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Headscratchers / Zits

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  • Connie has black hair. Walt has black (or dark brown) hair. Why is Jeremy blond?
    • Blond hair is a recessive trait. A very common one which is why if you do a pedigree of your family it might appear dominant but the truth is that neither parent has to have blond hair to have a blond child.
    • It's also worth noting that blond hair sometimes darkens to brown as people get older. It is entirely possible that either Walt or Connie was blond as a child, and that Jeremy may be dark-haired by the time he is an adult.
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    • What I want to know is why non-family members look more like Jeremy's parents than Jeremy himself. I mean, Hector looks more passable as Walt's son, and Sara has been noted to have the same body shape as Connie.
      • I couldn't tell Hector and Walt apart when I first started reading the strip.
  • In an early strip Connie is shown to be a psychologist, so why is she so clueless about how to raise Jeremy?
    • It's easier to diagnose other's problems than your own.
  • How is Pierce getting his tattoos and piercings? Most states, if you're under 18, you have to have parental consent, and in Ohio (which is widely believed to be where Zits takes place), a parent has to be present for a minor to get a tattoo or piercing.
    • Lots of possibilities: a fake ID, an underground tattoo/piercing parlor, doing it himself, or maybe his parents give permission to get them even if they don't really agree with his choices.
    • Another option is that his parents do agree with his choices. It happens, though it's very rare.
      • Since we don't know exactly where Zits take place, they could live in a state where it's legal for someone about 16 or so to get a tattoo without parents being there or needing to sign of a form.