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Characters / Slylock Fox

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Slylock Fox

The main protagonist. Slylock is a quick-thinking detective who can unravel any mystery in a moment. He is known and respected among the locals and the police, who call him in on tougher cases.

Max Mouse

Slylock's loyal sidekick. Max isn't as quick to find answers as Slylock, and is often searching the backgrounds with a magnifying glass in hand. He has a tendency to wander into trouble.

Chief Mutt

The chief of police, who frequently calls upon Slylock and Max for assistance.

Miss Fox

Tiffany Fox is schoolteacher and personal friend of Slylock. She occasionally calls him into her classroom as a guest speaker, and double dates with him, Max and Melody.


Count Weirdly

Slylock's archnemesis is a green-skinned mad scientist, whose evil schemes are outright surreal. In addition to being a mechanical genius, he's often surrounded by bizarre monsters of his creation.

Cassandra Cat

An attractive but greedy feline. Cassandra is a would-be jewel thief whose sneaky tactics and convincing alibis never make it past Slylock and Max.

Slick Smitty

A human thief and con man, who tries to weasel his way out of everything with a smug grin on his face.

Shady Shrew

A grifter and petty thief whose schemes Slylock unravels on a regular basis.

Wanda Witch

A human witch who tends to target Max in her schemes.

Harry Ape

A big gorilla that has a habit of robbing banks. His short, white-haired mama ape often offers false alibis for her felonious offspring.


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