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Quotes / Wouldn't Hurt a Child

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Revolver Ocelot: This isn't over yet! (Turns around and runs)
Eva: (Raises gun)
Snake: Don't!
Eva: Why?
Snake: He's still young...

Matt: What are you gonna do, Mister? Cut my heart out? Eat my liver?
Stalker: Don't be dramatic. You are merely bait.

"Do not harm little children."
— The ninth rule of the Earth in the Church of LaVey

Father Bird: Today is the day I teach you how to poop on things.
Baby Bird: Over there papa? (points to a white car)
Father Bird: No, my son for that car is white and our poop would not show up well on it.
Baby Bird: Over there papa? (points to a bald man's head)
Father Bird: No, my son, that would be too obvious.
Baby Bird: Over there papa? (points to a baby in a stroller)
Father Bird: No, my son, for he is a child and children are innocent.

Alejandro Sosa: I told you not to fuck me, and you did, Tony.
Tony Montana: There were kids in the fucking car, Alex! Innocent kids! What kind of animals you got working for you?
Sosa: I want to clear something up with you, Tony, before I kill you. When you move 400 kilos a month, it's imperative that you do kill children.

"Hatessss zircuz, zey srow sing atss you. Stay hidenz in dark placessss. Most of all you protectzez the childrenz from ze bad onez. Zey screemz when zey seez you, but you undrztanz, zey iz childrlez just zezame."
— Roleplaying notes for Tub Of Flesh, Midnight Circus


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