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    Fan Works 

  • Nobody Dies:
    • Chapter 26: Evangelion Provisional Unit 05 ("Go-kun") is Liberty fucking Prime.
    • Chapter 34: New Vegas apparently exists in the ND-verse. Becomes important in chapters 63-65.
  • Shinji and Warhammer 40k:
    • Chapter 24: The Vaultec Pip Boy Kensuke has in the Hot Springs Episode.
    • Javaal's Temple of Trials, with its giant ants and scorpions.
    • Chapter 38: "War, war never changes."
  • Undocumented Features: The presence of Rad-X antiradiation medication in shipboard medical supplies. In Desolation Angel, Azula conquers New Vegas and rebuilds its civilization.
  • We Are All Pokémon Trainers:
    • Villains based on Legate Lanius and Vulpes Inculta from New Vegas appear during the AU arc.
    • The Angela of PMD-B is based on Fallout.


  • Domina: Some of the combat drugs used in the setting include: Psycho, Jet, Mentats, Buffout and Slasher.
  • Unda Vosari: The tagline from the series ("War. War never changes.") is used in issues one and two of Unda Vosari: Chronicles.


    Live Action TV 

  • Castle: "The Invisible Man" reveals that the US government has started researching stealth armor, but is significantly behind the Chinese, who have already started making them. Quite reminiscent of the state of affairs in the Fallout universe.
  • Personof Interest: In "A House Divided", the computer showing Vigilance's show trial of Finch, Greer, and Control initially has a test pattern on its screen saying "Please Stand By", one that looks remarkably similar to one of the initial loading screens of Fallout.

    Video Games 

  • In Borderlands, one of the control schemes you can select is called Nuked, and bears an obvious resemblance.
  • In Borderlands 2, one of the optional skins for Zero is a Vault suit.
  • Duke Nukem: The music played at the Duke Dome, with the air raid siren, is lifted from Fallout.
  • League of Legends: Apocalyptic Brand looks like he just stumbled out of the Fallout world.
  • Marvel: Avengers Alliance:Ares has a buff called God of War which grants the team passive called "War Never Changes."
  • Resident Evil 4: "It", aka U3, looks like a centaur, particularly the earlier games. Its second form even ends up with two heads, like the Fallout centaur.
  • Team Fortress 2: The Mann Vs. Machine achievements aren't any slouches in shout outs and/or bad puns, including the "Brotherhood of Steel."
  • Wasteland 2:
    • One piece of junk is a Control Chip #13 that according to the description is an exceedingly rare item designed for controlling water systems.
    • Don turns away a customer for attempting to pay with bottle caps.
  • The "Marauder's Digital Watch" from Last Empire: War Z is a Pipboy.

    Web Original 

  • SF Debris:
    • Referencing Securitrons when a newscaster mentions New Vegas from the Babylon 5 review.
    • He also uses the Fallout 3 opening for Hide and Q.
    • Calling Soren President Eden.
    • And ANOTHER reference to Three Dog in his review of Avatar: The Last Airbender's "Water". Chuck is a huge fan of Fallout and it shows.
  • Starpath: Journey Across the Galaxy:
    • Colonel Bruta was wearing armor that looked very similar to the armor worn by Frank Horrigan.
    • Within the bar, Dwan has a "Exotic Drinks" cabinet, which includes Nuka-Cola.
  • The Humongous Mecha RP: Celeste has a personal nickname and custom decal for her GeneSys' wrist-computer: Pip-Boy!
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series: Kaiba apparently installed VATS into his Duel Disk system.

    Western Animation 

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