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Redundancy / Comic Strips

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  • Garfield, during an arc when he gets lost and meets his mom in the Italian restaurant where he was born: "It's all gone! Where's the pasta? The people? The pasta? The excitement? The pasta?"
  • Cathy does this in spades. Often the sentences or entire speech balloons will be identical except for the operative noun, and possibly an adjective. This leads to what is, for a newspaper comic, a lot of words.
  • Dilbert once asked Wally if he wanted to join his project, the TTP project. "What does TTP stand for?" "It stands for The TTP Project." Wally decided he'd rather be Dilbert's arch nemesis.
    • There's a lot of jokes on how the bureaucratic monstrosity that is Dilbert's company is rife with literal redundant departments of redundancy. This comic sums it up nicely.
  • One Pearls Before Swine strip had Rat write a list of "Top 7 things whose appeal I do not get". (The joke was that #1 on the list was Pearls itself.) "Non-alcoholic beer" was both #3 and #2.
  • This Sherman's Lagoon strip.
  • In Calvin and Hobbes, when Calvin tells Susie about his new club "Get Rid Of Slimy GirlS," when he hears her respond with "Slimy girls?" he responds with "I know that's redundant, but otherwise it doesn't spell anything." Of course, this is only Calvin's interpretation of it, but it's still pretty funny.