life, and to see him go from completely ecstatic about the prospect of returning to Earth to completely and utterly bewildered as to its degradation is heartbreaking to see. It's Anvilicious to the nth degree, but ''damn''.
  • One moment comes halfway through the movie, when WALL-E is seen trying to rehearse an apology for EVE for all the trouble he's caused, but eventually gives up and just whispers, "Pathetic." Poor little guy.
  • EVE's reaction when AUTO shocks WALL•E, after WALL•E refuses to give up the plant.
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  • After shutting the airlock in the waste facility, narrowly rescuing WALL•E, EVE and M-O, the giant WALL•As gather around to make sure the heroes are okay.
  • In the waste disposal facility of the Axiom. WALL•E, on the verge of death due him almost being drained of power, weakly attempts to give EVE the plant that she had searched for. In response, she tosses it aside, and reaches out to WALL•E...
  • The part before when his track slips into the crack between the descending holo-detector and the floor, crushing him.
  • EVE throws the plant in the holo-detector, which opens it up and WALL•E's dead body flops right out. Immediately after, EVE rushes over to him, lifting him up a bit while whispering his name. Then she just shakes her head a bit in denial, whispering "No..." before calling out to him. And she apparently still calls his name, holding him the entire journey back.
    • A Mondegreen actually makes this worse. During the hyper-jump back to Earth, EVE desperately calls out his name. But her voice is a little warped from the jump, and, again to the right ear, it sounds like what she's actually saying is "Don't leave me!"
  • The passengers take their first hesitant steps out of the Axiom and back to Earth... and you hear EVE's desperate cry of MOVE as she comes tearing out of the docking bay.
  • When EVE cradles a broken and dying WALL•E.
  • WALL•E's loyal pet cockroach, who is still sitting on that same garbage pile when WALL•E returns. And the difference between the first time WALL•E rolls over him, and the second time.
  • When EVE tries hopelessly to wake WALL•E up after he's become just another soulless drone. After WALL•E spent the whole movie completely devoted to her, EVE feels as strongly for him as he did for her, and there's nothing left of him to see it. EVE gives up that he's coming back, and then she sings to him. Thankfully, EVE's goodbye kiss to him wakes WALL•E back up.
    • Worst of all is the final squeak she gives to him. To the right ear, it sounds almost like the word, "Please."
  • The moment at the very end when EVE thinks that WALL•E's personality has been erased, leaving him as just another dead-eyed drone? Fortunately, it ends well thanks to the combined forces of Disney Death and The Power of Love.
    EVE: "WALL•E, you OK? WALL•E! WALL•E!"
  • The end credit sequence where are shown Humanity and robots work together in harmony to make amends, set to Peter Gabriel's "Down to Earth".
    • Also, the fact that this sequence is done in different art styles starting with cave paintings and moving through Greek and Roman styles up to Impressionism. It's a poignant testament of what the humans have lost in the past 700 years, and what they're trying to rebuild.


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