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  • Thanks to Hector's Straw Vegetarian girlfriend, Jeremy releases a box of fifty-thousand live crickets in the middle of the school hallway. Surprisingly Realistic Outcome when the exterminators show up.
    Jeremy: I think Greenpeace would back me up on that.
  • One strip had Jeremy trying to telepathically communicate with a fly instead of getting rid of it. Mom then swats it. The next panel has Jeremy say "Uh oh, nothing but static!"
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  • This is why you don't take too long ordering in line; some dope learns this the hard way.
    Jeremy: That seemed harsh.
    Pierce: Maybe. But it keeps the line moving.
  • The Christmas strip where Jeremy's parents give him a vintage electric guitar. Jeremy's reaction is to exclaim: "Pinch me, I must be dreaming!" His mom does so... causing him to wake up and find that his present is a pair of socks. With pictures of electric guitars on them.
  • The 2008 strip where Jeremy tries to ask out Sara to the winter formal while wearing a gorilla suit for novelty, only to find out she's already agreed to go with another student named Albert (this was during one of Jeremy and Sara's breaks). Problem is, when he confronts her about it, she has no idea who he is since he's still wearing the costume.
    Jeremy: You're going to the winter formal with Albert Tang?!
    Sara: Um, yes? Who are you?
    Jeremy: *sigh* It doesnt really matter anymore, does it?
    Sara: I think I just snubbed the monkey, Pierce.
    Pierce: I dont even know what that means but I'm pretty sure I can relate.
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  • The strip where Jeremy accidentally drives into a funeral procession. While carrying a poorly-secured giant clown head on the roof of his car.
    Pierce: At least it gave us an idea for a new band name! [holds up shirt with the clown head and the words "Creepy Clown Head Funeral"]
  • Any time Sara is getting ready to leave whichever house she's in. Guaranteed, the weather outside will be exactly the opposite of her dress.


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