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He's the worm!

  • "Doomguy" from the DOOM comic has the infamous "Rip and tear! Rip and tear your guts!", among other redundant lines that he used redundantly.
  • In an issue of Legion of Super-Heroes, Apparition is waiting for Ultra Boy. The narration reads:
    Apparition: (she counts off his crimes to the tick of the clock) One. He's late. Two. He already has a girlfriend. Three. He gives bad gifts — a cactus, of all things. Four. He's late. Five. He already has a girlfriend. Six...
    Ultra Boy: I'm late.
  • Frank Miller repeats himself with a lot of repetition. Repeatedly. Also, whores and prostitutes.
  • The Oracle in the Azrael Annual #2 (a Legends of the Dead Earth Elseworld):
    Oracle: Shut your mouth and open your ears. We oracles never repeat ourselves and I mean that most sincerely. Never, never repeat ourselves, understand?
  • DC Comics. "DC" stands for "Detective Comics," ergo their name is Detective Comics Comics. They also publish a series called Detective Comics. Which means it's Detective Comics Comics' Detective Comics. And the comics they publish are Detective Comics Comics' comics.
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  • DC has a series of omnibus reprints of comics, called Showcase Presents. One volume reprints the 1950s comicbook Showcase, so it's Showcase Presents Showcase. So... Detective Comics Comics presents Showcase Presents Showcase.
  • In Superman vs. the Amazing Spider-Man, Peter Parker has this line:
    Spider-Man: He hasn't seen angry till he's seen me angry.
  • Superboy Prime In Infinite Crisis:
    Superboy Prime: I'll kill you! I'll kill you to DEATH!
  • Deathstroke: Deathstroke the Terminator. Yes thank you, we gathered that you kill people from the first bit. Unless you're also responsible for laying off employees, "the Terminator" is not needed. The name actually came about by an error in his introductory issue, where he was referred to first as Deathstroke, then as the Terminator, so they decided to combine them.
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  • In the superhero comic series Runaways, the titular heroes' secret headquarters is situated under The La Brea Tar Sands, which, as a guard pointed out, means "The The Tar Tar Sands."
  • In the Lucky Luke book "The Oklahoma Run", Luke encounters a traveling salesman who can sell him fresh water, whisky, fruit, whisky, (insert a lot more here) and whisky.
  • The title of The Dandy Special issue 7: Desperate Dan in Dan in Japan. So Dan's in himself then? [1]
  • The Kindle version of the third Simon's Cat book is titled both on the website and the download itself as "Simon's Cat: In Kitten Chaos: In Kitten Chaos (Simons Cat 3)"
  • If anything remotely exciting is going on in Archie Comics' Sonic the Hedgehog, it's a near-certainty that the character/s involved will take it upon themselves to tell you what's happening by narrating it in real time as it happens.
  • Green Lantern: Larfleeze's oath:
    "What's mine is mine
    and mine and mine
    and mine and mine and mine
    Not yours
  • B.C.. The strip for September 25th 2013 has a meeting of the Redundancy Department with Peter as the Speaker.
    Peter: First off, roll call will be followed by a brief head count, after which we can quickly take attendance. But first, let's just see who's here today.
  • The Bonkers comic "Murder Mania" that appeared in Disney Adventures has a character note that Miranda Wright is pretty, helpful, pretty, efficient, and pretty helpful and pretty efficient as well.
  • The obscure DC Comics miniseries Prez: First Teen President stars a U.S. President named Prez Rickard. That's right, President Prez Rickard. His mother had a premonition when he was born and decided to name him appropriately.
  • The Mad Thinker from Ultimate Fantastic Four talks lightning fast and repeats herself expressed in a different way, a bit like Blurr would.
  • Marvel's Time Variance Authority, a bureaucracy that monitors every universe in existence, actually has a Department of Redundancy Department.
  • Stunt Dawgs: In the comic, Airball telling the readers why he must find out what the Stunt Dawgs are rejoicing for.
    Airball: For I am zee evil Airball! Second-in-command of zee evil Stunt Scabs... led by zee evil Richard Fungus! By zee way... did I mention we are evil?
  • Thunderstrike: After trying to think of a good code name for himself, Eric slips and says "Thunderstrike" to the public, which is like Thor calling himself Mjölnir.


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