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Nightmare Fuel / WALL•E

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  • Seeing the Earth devoid of life, ravaged by pollution and its environment devastated becomes unexpectedly frightening when you realise the real Earth could very well be headed in the same direction.
  • The tone of the movie in general can be very unnerving for some to watch. The first half comprising zero spoken dialogue save for the robots' occasional Pokémon Speak and the odd pre-recorded ad that echos in the distance is extremely bleak. As beautiful as the scenery is, it's a relief to find genuine, living humans still alive aboard the ship in the second half.
  • Pay close attention to the portraits of the previous Axiom pilots. AUTO starts off in the background, but slowly gets closer and closer over time, until he is staring right over the current captain's shoulder. All this time, AUTO was the true captain of the Axiom; the human captains were merely figureheads.
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  • They're also getting fatter... which is kind of fair given their environment, but also a bit disturbing.
  • WALL•E's Eye Scream could count when you realize the cord the lens hangs off from is the optic nerve.
  • WALL•E getting tasered by AUTO when he refuses to hand over the plant. It comes completely out of nowhere.
  • The climax with the Axiom tilting, with several helpless screaming people sliding towards the wall. It culminates with a giant metal bench nearly crushing the passengers, before EVE barely manages to hold it up to save them. Meanwhile, AUTO turns the Holo-detector off. As it sinks back into the floor, WALL-E desperately tries to hold it up, but AUTO electrocutes the Holo-detector button, causing it to slam down and crush WALL-E.
    • After the Captain shuts down AUTO and rights the Axiom, EVE rushes toward the holo-detector to pry it open and free WALL-E, but it won't budge. After eventually placing the plant in the holo detector, WALL-E rolls out, severely damaged.
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