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How could it be too quiet? It's your house, man. It doesn't get quieter before a missile shoots your house. I haven't had a missile shoot my house but I can't think of any reason why if a missile did shoot my house, why it would get quiet first. Do missiles kill all the birds or something? I don't get it.
Vern, reviewing The Transporter

Quark: Listen, do you hear that?
Julian: I don't hear a thing.
Quark: Exactly. The ambient noise level in this room is less than 30 decibels. On an average day it's 65. When there are Klingons in the room, it can go as high as 85.
Miles: So what you're trying to say is, it's quiet in here.
Quark: Too quiet. Something is terribly wrong.

O'Connell: Do you hear that?
Jonathan: What?
Sam: You got anything else on this 'Mother of All' thing?
Dean: Uh, no, nothing solid. [Bobby] says it's quiet.
Sam: Quiet like quiet or quiet like too quiet?
Dean: When is it ever just quiet?

Timmy: It's quiet...too quiet.
Cosmo: And it's wet...too wet!

Looks all clear to me, which means it isn't.

Bill: How's it looking out there?
The Doctor: All quiet. It's traditional at this point to say, too quiet.
Doctor Who, "Empress of Mars"

Jill: (aloud, to herself) "Wait a second: large empty room, no background music..., I just walked into a boss chamber, didn't I?"

"Too much quiet is usually a sign of danger. Best to play it safe here."
Tails, Sonic Forces

"There is silences and silences. This is the kind I don't like."
The Captain, Fitzcarraldo

"Ah, the sweet sound of silence. That *never* happens on a Saturday; I must be the first one up. Wait a minute, ten AM?! How could it be this quiet this late?!"
Lincoln Loud, The Loud House, "One Flu Over the Loud House"

Satipo: Let us hurry. There is nothing to fear here.
Indiana Jones: That's what scares me.


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