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Headscratchers / Slylock Fox

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  • It seems like Slylock Fox and Max Mouse are always getting stuck in death traps by Count Weirdly. Once they figure out some piece of trivia, does he just let them go? Or are they incredibly good fighters and we never see it?
    • Count Weirdly is a G rated version of Jigsaw from the Saw franchise. Huh, that's a unique Wild Mass Guess!
    • Alternatively, maybe the Slylock Fox universe is the same as, or is strikingly similar to, the Professor Layton universe. Ever notice how all these criminals keep getting supposedly 'arrested' and 'put in jail' only to show up a short while later with another scheme for Slylock to solve? Or how Slylock is not only responsible for detective work but also for things that a forensics team should be doing? (I remember one instance where Slylock and Max were diving in a lake and they had to empty out a wine bottle underwater in order to get a sample of some polluted water. Shouldn't the CSIs be doing that kind of stuff?) In short, everyone else in Slylock's world (including Count Weirdly, of course) exists to give him puzzles to solve. He's never in any real danger.
  • Who gave this fox a detective badge in the first place? Often he solves crimes through circumstances that would NEVER count as evidence in the real world unless our protagonist was fully aware of a crime about to occur prior. In one of the strips, Slylock accuses one of the antagonists of attempting to steal artwork from an art show at a hotel. he intercepts said antagonist checking into the hotel and offers to take her bag up to her room. Why? Because if he lifts the bag, he would notice that it's empty, meaning that she didn't pack anything, meaning she had no intention to stay at the hotel, meaning that she's here on a different motive, which means she's an ART THIEF!!!!!! Now, to be fair, no one would pack a bag with absolutely nothing and check in at a hotel, but even if her bag is empty, he still cannot prove anything involving the theft of art. She would have an odd explanation about the bag, but nothing saying she goes to jail. The evidence is far too situational. Is he this paranoid about everyone?
    • One possible explanation for arriving with an empty bag is that you intend to buy stuff, like at an art show. Some people like to prepare for that kind of thing to ensure the protection of their investments. In a way, it's like having jumper cables in your car all the time. More than likely, you'll need them to jump someone else, but it's good to have them in case you need a jump and the person that stopped to help doesn't have a set.