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Tear Jerker / Comic Strips

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Series with pages dedicated to Tear Jerker moments:


  • The final panel of Opus. G-goodnight, will be missed...* sob*
    • The final moment of Outland, Opus with his mother, finally always makes me bawl.
    • The end of Bloom County, with all the characters going off and ending an amazing friendship, then Opus going to the other Side of the tracks...just thinking about it is making me misty eyed.
  • Pearls Before Swine. 2003 Memorial Day strip.
    • Also the introduction of Andy, the dog who's stuck on "a chain that gets a little weaker every time I pull against it... a chain that one day's gonna break."
    • This comic, February 7, 2010.
    • Also, this.
    Television to an empty room: Leading off the news tonight, six Israeli children died early today when the bus they were riding in exploded in downtown Jerusalem. [beat] They were little kids... With backpacks filled with sandwiches and juice and gym socks and math books. They had bedrooms with pictures of race cars and soccer players, and they had unmade beds with Spider-Man sheets. They had little sisters and dentist appointments and cats and jeans with holes in the knee. They took piano lessons on Tuesday and spent Sunday afternoons with their dads, who made them hold hands whenever they crossed a street. And on the wall of the hall to their bedrooms was a long line of photos, with each of their annual school pictures placed chronologically...
    ... by a mom...
    Pig: What happened... ?
    Rat: You dumb pig, you jumped off the roof and smacked into the... beat panel moon.
    • Andy trying to tell his dying father that he loves him. It's shown as useless, however.
  • In the final Krazy Kat strip, Krazy drowns, and you just know the guilt will torment Officer Pupp all his life, as his error brought it about.
    • Er, huh? That's the last published strip, and while I've heard the "Krazy's death" theory before, Herriman had additional strips half-finished at the time he "died", and in them, Krazy was alive and well.
  • Noden the cat makes it home.
  • Red & Rover had a strip after the Columbia disaster where a boy and his dog were sitting in their backyard in a cardboard box they'd painted to resemble a space shuttle and little kiddy space helmets. There's only one speech bubble, where the boy says "Some stars shine brighter than most- to show us all the way.", and in the sky, there are 17 stars, for all the NASA astronauts ever lost while contributing to the space programme.note 
  • Candorville: Roxanne has been hateful, spiteful, and generally overbearing. Then...the last panel.
  • The For Better or for Worse strip where Farley died.
  • The Lockhorns. At first it just seems like a "haha they don't like each other" comic with no other punchline. But think about it. They are miserable. Their marriage is dead. They seem to be incapable of feeling anything for each other other than dull anger expressed through bored, hurtful remarks. At one point they must have liked each other, they must have been in love at one point, or else they never would have married each other. For some, it hits a little too close to home...
  • Bring a box of tissues for Georgia Dunn's amazing Breaking Cat News Special Report: Shelter Cats. Even if you're not a cat owner or even a cat lover, this is deeply affecting.