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Tear Jerker / Phoebe and Her Unicorn

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  • In one of the very first comics, Phoebe becomes a laughingstock in class because Marigold doesn't show up for show-and-tell. Things get better quickly, but it's still one of the few times we see her crying in the comic, let alone Inelegant Blubbering.
  • The first Christmas arc has Phoebe tearing up while releasing Marigold from her wish for her Christmas gift. Quickly turns into a heartwarming moment after Marigold still wants to be Phoebe's friend.
  • A September 2016 arc has Phoebe working on a history report, too busy to hang out with Marigold. Here, Marigold talks with Todd the Candy Dragon, and brings up this exchange that gets more heartwrenching the more you think about it.
    But there will be more reports. I fear that as Phoebe gets older, I will see her less and less.
  • Two literal examples as Phoebe and Marigold deal with the Downer Ending of the novel Horse Story.
  • Marigold waits anxiously to see if she's been accepted for a role in a unicorn play. And then...
  • This strip about the devastating wildfires of 2020.
  • The arc where Marigold goes missing, and then is found having been Taken for Granite, has elements of this. Phoebe is upset when her best friend vanishes, and when Lord Splendid Humility says they might not be be able to change Marigold back she reacts with a Big "NO!".