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Tear Jerker / Robin Hood

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1973 animated Disney movie
"Every town / Has its ups and downs / Sometimes ups / Outnumber the downs / But not in Nottingham..."
  • "Not in Nottingham" is hardcore for a song from a Disney movie.
    I'm inclined to believe
    if we weren't so down
    we'd up and leave.
    We'd up and fly if we had wings for flyin'
    Can't you see the tears we're cryin'?
    Can't there be some happiness for me?
    Not in Nottingham.
  • "Love" is bittersweet at best, depressing at worst. It's about how time flies, life is short, and only love lasts forever...not exactly the best accompaniment to Robin and Marian's happy moonlit stroll at the start of their new life together.
    • It could reflect how they haven't seen each other for a long time since Marian left for London, and wish to spend as much time together as they can before anything happens. But they were able to get married at the end.
  • The moment when Robin is due to be executed is surprisingly poignant. Marian pleads Please Spare Him, My Liege!, claiming she loves him. Prince John scoffs and asks if Robin even loves her back. Cue an aching heartbeat of silence as Marian tearfully waits for his answer — which is, of course, "Marian, my darling, I love you more than life itself." Prince John appears moved by Robin's confirmation and even says that Robin's words haven't fallen on a heart of stone, but he still believes Robin is a traitor and declares that "traitors to the crown must die".
  • After the "Not in Nottingham" song, we cut to the church, which is empty and desolate and looks rather run-down. Friar Tuck is ringing the bells. One of the mice remarks that they doubt anyone's coming to Sunday service. Tuck answers that he simply wants to bring some comfort with the sound of bells.
    • Later, in that same scene, after Friar Tuck loses all the composure and patience he had (if there ever was any) towards Prince John or the Sheriff and starts to fight him with a stick, the latter and Trigger manage to subdue him with a shackle and a chain and place him "under arrest for high treason to the crown". Some viewers just couldn't take seeing such a lovable character falling like that into the hands of the bad guys.
  • When Friar Tuck is in prison, if you look closely, you can see the words "FORGIVE THEM ALL" carved into a stone on the wall. It's subtle, but so excruciatingly painful.
  • Similarity, the cell where the rest of the villagers are kept has "God forgive Prince John" carved by the door. Tearjerker combined with Heartwarming Moment, as whether or not you are religious, it shows suffering people banding together and finding comfort in their faith.
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  • The scene where Robin and Little John learn about Friar Tuck's impending execution can leave a lump in your throat. Robin is so shocked that he briefly drops character and almost reveals himself to the Sheriff and the buzzards. After making his way back out of the gallows yard to Little John, the exchange is emotionally charged, with Little John sounding like he's struggling not to cry and Robin sounding almost stunned.
    John: Rob - we can't let 'em hang Friar Tuck!
    Robin: A jailbreak, tonight. It's the only chance he's got.
    John: A jailbreak?! There ain't no way—
    Robin: We've got to, Johnny... or Friar Tuck dies at dawn.
  • Robin's Disney Death, with Little John and Skippy crying their eyes out.

The BBC series

  • Allan's reaction to his brother's death. Despite the fact that Tom has given him nothing but trouble, it is made obvious that he still cared and was devastated by his death.
  • Marian dying in Robin's arms at the end of Season 2.
  • Allan's death, a heartbreaking and tragic end where he dies trying to be a hero but failing.
  • Gisborne's death saving Robin and by extension all the townspeople, where he finally admits that Marian was 'always Robin's', and then Robin's death and his final farewells to the gang... well John and Much at least... a few minutes later.
  • The end of series three. Okay yeah, so this series didn't measure up to the previous two, but the final moment when Robin is revealed to be dying is very well done. First we have Robin heading off to Sherwood alone. As he does so, he runs his fingers through the grass, neatly bookending the series, as when he first returned to Locksley at the start of the show, he did the same thing with a bush. After a tearful goodbye with his friends, he stumbles off alone and finally collapses by a tree, a very dejected version of his theme playing. And then... it suddenly turns into a calm, gentle version of Marian's theme, as her spirit appears to take him into the afterlife and the music becomes happy. Sure, Robin is dead, he never reclaimed his lands and the Outlaws are left to struggle on without him, but at least he ended up with Marian and not Kate!

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