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Quotes / Wouldn't Hit a Girl

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[lifts up Tuffnut, preparing to hit him in anger, freezes] You're the guy, right?
Snoutlout, Dragons: Riders of Berk, "Viking For Hire"

Scott: "I don't hit girls."
Roxie: "You're just a pussy, Pilgrim!"
Scott Pilgrim Gets It Together

Tammy: You wouldn't hit a girl, would ya, Heathcliff?
Heathcliff: Uh, no. No, I...I guess not.
Tammy: Good! 'Cause I LOVE to hit boys!

If she had been a man who dared lay hands on him, Erik would have dropped her where she stood. But alas, she was only a woman.

Fooker (in a flashback) My, aren't we pushy! Whatta ya gonna do, sweetheart? Beat me up?
(Switches back to the present)
Nick: You mean you really did beat him up? (Ki grins)
Fooker: It's not fair. Guys should be allowed to hit girls in self-defense.

Bronn: It's against my code to hurt a woman.
Obara: It's amazing how many men we beat seem to have this code. note 
Game of Thrones, "The Gift"

Morph: [strangling the Hulk with shapeshifted chains] You hit a girl, you insensitive bucket of crap! I don't care how how big and stupid and ferocious and infused with deadly radiation you are, we DON'T hit chicks!
[The Hulk grabs the chains and flips Morph over his head]
Morph: OW! OOWW! EASY! EASY! Okay - exception made - you can hit ladies - just bigger ones! OOWW!
Exiles #5: Up North And In The Green Part 1


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