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Quotes / Improbable Aiming Skills

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"I've only got twelve bullets, so some of you are going to have to share!"
Wade Wilson, Deadpool

"His training in the martial arts has made Steven Seagal into a deadly shot. He becomes one with the bullet and the two of them form a zen team... only, one of them is still a bullet. It sounds like bullshit, I know. Applying ancient Eastern teachings to firearm training kills 500 karate men a day. But Seagal made it work. He seriously, on camera, shoots the cotton off of Q-tips. Bang— that's how Officer Seagal tests a DNA swab. The Verdict: Dead."

"Nigel, do you-" Kissan's words died in his lips as he saw Nigel slumped in his seat, and standing beside the bike, leveling a pistol his way-

The Nod biker was a hundred meters away, with a dozen Nod soldiers between him and the man by Nigel's bike. A normal soldier, straight out of boot on his first day, would never have made that kind of shot with a pistol. Even an experienced target shooter might find it difficult. note 

But that was why they called him "Havoc."

Kissan's visor shattered, his head snapped back, and he toppled out of his motorcycle as the rest of the ambushed Nod militia found themselves under fire from multiple directions by a superior number of GDI troops.

Harry: I saw you during the fight at Wrigley, Kincaid. You fired a dozen shots, on the move and dodging bad guys the whole time.
Kincaid: What's so supernatural about that?
Harry: In a fight, just plain folks miss sometimes. Maybe most times. You didn't miss once.
Kincaid: What's the point of shooting if you're just going to miss?

Captain Amelia: Did you actually aim for that?
Dr. Doppler: You know, actually, I did.

There, you see, is a man who could hunt flies with a rifle, and command a ducal salary in a Wild West show to-day if we had him back with us.

Jayne Cobb: "Saint Jayne" has a nice ring to it, though.
Shepherd Derria Book: I'm just trying to think how many miracles you've performed.
Jayne: I once hit a guy in the neck from 500 yards with a bent scope.
— "Objects in Space," Firefly

Shoot the wings off the flies.
Sloan, Wanted

Hiding won't help you! I understand the bullets, you see... I make them go where I want.
Revolver Ovelot, Metal Gear Solid

"Bet you can't put it through the eye."
Their precision is legendary. The Yu-Yan Archers can pin a fly to a tree from a hundred yards away. Without killing it.

There was a high-pitched whine like a Colt .45 in a spaghetti western. With a speed and accuracy that only comes from cybernetic hand-eye co-ordination and a computer-controlled aiming system, Seven fired three times from the hip, cutting them down in an instant.
A Fistful of Mammary Gland

It takes a good marksman to shoot you at 50 feet from a moving car, but it takes a great marksman to miss... while making it look like they are trying to hit you. Or markswoman, as the case may be.
Michael Westen, Burn Notice

Aimee Matchlock: Guess I was already pushing my luck from this range, huh? [...] So ya figure we just wait 'til they drag their butts over here to finish the job?
Angelo OVO Panetonne: ...Why not? You nearly took them out from across an ocean. At close range, they're as good as dead.


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