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  • Walt clears out an entire house full of rowdy teenagers by standing on a chair and yelling "EVERYBODY OUT! I'M AN ORTHODONTIST AND I'M NOT AFRAID TO PROVE IT!"
  • Walt complains to Jeremy about how songs nowadays are full of sex and drugs and it wasn't like that back when he was a kid. Jeremy instantly rattles off a long list of 60's era songs, considered classics, which are full of sex and drugs references. Even Connie says, "Score one for the teenager."
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  • After arguing with Hector over his clingy girlfriend, Mandy, Jeremy decides to go try talking to him again. When Mandy refuses to leave so they can talk, Jeremy doesn't react and simply tells Hector "You're acting like a jerk, and your girlfriend's a parasite." This causes Mandy to cuss Jeremy out and leave in a huff, only for Hector to tell her she forgot her purse. Mandy replies "Well, give it to me, you big oaf!" In response, Hector throws the purse and hits Mandy squarely in the back of the head.
  • An incredibly satisfying moral victory for Jeremy happens at the climax of the essay story. Jeremy stayed up all night to write an essay while knowing full well that several of his classmates were cheating by copying the essay from online, and constantly being tempted to do the same because of the ridiculous amount of obligations he has that night. His efforts result in an essay that is frankly a mess, but he still does it, and when he arrives in class the next day, his teacher instantly notices the suspicious similarities, with a heavy implication that everyone who plagiarized is going to get in huge trouble because they're going to be asked to prove that their essays are indeed original work. He then takes out the... thing that Jeremy handed in, with a look on his face as if he doesn't even know what the hell he's looking at, and goes "...others will not", while Jeremy sleeps soundly on his desk in the background, having done the right thing, if poorly.