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Tear Jerker / Zits

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  • Connie sadly looking at Jeremy, while imagining herself "unzipping" his body to reveal his happy childhood self, who proceeds to play with his mom. She looks at the current Jeremy and sighs. Mothers still write in telling the creators it's their favorite strip.
  • The series of strips where Sarah (temporarily) breaks up with Jeremy, which completely devastates him. It gets worse when he tries to call Sarah and gets her voicemail, causing him to lose his temper and blurt "YOU SKANK!" into the phone. The last panel of that strip is Jeremy dropping the phone and holding his hands over his mouth in shock.
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  • The strips where Jeremy and Hector end up fighting because of Hector's clingy girlfriend, Mandy. It's always sad to see such good friends fighting.
  • The strips about Sarah donating her hair to Locks of Love is mostly a Heartwarming Moment, but there is one somber moment when Sarah and her hairstylist are looking at the freshly-cut ponytail to be shipped off.
    Sarah: It looks like a dead raccoon.
    Hairstylist: Not if you've just done chemo.
  • Jeremy finding out that his friend and bandmate Tim's mom has breast cancer; he begins to tell Tim off for being late to practice, only for Tim to reveal that his mom had just finished a chemotherapy session, so he went home to help her out. This causes Jeremy to stop dead in his tracks.