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  • In 1934, Alex Raymond's comic strip Flash Gordon introduced Prince Barin's land of Arboria, an entire nation of green-clad freedom fighting archers living in a vast forest kingdom.
  • The superhero Green Arrow, debuting in 1941's More Fun Comics #73, fights crime with Trick Arrows and a Robin Hood-inspired costume. He's taken on other elements of Robin at times; he began championing the poor and oppressed in the '60s, and for a brief time at the very end of the Post-Crisis continuity he became an outlaw and got his own forest to run around in.
    • This carries over into the 2012 TV adaptation Arrow, and receives a brief lampshade when Vandal Savage isn't impressed with Green Arrow and brags that he taught "Robin of Locksley" how to use a bow. In another episode Ricardo Diaz refers to Speedy as being "dressed like Will Scarlett", and while it's never drawn attention to, it probably isn't a coincidence that the first member of Team Arrow is a big guy called John.
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  • Batman's sidekick Robin was originally, and still is on occasion, said to have taken his code name from Robin Hood. This gets an oblique nod when Dick (the first Robin) chooses another near legendary hero for his adult code name, this time the Kryptonian hero Nightwing, and Jason (the second Robin) starts going by the name Red Hood.


  • In G. K. Chesterton's Father Brown story "The Paradise of Thieves" (1912), the King of Thieves is explicitly compared to Robin Hood.
    "A great man," replied Muscari, "worthy to rank with your own Robin Hood, signorina. Montano, the King of Thieves, was first heard of in the mountains some ten years ago, when people said brigands were extinct. But his wild authority spread with the swiftness of a silent revolution."

Live-Action TV

  • The episode appropriately named "Robin Hood" in NUMB3RS (originally aired October 26, 2007) has a real-life Robin Hood who robbed from a bunch of evil people and has the rewards donated to charity.
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  • In the Fantasy Island episode "Homecoming/The Sheikh," Tattoo buys a Robin Hood costume, but finds to his dismay that it's way too big for him.


  • In William Shakespeare's As You Like It (ca. 1600), it is said of the exiled Duke:
    They say hee is already in the Forrest of Arden, and a many merry men with him; and there they live like the old Robin Hood of England: they say many yong Gentlemen flocke to him every day, and fleet the time carelessly as they did in the golden world.

Video Games

  • In South Park: Phone Destroyer, Tweek's Fantasy set card, Robin Tweek, is a blatant Robin Hood reference (with a reference to William Tell's apple trick thrown in for good measure).

Western Animation

  • The Backyardigans episode "Robin Hood the Clean" features Pablo as the title character, who lives in the very clean Purewood Forest and illegally cleans up the squalid town of Filthingham.
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  • The Beetlejuice episode "Robbin Juice of Sherweird Forest" is a cross between a parody and a Whole Plot Reference.

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