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  • Any time an officer does something ridiculous.
  • One of the more famous panels: A Cavalry sergeant wordlessly putting his pistol to the hood of a Jeep with a broken axle and tearfully looking away.
  • "I feel like a fugitive from th' law of averages!" (as hundreds of bullets fly all around them)
  • "Now that you mention it, it does sound like th' patter of rain on a tin roof." (the eponymous characters on the sound of a downpour on their helmets)
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  • "This damn tree leaks!"
  • "My future is sealed, Willie. I'm gonna be a perfesser on types o' European soil."
  • "This is the town my pappy told me about!" And the soldier saying this just happens to look like all six civilians - including the woman - in the background.
  • (Willie and Joe's foxhole has been accidentally covered up by a Panzer tank) "Able Fox Five to Able Fox. I got a target but ya gotta be patient..."
  • Willie and another GI look at a parked jeep in France. The jeep has been chained to a tree, wrapped in barbed wire, and all four wheels are lashed to tent stakes. An M1 Carbine is hanging in the tree, pointed at the driver's seat, with a wire connecting its trigger to the steering wheel. Willie observes, "It's a habit Joe picked up in Italy." The strip was an exaggerated depiction of what Mauldin had to do with the jeep he'd been given in real life, to prevent it from being stolen for use by his fellow GIs.
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  • A furious Joe hollers at an unfortunate GI seated next to him, "Why th' hell couldn't you've been born a beautiful woman?!" Judging from his compatriot's startled expression, this eruption came straight out of nowhere.

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