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Pixar film

Animated Films

Comic Strips

Video Games

  • LEGO The Incredibles: Russel appears as an unlockable character, unlocked by building Carl's House in the Municiberg Financial District. Russel can summon Kevin, track clues, travel through crawl vents, and light campfires.

Web Original

  • The Nostalgia Critic:
    • In his review of Steel, the Critic comments that the main character's house looks very much like the one from Up.
    • In his review of Stuart Little, Carl's house is shown when the Critic mentions that Mr. and Mrs. Little take Stuart to his new house "as featured in several Disney properties".
  • Really Freakin' Clever: In "64 Things WRONG With Majora's Mask", during the part where the Moon's Tear lands in Termina, Joshua guesses that the Moon was watching the first 10 minutes of the movie.
  • SuperMarioLogan: In "Jeffy Goes to Disney World!", Mario buys Jeffy some Up-themed Mickey Mouse ears at the gift shop.
  • Todd in the Shadows: Todd decides about ten seconds in that "I Took a Pill in Ibiza" by Mike Posner is the saddest song he's ever heard in his life. "Christ, the beginning of Up didn't make me this depressed!"

Western Animation

  • MAD:
    • The sketch "S'UP" has Carl meeting the cast of Jersey Shore.
    • Carl also makes cameos in the sketches "2012 Dalmatians" and "The Buzz Identity".
    • Episode 3 also features an advertisement for a product tie-in based on the film simply called "UP".
  • Robot Chicken:
    • A sketch from "Saving Private Gigli" features Carl attempting to fly to Paradise Falls, only for the balloons carrying his house to break away, causing it to fall on some construction workers, killing them and getting Carl arrested as a result.
    Carl: I won't last ten days in prison.
    • A sketch from "Musha Shakhtyorov in: Honeyboogers" has Gooey Louie watch the film on an airplane. Five minutes into the film, Louie tears up and wipes his nose on the tie of the germaphobic passenger next to him, much to the latter's ire.
  • The Simpsons:
    • At one point in "Coming to Homerica", Carl's house can be seen the background.
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    • One episode features an Itchy and Scratchy cartoon that spoofs the film called "P.U."

British film series

  • The 2016 YA novel You Look Different in Real Life is about five youngsters who were filmed for a documentary when they were all six, with follow-ups chronicling how their lives have changed during five-year intervals. This is comparable to the premise of the Up films.


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