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Otacon: [Pit] used to be a weakling, but countless trials over the years have toughened him up.
Snake: And by trials, you mean "Game Overs"?
Otacon: Uhh... yeah, you should know all about that.

"It's 'Game Over' for you!"

"Game over."
John Kramer (and just about every villain after him), Saw

"Ooh... nasty."
Treguard, any time a dungeoneer died in the dungeon, Knightmare

"Have you been playing all summer? You think this is a game?! Well, guess what? You just lost."

"That's it! Game over, man! Game over!"

"Game Over, User Wins!"
System Voice, ReBoot, "Game Over"

"If you leave your game, stay safe, stay alert, and whatever you do, don't die. Because if you die outside your own game, you don't regenerate, ever. Game Over."

Game Over Screens

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Aghhh! No! Oh no! The comet's hit the earth! Get out, quick! Return to the future! Hurry!
Announcer, 3D Dinosaur Adventure, when time runs out in Save the Dinosaurs.

You must try again. Remember what I have taught you: concentration, restraint, control, and unity. Four strands of rope. Now get back out there, and kick some butt!
3 Ninjas Kick Back (SNES)note 

The End - You Are Dead!
Absence, a mod of Wolfenstein 3D (Usually, the PC version doesn't have a game over screen)

This court sees no reason to further prolong the trial. Nor is there any need for more time to decide the case against the defendant. This case is extremely clear. I see no room for misinterpretation of the facts. This court finds the defendant, <defendant's name>...Guilty. The accused will surrender to the court immediately, to be held pending trial at a higher court within a month from today's date. That is all. The court is adjourned! (SLAM)
The Judge, Ace Attorney

Thus the truth was lost for all eternity.
Miles Edgeworth, Ace Attorney Investigations

You failed in your quest for the Disks of Mishakal
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Heroes of the Lance (NES)

I'm sorry, you'll have to try again.

Who's laughing now?
Ha Ha Ha!

Congratulations, you are dead. As is everybody else. The machines are not really excited about this, but they were never programmed to have emotions after all.
Your fleet [fleet name] put up an admittedly valiant fight, but not nearly enough to stop the utter destruction of our home planet [homeworld name]

We have lost communication...
It appears that we have lost the Air Diver.
Mission Aborted
Game Over
Air Diver (Genesis)

"Game Over! Goodbye, Aladdin...FOREVER! Hahahahaha!"
Aladdin: Nasirea's Revenge


Aldo's Adventure (a DOS rip-off of Donkey Kong)

...This is Ripley, last surviving member of the Nostromo, signing off...
Alien³ (Game Boy)

"Your quest for the Inca City has come to an end. I will return you to your home."
The jaguar of the Inca King, The Amazon Trail

"Connection error...attempting to reconnect...reconnection failed"


An Ordinary Sonic 1 ROM Hack (This screen appears in lieu of the SEGA splash screen if the player lost their last life to Sonic.exe)

APB (the Atari Games arcade game; not to be confused with the MMOTPS All Points Bulletin)

You died.
AMID EVIL (This may also be tagged "Cooked!" when you die to fire damage, "Sliced!" when it's due to a blade, "Squashed!" when it's due to crushing, "Melted!" when due to an acid attack, "Splat!" when you fall into a Bottomless Pit, "Kaboom!" when due to an explosion, or "Obliterated!" when due to a black hole - generally, this will only be if you're not careful with the Aeturnum in Soul Mode.)


Oh! Too bad
But never
give up!!
Until you get
a perfect win.
Tomorrow's Joe (Arcade)



Baba Is You, if you put two contradictory statements together.

Tough luck, Marty. It looks like you're stuck here.
— The NES game based onnote  the original Back to the Future, when Marty runs out of lives.

Here lies
Clara Clayton
September 5, 1855
Teacher for a day
Fell into Clayton Ravine
Back to the Future Part III (Sega Genesis), when you lose on the first stage

Here lies
Clint Eastwood
September 5, 1855
After a disagreement
Over a pie plate
Back to the Future Part III (Sega Genesis), when you lose on the third stage

Here lies
Clint Eastwood
September 5, 1855
Fell into Clayton Ravine after
a prank with a speeding train
Back to the Future Part III (Sega Genesis), when you lose on the final stage

"You have ignited a nuclear war. And no, there is no animated display of a mushroom cloud with parts of bodies flying through the air. We do not reward failure."
Balance of Power

The main character has been killed. You must restart the game.

Banjo! Your sister wants a word with you... NOW!
Ugly Tooty, Banjo-Kazooie, during its Game Over screen

Alas, your party has expired, but has gone to adventurer heaven.

Thank you for playing Barker Bill's Trick Shooting! Sorry, pal. Your game is over! Come back and trick shoot us again next time!

"Uh oh!"
Bart, The Simpsons: Bart's Nightmare whenever he finishes the game with an F or D gradenote 

"I figued you'd have a little more fight in you! Guess I figured wrong...
The Joker, Batman: Arkham City (one of many, many examples, both in this game and the prequel)

Gotham City has fallen under the evil grasp of the Riddler and Two-Face.
Soon the Box will be on every TV set in the world!
Batman Forever: The Arcade Game (PSX)

Incoming message
Posthumously-From Lt. Calgary
Message begins

You really fragged it, sweetmeat. I should'a sent in a battalion of girlguides - They'd have done better'n you.
Anyway - 'til the next time...

"Your failure to destroy the DCMS compound has sealed our fate. For generations your name will be remembered with shame."
BattleTech (Sega Genesis)note 

"Ha! Just as I predicted! A complete and utter victory for the home side, and a hopeless failure for the beak and his quaggy croakers! This domain belongs to me! Ha-ha-ha-ha....!"
The Dark Queen, Battletoads

The Witch Hunt Is Over

beatmania IIDX, if you failed by draining out your Life Meter

beatmania IIDX ver.19 Lincle
beatmania IIDX 19 Lincle

Thank you very much for your ride.
beatmania IIDX 23 copula

beatmania IIDX 24 SINOBUZ

For who could learn to love a Beast?
Beauty and the Beast (NES)

Beavis: I think we're dead or something!
Butthead: This sucks dude!

"Oh man, this isn't a good day for me. First, I lose my true love, then I don't make it to Ghoul Heaven. But worst of all, those Deetzes are still on the loose. Maybe I can con those sucker Maitlands into letting me try again."
Beetlejuice (NES)

"Come on, little cubs. It's time to head back to camp."

Beverly Hills Cop (Commodore 64)

The Game is Lost
Beyond the Forbidden Forest

Don't even think this was just a game. The aliens victory was all they needed to continue with their plan to attack your home world, again. And this time…
Beyond Zero Tolerance

Dear Diary,
Today I died.
I was killed by this thing in some [basement/cave/dark place/warm place/cold place].
I leave all that I own to my cat Guppy.
Goodbye, Cruel World!
[Isaac/Maggie/Cain/Judas/Eve ♥/???/Sam]

You Are Dead
no kidding!
Black Magic (Apple II)

"My vision is blurry..."

...some time has passed from Efrim's death.

The lose of Efrim Kadan and the destruction of the Black Viper meant the end of humanity's hope. Redemins totally controlled the Earth after cruent and bloodythirst clashes and dreams of freedom were extinguished with the flames that burned the city of Kamal...

Redemin, separated from the external world, is waiting for the Earth to be purified, to definitively dominate it.

The End
— ''Black Viper (Amiga CD32)

The Dark Lady tightens her grip...
And the Land is thrown into Despair and War.

Blades of Vengeance

REBA: Incoming transmission, sir...
Dr. Goldfire: Blake! You should have known that you can not defeat me and my creations! Now I can take over the known universe! No one will ever laugh at me again! Rest in peace, Blake! - Dr. Goldfire
REBA: <End of transmission>

"Press start to continue."
Makoto Nanaya, BlazBlue

Your vampire side overwhelms your humanity.
You've lost the fight.
BloodNet, if your Humanity hits 0%


You have failed.
The demon children, Bloodwings: Pumpkinhead's Revenge

Blue is exhausted and Raguy is ruined by pollution.
Game Over
Blue's Journey (Neo Geo)

Raguy is ruined by pollution.
Blue spends the rest of his life in the Daruma tribe.
The End

Bokosuka Wars

"Game Over."
— George Stobbart's headstone in Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars

"Oh, how could this happen? Too bad, you've run out of time. But, I guess you gave it your best."

And their tale was never finished...



"It looks like your luck just ran out. How dare you challenge us! You Fool! I'm gonna feed you to the Shivat! Eat!"

"I can't believe it! The beach is gone!"
"What are we gonna do now?"
"There's nothing we can do. We couldn't stop the Big Cheese from putting up his power plant, and now the beach is gone...forever."
Camp California

No matter how strong the forces of evil may be, the Avengers will be there!

The planet is dying...It makes me very sad, Planeteers...You must not give up hope for there is time to save the earth! The power is yours, Planeteers!

"Quazar, in all my years, I've never seen a mission end in such disaster and disarray! I'm putting someone else on the job!"

You must be brave and smart to save Minnie. Try again.

View the last moments of your life? (Y/N)
You are forgotten among the millions lost in the cataclysm...

Better Luck Next Time

You should use your cure potions wisely.

Love is Over

"You have died. Want to retry? [YES / NO]"

"Sic transit gloria mundi, the Roman Empire has fallen."

"Nice try, Agent Egghead, but it looks like my minions got the better of you! You've meddled in my affairs long enough. I'm erasing you from history once and for all!" *mad cackling*
Ophelia Chill, Chill Manor

Our fans are not happy!
The episode is delayed one week.

"Centuries later, archaeologists discover remains of your ancient civilization. Evidence of thriving towns, irrigation, roads, and a centralized government amaze the startled scientists. Finally, the come upon a stone tablet, which contains but one mysterious phrase...
Caesar will return!
Sid Meier's Civilization II (PSX)

"You have been defeated. Your civilization has been defeated by its many foes. But your people do not despair, for they know that one day you shall return - and lead them forward to victory!"

"From the dust to which our civilization first rose, so too shall we return. As the light of our people fades to nothingness, we wonder if one shall rise to rekindle our flame..."

"We thought ourselves invincible. We who survived Earth's darkest hour and led humanity's charge across the universe. We, who in hope and desperation, made our home amongst the stars. We, who sought only to survive, and through that survival achieve greatness. We thought ourselves invincible...
We were wrong.

you died
game over
cloudphobia, if your Life Meter runs out

the ship is sunk
game over
cloudphobia, if the mothership's Life Meter runs out


The League of Free Worlds information system details the punishment administered to captured traitors: most were dispatched to the deadly mines of Morpheus, where fatality rates were at record levels. Proclamations of innocence were deemed inadmissible, as their actions in combat had been widely witnessed. Activity-recording devices held sufficient damning information to constitute proof. Despite the subsequent crushing of the League, the traitors were never fêted by the victorious Navy: they continue to be treated as prisoners. It seems likely that this will continue until all are dead.
Colony Wars, if you are labeled a traitor by shooting too many friendly ships

"Ah, free at last! In this body of flesh and bone... I'm going to rock this world! Nice knowing you, Sketch Turner!"
Mortus, Comix Zone, immediately after the above

It's "Game Over" for you, sucker!
Cool World (NES)


"Some things... are not as they seem."
Coraline, one of her failure quotes on said screen in Coraline: The Game

You filthy little maggot! Do you think you can die without my permission?
Covert Command

"Game... over."
Dr. Neo Cortex, Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back, and Uka Uka, Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped and Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogynote . Cortex's version and Uka Uka's version in the N. Sane Trilogy are followed by an Evil Laugh.

Cortex: (Upon selecting yes) Play again, Crash.
Cortex: (Upon selecting no) I guess you didn't have what it takes, Crash.

Uka Uka: (Upon selecting yes) When will you learn, you miserable bandicoot!
Cortex: (Upon selecting no) Goodbye for now...

Cortex: Giving up?
Cortex: (Upon selecting Yes) Get ready to face my Wrath, Crash Bandicoot! Hahahahahahahahahaha!
Cortex: (Upon selecting No) Haha! At last the world is ours!

You're dead!
Creepy Castle (Macintosh)

"You're dead! That's not good, is it?"
— The female deputy in Crime Patrol 2: Drug Wars, on any of the "Sierra County" stages

"I'm sorry, Dad. Now we can never be together. You must remain here forever."
The Crow: City of Angels

"Try again! Try again, my pets... I find this most amusing."
The NecroDancer, Crypt of the NecroDancer

So clever, so dapper, ya betta' believe this dice is loaded. Hi-de-ho!
King Dice, Cuphead

Cyberbots, when the player loses a match against the CPU

Unimpressed by your refusal to respond to interrogation, your captors decide to introduce you to Freddie; your cellmate for the last painful minutes of your life!


After his failure, the Fluffs return Cyril to Earth.
Cyril Cyberpunk


"That's All Folks!"
Daffy Duck in Hollywood, Desert Demolition: Starring Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote, and Sylvester and Tweety in Cagey Capers

Makoto Naegi: (Nobody believes me... Nobody wants to hear what I have to say!)
Monokuma: Uh-oh! Have we already come to the end of the debate? Well then, the class trial is officially adjourned! Now it's time to reveal who's the blackened! Puuhuhuhuhu! It would appear that the one with the most votes is...Makoto! However...Makoto is NOT the blackened! Too bad! Looks like the real killer gets to graduate! Congratulations to them! On the other hand, everyone else must now be punished!
Makoto Naegi: (Is this really all for us? Is it all over?)
Narrator: Whaddya say? Wanna give it another shot? [Yes/No]

Hajime Hinata: (It’s no use... I can’t go on any longer... I don’t have any other options...! Everyone...doubts me...?)
Monokuma: Hahaaaaaa! It appears the trial has come to an end! Now then, it’s time to vote! Well, I can totally imagine who the blackened will be. Puhuhuhuhuhu....! Ahem! By a majority vote, the one who has been chosen as the blackened is... Hajime Hinata! But Hajime is not the blackened! Too bad! The true blackened has graduated splendidly! Congratulations! And now... ...the others will all be punished! Ah, that means you too, Hajime...
Hajime Hinata: This is my...our end...?
Narrator: Would you like to retry? [Yes/No]

Kaede Akamatsu: (What should I do? I don't think I can do this anymore... Is everyone suspecting me...?)
Monokuma: Hmm? Done debating already? Well, this part is mandatory so let's get it over with. It's... Voting Time! Puhuhuhu...!
Kaede Akamatsu: Isn't there anything else we can do?
Narrator: Would you like to retry? [Retry/Make preparations and retry/Quit]


Mind head when leaving
Dariusburst Another Chronicle

Darkman has failed in his attempt for revenge
Grief and rage prepare him for another try
Darkman (NES)

your life is mine...

Make Your Escape
Your party has been overwhelmed.
Retreating to Ramsgate to prepare for your next hunt.

The Trial Has Ended
Your party was overwhelmed.
Return to Ramsgate or retry this Trial.
Dauntless, if you lose in Trials mode

Match Result
Dead by Daylight (if you die as a Survivor)

Match Result
Dead by Daylight (if, as a Killer, you earn fewer than seven goals)

"Your defeat has brought chaos to the federation. Your cowardice and betrayal shall be known throughout the stars. Your decaying corpse will be an object for ridicule and scorn. Disgrace will follow your family for centuries...
Once adorned and worshipped by all, your rotting flesh will serve as a reminder of the price of failure.
Oh, the horrible pain of defeat...
Game Over"
Death Duel

Death Road to Canada, if the last of your party dies during a supply run or siege

More Victims for the Death Road
With no one left, the journey to Canada is at an end.
Death Road to Canada, if your party is wiped out on the roadnote 

Driving Off the Death Road
The team finally gives up. They retreat to an unknown fate.
The journey to Canada is at an end.

Dr. Mayhem proclaimed emperor of Dynatron
Defenders of Dynatron City (NES)

Your men fought bravely, but luck was not with them this day. After a long siege, your castle falls to the attackers. As the enemy pours through the gates, you send your men into secret passages underneath the castle, passing word to meet in Sherwood Forest.
Moments later, you follow them to freedom. Together with Robin and the men of Sherwood, you will continue the struggle against Norman oppressors.
Slipping away from the burning castle, you vow to keep fighting until a Saxon rules the land.

"From the beginning, the odds were against you. It was only a matter of time before you reached the end. You're history!!"


Deltarune, if you get a second Game Over during the same session.

Deltarune, if you refuse to continue.

Phantom, you were not able to achieve your goal.
You must leave this world.

You dirty rapscallion !!!
You ran your poor camel to death !!!!!
You died in the desert.
The local sheik now uses your skull for a change purse !!!!
Want a new camel and a new game (Y or N)?

Guardian Down

The Darkness Consumed You
Destiny, if you (and all other Guardians on your team) die in a Darkness Zone

Your Light Fades Away...
Destiny 2, ditto

"You are Dead"

"Your soul is doomed."

"Abandon all hope..."

"The last judgment draweth nigh..."

''"Game Over..."

Terminal Life Signs

Raidou the 14th! This is shameful. You have disappointed us. Your abilities are pathetic compared to the ones who preceded you! It was a grave error for you to assume the mantle of the 14th Raidou Kuzunoha. We have no choice. You've slandered the sacred name of Raidou. Begone!

Mind link to COMP disconnected_

The darkly prospering days of man have reached an end.
You have strayed from the cycle of stars and will leave not a trace of your existence.
But fear not. You will no longer feel anything...
403 Forbidden

This world, bound by Akasha's chains, shall turn to dust.
Yet the cycle knows no end, and all shall be reborn anew.
For now, those who are lost shall vanish into the endless void...
404 Not Found
Devil Survivor 2 Record Breaker


Diablo III, on a Hardcore Hero

Hans Gruber: Our unwelcome guest won't be bothering us anymore. Gentlemen, we are now 640 million dollars richer!
Die Hard (NES)

Holly: JOHN!
You got Hans, but he got you too.
Die Hard (NES) (if you and Hans kill each other)

In the confusion, Hans slips out unnoticed with Holly in an ambulance.
Die Hard (NES) (if you run out of time)

I knew you could do it, Pardner!

Die Hard Trilogy, if you fail to disarm the bombs in the Nakatomi Plaza

D.O.A John Doe McClane
Die Hard Trilogy ("Doe" is stricken out and "McClane" is scrawled on the body bag's tag)

DJMAX Online

You need more practice! Never give it up!
DJMAX Portable 2 and various other games in the series

(Attention! Please take your Player's Card)
DJMAX Technika 3

game over

Shutting down. Game over.
DoDonPachi DaiFukkatsu (iOS English version)

The torment has ended.
DOOM (2016), when you die in Ultra-Nightmare mode.

"Now nothing can stop me! I've won".
Olivia Pierce, DOOM (Zen Studios)

"You thought this was just a GAME, didn't you?! Well, it's OVER for you!"

Your journey ends.
Wearing your form, Envy takes command of the Inquisition and turned it into a force of destruction. It conquered Thedas, destroying the Chantry and leaving only corpses, slaves, and spikes of red lyrium behind. As the world fell to this new order, survivors bowed their heads and cursed your name, never realizing the real you was long dead.
Dragon Age: Inquisition, if an Envy Demon kills the Inquisitor

Your journey ends.
With Orlais weakened by political intrigue and the Inquisition leaderless, Corypheus easily destroyed all opposition, sweeping through Orlais and into Ferelden.
Dragon Age: Inquisition, if the Inquisitor dies trying to save Empress Celene

Your journey ends.
Hours after you were evicted from the Winter Palace, news spread that Empress Celene was dead and Grand Duke Gaspard standing accused of treason. Orlais stood leaderless: in the chaos, Corypheus conquered it all too easily, overwhelming the Inquisition forces lacking the allies needed to stop him.
Dragon Age: Inquisition, if the Inquisitor is thrown out of the Ball

Your journey ends.
With you lost forever in the Fade, Inquisition forces were unable to stand against the demon army and the possessed Grey Warden mages. After destroying the Inquisition, Corypheus conquered Orlais, then brought the might of his new Tevinter Imperium down upon Ferelden.
Dragon Age: Inquisition, if the Inquisitor dies in the Fade

Your journey ends.
So far as anyone knew, the Herald of Andraste was destroyed in an instant by Alexius' spell; with your death, the fledgling Inquisition fell to pieces. In less than a year, the mysterious Elder One used his army of demons to conquer the known world, and no organization was ready or able to stop him.
Dragon Age: Inquisition, if the Inquisitor dies in the future

Your journey ends.
Corrupted by an unknown force, templars rampaged across Thedas, destroying everything in their path. The Chantry was powerless to stop their advance; the templars left only slaves, corpses, and spikes of red lyrium in their wake.
Dragon Age: Inquisition, if the Inquisitor falls to the Red Templars

Vegeta is dead. Because he never did any good in his life, he is immediately sent to hell.
— English translation of a bootleg game based on Dragon Ball Z

You lost already? You're too weak.

You have failed your adventure
"Your party has been defeated. Rannie just barely makes it out, and carries your bones to the temple."

You have failed in your quest
"Your entire party has died. Only Rannie survives and makes off with what remains of you."
Dragon's Crown 2: Drakhar's Revenge

Thou art dead.

Hero is utterly destroyed.

Hero's party is wiped out.

Hero's party is demolished.
A voice is heard out of nowhere...
'Chosen Ones. It's not the time to give up.'
'I shall revive you. Open your eyes.'

"Builder...This is not your time to depart this world. That which you have lost can yet be recovered. Come my child...Arise once more..."

Maybe it's time for you to find another job, Dodgers.
Duck Dodgers: "You're despicable!"

*dog laughs*

Dungeon Magic: Sword of the Elements (NES)

You have died!

Game Over
Press ‘E’ to live again
Survived (time)
Uncovered X/Y secrets
Took X/Y foes with you

"Your fortress has crumbled to its end"
Dwarf Fortress, when all dwarves die during peaceful times

"Your strength has been broken"
Dwarf Fortress, when all dwarves die during a siege or ambush

"Your settlement has been abandoned"
Dwarf Fortress, when you choose to "abandon the fortress to ruin"

"Alas, Poor Dweep!"

How mortifying.
Dynasty Wars


Ness! It looks like you've got your head handed to you. So, how about giving it another shot?

It must have all just been a bad dream. See you, Ness!
Earthbound, if you refuse to continue after the above message.

"You have expired."

"You Suck"

With you died our last hope for justice. Tharn is now free to do as he will. It saddens me to see the beautiful land of Tamriel rotting from within. Goodbye, Player. I wish you peace in the afterworld...

The good news is that you're still alive. The bad news is that you find yourself in a cold, damp dungeon cell. The good news is that the food isn't so bad. The bad news is that you grow old and die in captivity without ever seeing another living soul.
An Elder Scrolls Legend: Battlespire

Sorry we are CLOSED

"I don't want to die..."
Jack (a ten-year-old boy), Emergency Call Ambulance

"[Name] has perished at the hands of the Eternal Darkness. With no one to stop their diabolical plans, humanity will surely be annihilated..."
Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem, if you die as anyone except Pious

"Pious has perished following his Emperor's quest. The sacred Artifact remains hidden, waiting beneath the desert sands."
Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem, if you die as Pious

E.T. has been captured!

You're too soft [name]. Try again with a new boxer.
It's time to retire [name]. You had a good career. Try again with a new boxer.
Evander Holyfield, Evander Holyfield's Real Deal Boxing

The power has faded. The computers have shut down and I will soon cease to function. So much has been lost and so little can be brought back.
Prof. Kildare, Ex-Mutants


All Vital Signs Flat. Patient Deceased
You're Dead
F-22 Interceptor (Genesis)

"Alright, (name), I think this evening is over. You gotta leave. We'll be fine, you'll just have to go!"
— Trip; Façade

And so ends our sad tale.
The Lesson of the Story:
"Stay at Home!"


Your bones are scraped clean by the desolate wind. Your Vault will now surely you have.

The radiation has taken its toll. Your death was lingering and extremely painful. Your adventure is done.
Fallout, if the player dies from radiation poisoning.

RemindBoy message: Water supplies exhausted. Vault 13 is dead. Mission over.
Fallout, if the player fails to find a water chip before the time limit

The wasteland has claimed your life. Arroyo attempts to send out others to search for the GECK, but they die quickly, and the village soon follows.

The residents of Modoc eventually find your body a few miles from the outhouse. The stench is so bad that that they leave your corpse to rot in the waste.
Fallout 2, if the player dies in Modoc.

Boy, are you stupid. And dead.


If you're reading this, this is goodbye. You will have many years to read this message. Why you have smiled in my face and held a dagger to me, I do not know. You were rich, respected... even admired, loved by many. When you finally pass away down here, either by your own hand or starvation, know that your greed has led you here, for no reason I can understand.

You have made a habit in using others for your own ends. Now, the Sierra Madre is your reward. Whether you used blackmail or force - or even played to Vera's greed, it will not help down here in the Vault. Greed has led you here. I hope it leaves you as empty as you left me.

The door has sealed, the elevator has left. Even Vera's voice will not unlock it. Know that on the night of the Gala Event I shall raise my glass and whisper, "Fortunato."

In pace requiescat,

Frederick Sinclair

Perished / The party has fallen
Final Fantasy IV and its DS remake.

We haven't even left the island...
Lulu, Final Fantasy X, if the player gets a Game Over on Besaid Island

"I can finally rest in peace..."
Vincent Valentine, Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII


"What was I thinking..."
Noctis Lucis Caelum, Final Fantasy XV

"...maybe...I'm not worthy after all..."
Final Fantasy XV: Episode Gladiolus

Quest Aborted
Final Fantasy XV Comrades

The party is lost...

The machine has overheated

The radar system has broken
The vernier system has broken
The beam cannon has broken
The main engine has overloaded

Finest Hour, when the player's temperature gauge reaches critical


"My wife and friends are waiting for me at my home town, but now I'd like to pause."
Finest Hour, if the player chooses not to continue

Marth: Forgive me, my friends...
Caeda: Ahh... Marth! No! Don't leave me...

Chrom: I'm...sorry, everyone...Leave me...Save yourselves...if you can...
Avatar: Chrom, NO! You can't die! Not now!
Fire Emblem Awakening, if Chrom is felled in battle

Avatar: Chrom...everyone...F-forgive me...
Chrom: No! Not you, Avatar! Open your eyes! OPEN YOUR EYES!
Fire Emblem Awakening, if the Avatar is felled in battle

"So the end...Forgive me, everyone...I didn't...accomplish anything..."
Avatar, Fire Emblem Fates, if the Avatar dies in Classic Mode

"No! There's no one left who can fight! We've lost..."
Avatar, Fire Emblem Fates, once your party is cleaned off the map in Casual Mode

"In the end, I couldn't save anyone... Alm... I'm so sorry..."

"No... Not when we close... Forgive me, Celica..."


"A leader must sometimes choose cowardice; never reckless courage." — A conqueror

"So how it ends."

"My teacher...leave me behind. You must lead the others onward..."

"A fitting end for a monster like me."

"So this is my punishment. Professor...Everyone...Forgive me."

"The dreams of men don't amount to much. Sorry,'s up to you now."

"You gave it your best shot. You went all-in. You put all your eggs into one basket and did the unthinkable. You ran out of cash. While we encourage entrepreneurs to follow their dreams, we also recognize a lost cause when we see one. There are no do-overs, and we trust that you know your way out. But before you go, take this Certificate of Bankruptcy. Now do everyone a favor, and get lost."


Your girlfriend will be Frankie's next bride!
Frankie's Dungeon (Macintosh)

"Operation Failed"

"You and your friends are dead."
"Game Over"
Friday the 13th, if all the counselors are killed.

"Jason wiped out the kids."
"Game Over"
Friday the 13th, if all the kids are killed.

OH DEAR ....!

OH DEAR ....!
Friday the 13th: The Computer Game, if you run out of time


One last explosion marks your fate as your ship is torn apart.
FTL: Faster Than Light, if your ship's Hull meter runs out

All crew members have died. Your ship will continue to drift for eternity, or until looters destroy it.
FTL, if all of your crewmembers are killed or otherwise lost


With your destruction, Earth's defenses crumble to the mighty onslaught of the Xidus. Not having been able to fortify themselves, the people and cities are systematically destroyed, leaving a dead, lifeless world.

PROTIP: There is no reset button in life. Lucky for you, this is a video game!

We failed. You fought well, but the Earth has been destroyed.

You're dead. Game over...

You have been put ashore by your crew to live out the rest of your days in exile.
Next time remember, a good leader can recognize and correct problems before they arise.
Once you learn to keep your eyes and ears open for signs of danger, you'll have won half the battle.

Mortally wounded, your power drained, you fall to the ground. One of the many threats of Sucia Island has claimed you.
Without you to intervene, the secrets and conspiracies on the island come to a head. Deadly forces pour out of this tiny island, and your people are forced to fight a devastating, terrible war.
None of this matters to you, of course, because you are dead.

Mortally wounded, you fall to the ground. Your training mission has come to an unexpected, miserable end.
Eventually, the deadly stalemate in these mountains will end. A force will burst forth, surprise everyone, and cause all sorts of havoc. Alas, you will no longer have a say in who ends up the victor.
Of course, you can always try again...
Geneforge 2

Mortally wounded, you fall to the ground. Your journey through the Ashen Isles has come to an unexpected, miserable end.
The power of the rogues and traitors hiding in the Ashen Isles continues to grow. Furious battles are fought between them and Lord Rahul. Both sides suffer losses, as war rages across Terrestia.
A sad outcome, which might have been avoided. Of course, you can always try again...
Geneforge 3

Mortally wounded, you fall to the ground. Your career as a soldier has come to an unexpected, miserable end.
The war continues, a long and gruesome conflict that achieves nothing but more death and devastation. It is a dark time, but unfortunately, you aren't around to see it.
A sad outcome, which might have been avoided. Of course, you can always try again...
Geneforge 4: Rebellion

Mortally wounded, you fall to the ground. Your strange journey has come to a premature end.
The war continues for years more, a long, gruesome conflict that achieves nothing but more death and devastation. Your final thought is the sad realization that history will carry on without you. You will never know how this epic tale ends.
A sad outcome, which might have been avoided. Of course, you can always try again...
Geneforge 5: Overthrow

Bad luck !!!
You could not save the city of New York.
The prediction will come true.
Gozer has overcome our civilization.
The Game is Over !
Ghostbusters (NES)

Committed after crawling from sewer and mauling a pretzel vendor

Vigo: "What was will be! What is will be no more!"
Ghostbusters 2 (MS-DOS)


Mission status: KILLED IN ACTION

"And you dead."
Golden Axe III, when the game records your journey from the start of the game to your defeat

"Get outta here! Forget about it!"
Gradius Gaiden, on the later stages

"You'd better quit. Try it again? If yes, push Start. If not, push Select."
(Upon pressing Start) "Good luck!"
(Upon pressing Select) "Your password is..." (gives the password)
Ma Fratelli, The Goonies II

You need some practice.
The announcers of Gradius II: Gofer no Yabou and Gradius V

You failed to stop Grelok. The evil sorcerer covers the world in darkness and begins a thousand-year reign of terror. And it's all your fault.


"Mission Failed"


Grand Theft Auto (Classic) and 2, after losing all lives.note 

HEIST Failed


IP address successfully reset...
Foreign trace averted...
Preparing for system reboot...


Subject failed to effectively utilize human assets in achievement of goal

"Okay, that's it, let's wrap for today."

Oh dear...



The clock strikes 13
Your soul has been caught
To Yazz, Cyrus and Rikki
A lesson is taught
Gracey's spirit is trapped,
Your effort was tame
So press Start now to try
And save him again
The Haunted Mansion (Game Boy Advance)

Tonight we drink to <Player Name>. <Cause of Death/Capture>
Heat Signaturenote 

On Your Decision

It's Absolutely.

Your vision swam. The last thing you noticed was a knife buried hilt deep between your ribs.
Helltaker (against Zdrada the Bitch Demon)

Who would've guessed lying will get you into heaven. Say goodbye to your demon harem, though.

Phil: I thought you were gonna be the all-time champ, not the all-time chump.
Hades: I just love an unhappy ending! Mambo, cha-cha-cha, I love it!
Pain and Panic: Our hero's a zero! Our hero's a zero! (Evil Laugh)
Hades: My favorite part of the game... sudden death!
Hades: Heh-heh-heh! Oh, the thrill of victory, and the pain of defeat - your defeat!

Raven Lord: Let's play again sometime...
Cook: The zerg have overrun the base! Retreat!
Athena: Recalling all agents.

Your Soul Rests in Niflheim

And thus passed away Quinton MacLeod, and with him with the hopes and dreams of the Jettators, the last chance for the salvation of the human race...although I suppose we could always wait seven centuries for another.
Highlander: The Last of the MacLeods

Driver Down
Hill Climb Racing, if you crash or get hit by something deadly

Out of Fuel
Hill Climb Racing, if you run out of fuel

Driver Down and Out of Fuel
Hill Climb Racing, if both of these happen

Space Mission Lost in Space!!
Hill Climb Racing, if either of these happen in the Space level

Agent Down
Mission Failed


You couldn't stop the Wet Bandits from looting the neighborhood. Better luck next time!
Home Alone (Genesis)

King Winthrop: Sir Chauncey's been killed?!
Kronus Maelor: Yes, sire. The mighty Grimthwacker will thwack the Horde no more!
King Winthrop: This is a national tragedy!
Kronus Maelor: Oh, yes, poor Chauncey. So, about his real estate holdings, your highness...
The Horde, if Chauncey dies

Game Over
Village Completely Destroyed

King Winthrop: Being a ruler is a difficult business. I though you would handle it, but I see that I was wrong.
Kronus Maelor: Shall I alert the executioner, sire?
King Winthrop: No no no no, the cook. He should go back to waiting tables.
Kronus Maelor: I'll be sure to leave you a good tip! Muahahahaha!
The Horde, if your village is destroyed

Your failure to pay taxes is an OUTRAGE! A grim fate awaits...
Kronus Maelor: Ah, Chauncey! Welcome to debtors' prison, servant boy! See how far saving the king's life gets you if you can't pay your taxes?! And there's only one way to get out of prison: that's to pay your debt!...or get the key! (tauntingly eats the cell's key)
The Horde, if you fail to pay your taxes

In attempting the feat, one proves their courage.
May your Shade at last find rest.
Hollow Knight note 

— Tinkerbell, Hook (NES)

Chin IS DEAD!!

You're dead!
R to restart!

All hope is lost.

Game over Hurricanes - better luck next time!
Hurricanes (SNES)



Illbleed, if death is caused by a fear-induced heart attack

Illbleed, if death is caused by bleeding out

Illbleed, if the health meter runs out

Illbleed, if your pulse rate drops to zero


"Back into your cell, bookworm! Don't worry, I'm sure you'll escape again... IN A HUNDRED YEARS!" *mad cackling*
I. M. Meen, if the player is defeated by Meen himself

The Earth now belongs to the leader. His evil genius has triumphed, the Hulk has failed. The battle is lost, but the war continues...
The Incredible Hulk (SNES & Genesis)

"You lost today, kid, but that doesn't mean you have to like it..."
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (NES)

...and that's how my story ends. The cop, who at first thought at first that I was injured, opened the door to the toilets and found the body. I'll be spending the rest of my days rotting in a prison somewhere. I'll never know exactly what happened to me that cold night in January, in the toilet of an East End restaurant, because as far as everyone else is concerned, I'm just a killer...

Your adventure has unfortunately ended here.

Base is full

Oops! All of your fish have died!

Oops! All of your pets have died!
Insaniquarium (If your pets die to the Final Boss Of Doom)

You failed your mission to save the Earth from the Denebola humans. Soon your race will be enslaved and Earth will be ruthlessly exploited!
Please try again!


Game Over
You have no pilots alive to send back in time

I Wanna Be the Guy (you will be seeing that screen many, many, many times during the game)

"GAME OVER - Press Retry to try again"

James Pond II: Codename Robocod

Thy game is over

Result: FAILED.

Result: Full Combo! FAILED.
jubeat saucer, if you full combo a song but (somehow) don't meet the score quota


The dinosaurs have defeated you and now rule Jurassic Park...
Jurassic Park (Game Boy)

"What happened?! Couldn't you stop them?! Biogen doesn't care how dangerous these dinosaurs are, they'll have them all over the planet in months! We may be next on the endangered species list..."
Jurassic Park (Sega CD) when you run out of time

IT'S OVER note 


"Hmmm...Arrggh...My...WHAT IS THIS? Speechless...utterly speechless. What is this supposed to be? Why is it so itty-bitty? We may go to the trouble of making it rain and putting on faces, but Our morale just drops when a nasty katamari that small shows up. We knew We should have asked your cousins instead of you. This is not your fault, but Ours for believing in you. It was all Our fault. It's all right. Forget everything. Forget about EVERYTHING. And just go away. GOOD BYE!"
The King of All Cosmos, Katamari Damacy

"No, that won't work..."

"That would be a very stupid thing to do."
Katana ZERO, if you jump off the roof at the end of the Murdower Hotel mission

Tragedy Mask: Is this thy choice? To accept thy final end and bear the golden mask of life?
Art thou prepared to bearest death in place of those thou seekest to protect?

Zero: Yes.
Tragedy Mask: May thou findest peace in death, O errant heart.
SWAT Officer: Open fire!
Katana ZERO, if you choose to accept the Mask of Life at the end of Chinatown

"That would be a funny prank."



Kileak: The DNA Initiative (PSX)

絶命 Translation 

Your fighter ship has been destroyed
— ''Kiloblaster, if you die

Game over... that was a valiant effort!
Game over... formerly living space adventurer
Game over... ***at least you tried***
Game over... better luck next time!
Kiloblaster (the message is chosen at random)

"It's Hopeless..."
Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards, Boss Battles mode


KO'd at Round (battle number)
Try harder next time!
Kirby: Planet Robobot, after dying in any of the Arena modes.

Klonoa (Wii)

Klonoa: Door to Phantomile

"You, your dog, and your friends are dead."

Don't you see, Jack! In this world the bad guys can win!
LastActionHero (NES)



"The survivors were overwhelmed."

"If you reach a place and just can't find the path through, look for another way. You might just find something new!"

"You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you?"

"Beware, fool, the eye of the Yiga."
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, if Link is killed by one of the guards in the Yiga Clan hideout.


"You got my leather dirty!"
Let It Die, if Jackal X kills you

"Your time is up."
Let It Die, if Jackal Y kills you

"Aw, poor baby. That's all you had?"
Let It Die, if Jackal Z kills you

George Washington was defeated at the hands of the British. Having lost their Commander-in-Chief, the American Army floundered, and finally resigned themselves to surrender.

Your patient died on the table during surgery. See if they still will let you attend class at the medical school.
Life & Death (MS-DOS)

Were you auditioning for the next slasher film? Get to class before I call the police, you quack!
Life & Death 2: The Brain (MS-DOS)

The Lion King (NES & Game Boy)

Little King's Story

You have failed your quest and allowed the ring to fall into the hands of Sauron. Now you must gather your courage and try again.
The Lord of the Rings: Volume 1 (SNES)

Now everyone's dead!!!

That was it.
The Lords have won.
Within the near future they will attack the villages around and finally reign over the whole world.
Lords of Doom (Amiga)

What do you leave of now that your way leads to darkness? The menacing houses cast deep shadows on the empty streets, and the wind is a voice of loneliness and defeat, telling a sad tale to the dusk: the town is THEIR, and it is cursed - forever...
Lords of Doom (Commodore 64)

"We've had enough of YOU!" Burgle says. "I'M taking over now. YOU are banished from the tribe! Good luck and good riddance! Ha ha ha ha ha-a-ah...hee hee hee hee!!
The Lost Tribe

Good night!


"We've lost contact with the robot. We know you did your best, but it wasn't enough. We've just received reports from the Hawaiian islands: we've already lost nearly two thousand people."
"The robot has been destroyed. The island has been destroyed. Soon, the world as we know it will be destroyed. Excuse me, I'm leaving to be with my family..."
"We are very disappointed. We thought you were the best."

The undertaker: You better work on your sharpshootin', stranger. You only got two lives left.
The undertaker: Some people were born lucky. You better get lucky, or you're gonna be dead! You've only got One. Life. Left.
The undertaker: Looks like this good ol' boy's seen his last gunfight. Time to take him to Boot Hill.
Mad Dog McCree, on your first, second, and third (and final) death, respectively.


All the kids have died. The rescue attempt has failed. Sandy is doomed to zombiehood. Dr. Fred, still under the evil meteor's influence, is destined to take over the world and a small part of the galaxy. Hope you like purple... Heh, heh, heh.
Maniac Mansion, if all the members of your party die

The house and everyone within a 5 mile radius have been destroyed in a massive nuclear meltdown.
Maniac Mansion, if you allow the mansion to blow up

Mario died, and with him, the hope for the salvation of the Mushroom Kingdom
— English translation of Mario 4: A Space Odyssey

Mario's Time Machine (Super NES), if Mario loses all his lives or runs out of time

"Is that it? You don't want to leave things like this, do you?"
"It's too early to give up now. Maybe you just need to take a break..."
"Thanks for playing. Come back soon."
"Defeat is a bitter pill to swallow. That doesn't mean you have to take it..."

"Your interference has only briefly delayed the inevitable. Do not mourn the loss of your worlds. Their energy will feed my hunger, and Galactus is eternal."
Marvel vs. Capcom 3, if the player loses to the Final Boss and does not continue

Mass Effect series

"Your power is gone, fleet destroyed, armies scattered, cities crushed, people enslaved... Your insolence has cost you your empire. Muhuhuhahahahahaaa!!"
Master of Orion 2: Battle At Antares


"Our remaining time is too short. The team here will try to break the rest of the code. Thanks for your effort."
Maya Quest: The Mystery Trail

You took a big gamble when you questioned the might of the Dark Wing Lance...a gamble which you lost!
MechWarrior (SNES)


Megaman!! You have not been defeated yet.
Mega Man 3 (DOS version)

Megaman!! Dr. Wily's castle is really tough.
Mega Man 3 (DOS version), if the player dies in Dr. Wily's castle

"Ah, sorry, Enforcer, you didn't get the job done. It's "return-to-reality time," old buddy. Ah, gee, if there was only something I could do. Hey, wait a minute! I've got an idea, heh-heh-heh... let's call the next contestant!"
Lance Boyle, MegaRace, when you fail to take out all your opponents within your three laps

"And so, the struggle for law and order on our freeways claims another victim. You saw it live right here on MegaRace, where death is a short horizontal line on the monitor screen of life."
Lance Boyle, MegaRace, when you die

Liquid: Ocelot, you did it again!
Ocelot: S-Sorry, boss.

Campbell: "Snake, what have you done? You changed the future!! You've created a time paradox!"

"Raiden, answer me! Raiden! RAIDEN!! Dammit!"

Our main force was defeated.
Colonial forces have retreated.
Metal Marines

You Lose!
Meteos, in a versus match

Meteos, in single-player





[GAME_OVER] Terminal Corruption

MISSION FAILED You were defeated.
Metroid Prime: Federation Force when you die in single player.

MISSION FAILED All team mates were defeated.
Metroid Prime: Federation Force when you play multiplayer and everyone dies.

MISSION FAILED The objective was destroyed.
Metroid Prime: Federation Force when you fail to protect a designated target.

Samus, what's going on?! Respond! RESPO-!
Adam Malkovich, Metroid: Other M

The shadow of death has fallen upon your party!
Might and Magic Book One: The Secret of the Inner Sanctum (NES)

Game Over
Score: &e0
Minecraft (Before it was changed to "You Died" and the score being counted correctly)

You died!
Score: X note 

Overcrowding at this station has forced your metro to close.
x passengers traveled on your metro over y days.

Nice try, rookie. Now, get out of here!
Come back when you think you can beat me!
Minnesota Fats, Minnesota Fats: Pool Legend

"Help me, Marinaaaaaaaaaa......!"

Your space lasers have been destroyed.
Missile Defense 3-D (Master System)


(name) is bankrupt.
Monopoly (NES)

You fainted.
Reward decreased by
(max reward / 3)z.
Reward decreased to 0z.
No continues remaining.
Quest failed...

"Let the New Era.....begin."
Kronika (if the player loses to her at the end of story mode), Mortal Kombat 11

Ninten! Ninten!..
You seem to be worn out from fighting.
One more time?
Mother (Earthbound Zero translation)

Mulan is defeated! Shan Yu conquers the Imperial Army and rules China with evil tyranny!
Mulan (Game Boy)


All your cars have been impounded by the police. You've failed to become the Most Wanted.
Select Start New Career or Load to resume the career from your last save.

"Do you want your possessions identified? [ynq] (n)"

Tiki met the goddess and went into a long sleep in the warm sunlight. But the heavens had an exit to the underworld.
The New Zealand Story (if the player finds the goddess in Heaven)

A reckless soldier felt the hand of fate in a deserted land.
NieR: Automata (one of many epitaphs players can make)

"Them's the breaks, kid! Ha ha ha!"
Freddy Kreuger, A Nightmare on Elm Street (PC)

Pathetic creature. Did you really think you were a match for the power of Sutekh? Metro City is mine!!

Night Over

"Looks like you're not up to this mission...Breaking contact."
Commander Simms, Night Trap (if the player takes too long starting the game)

"Look, it was your job to protect Kelly and the rest of those girls. But from what I've just seen, the place is being overrun! You missed way too many of those suckers! Now, until you figure out how to do your job, and do it right, you're dismissed! Breaking contact."
Commander Simms, Night Trap (if the player misses too many Augers)

"You're missing the point here! You've got to be trapping all those leeches! This just won't cut put those girls in danger, that means you're outta here! Breaking contact."
Commander Simms, Night Trap (if too many Augers have been missed by the end of Disc 1)

"What were you thinking?! You were hired to protect those girls, and you just let Ashley die! Go back to playing video games, kid, you're fired!"
Commander Simms, Night Trap (if Ashley dies)

"Megan is dead. You could've saved her. You were responsible for her life, you screwed up! There's a lot going on in this house, too bad you're not gonna be around to see anymore of it...YOU SCREWED UP!"
Commander Simms, Night Trap (if Megan dies)

"Alright, you got this far...but there's still too many of those zombies running around that you should've trapped. Now, Kelly's gotta get out of there alive. You've got to do better than that. Nobody said this job was gonna be a piece of cake...maybe next time, you'll make it all the way.....Yeah, I'm talking to you!"
Commander Simms, Night Trap (if too many Augers have been missed by the end of Disc 2)

"So, you're the troublemaker. Well, I guess you think you're pretty smart, huh? But Tony told me all about it, including the override in the hall. So, Tony gets Kelly, I get the controller...and you? You get nothing!"
Jeff Martin, Night Trap (if Tony abducts Kelly and Jeff unplugs the override)

Victor Martin: Darling, would you like to do the honors?
Sheila Martin: Oh, thank you, my dear!
Night Trap (if Cindy is turned and the Martins take control of the override)

Victor Martin: Hellooooo! I hope you've been having fun. Now, it's our turn! Pity you won't be here for the rest of the show!
Victor and Sheila: Byyyyye!
Night Trap (if too many Augers have been missed and the Martins are alerted to take control of the override when they get home in the second half of the 2017 edition)

You have failed in your quest. You have caused dishonor to fall upon your family and upon yourself. Your only hope to restore your honor is to try again!
Ninja Golf (Atari 7800)

"The gods do not protect fools. Fools are protected by more capable fools."
Larry Niven, No Man's Sky

Broadcast Failed



Obliterator (PC-DOS)

[Octopus Sushi $2.99] Dinner is served.

Rats! You were eaten by a Great White Shark!

''Oh Shit!'', an unlicensed Pac Man clone for the MSX.


You killed Niko.
One Shot note 

[Monster] unleashes [Attack] on you. You try to defend as you normally would, but multiple wounds have taken their toll, and your dodges are slow and sloppy.

The enemy's attack zooms in on your body and connects, sending you to the ground.

You aren't getting up from that one.

...As your consciousness starts to flee, you look up one last time at the [monster], who looks down at you with intense hunger.

...Your journey is at an end."

The midnight black curtain pressing against your back finally gets the best of you and swallows you whole. Almost immediately, you are crushed by intense pressure and sent flying into the air.

From above, you can see the Darkness assailing the land. From this new vantage point, you are able to spot something among the endless dark fog. A dragon, larger than any mountain in the land, is coiled up within the deadly fog.

"Oh, so that is what has been consuming our world?"

As you come to this realization, something solid slams into your body and ends your musings forever.
One Way Heroics, if you are swallowed by the Darkness


Alas you have failed miserably, before you have even begun! As the prison door slams shut behind you, probably for a very long time, you can't help but remember the ritual little phrase that was repeated each time you left on a new mission: "IN CASE OF FAILURE, OUR GOVERNMENT WILL DENY ANY KNOWLEDGE OF YOU."
Operation: Stealth

"You have sustained a lethal injury. Sorry, but you are finished... Here."

"Since you have no ammunition left, you must join the hostages."

The hostages are all dead.
"You failed in your mission. We won't ask you again."

"You have failed your mission! Don't bother coming home."
All the prisoners are dead.

"You are fatally wounded. Your mission has failed."

"The hostages are all dead. Your mission has failed."
Operation Thunderbolt, if the hostages are all dead

"The pilot is dead! Escape is impossible."
Operation Thunderbolt, if the pilot is shot during the final battle

Operation Wolf 3, when your last life is lost

Operation Wolf 3, if the player fails to destroy the nuke

Everyone in your party has died.
Many wagons fail to make it all the way to Oregon.

The battle is over...
You have failed miserably and your people have been captured. Now, they all serve the enemy.
Overlord (NES)

Athena, Overwatch

The heroes fought valiantly, but they could not stop Dr. Junkenstein and his creations. The castle fell, the defenders were slain, and Junkenstein had his revenge...
Overwatch, "Junkenstein's Revenge"


"Paperboy calls it quits!"
Paperboy and its sequel if you run out of lives

"Paperboy fired!"
Paperboy and its sequel if all subscriptions are cancelled.

And so the Shadow Queen engulfed the world with her foul magic. For Mario...For Peach...And for the whole world, it was...

"Arstotzka has zero tolerance for delinquency. Your family will be sent back to their village. You are under arrest until your debts are repaid. A replacement inspector will be found easily. Glory to Arstotzka."
Papers, Please, if you go in debt.

"Your entire family is gone. The Ministry Of Labor focuses on Arstotzka's future growth. Workers are expected to support large healthy families. Your position will be filled by someone more appropriate. Glory to Arstotzka."
Papers, Please, when everyone in your family dies.

"You are under arrest for attacking an innocent. The penalty is forced labor. Your family will be questioned about their involvement. The border will remain open under a replacement inspector. Glory to Arstotzka."
Papers, Please, if you shoot an innocent bystander.

"Captain Hunter...welcome to a better world."
Perfect Weapon

Player's party all died.

"Death is not a hunter unbeknownst to its prey.
One is always aware that it lies in wait.
Though life is merely a journey to the grave,
it must not be undertaken without hope.
Only then will a traveler's story live on,
cherished by those who bid him farewell.
But alas, my guest's life has now ended,
hisnote /anote  tale left unwritten...
Igor, Persona 3, The Journey

"As proof of one's life, there exists
the danger of death.
This proof exists as a flame, painfully
burning one's life away.
Yet though a life crumbles to dust,
time moves ever onward.
He who had been your proof, your life
itself... The answer has been lost,
never to be found again.
Igor, Persona 3, The Answer

"Life is truth, and never a dream...
All souls know this from birth...
The truth is something that is chosen,
and grasped... Something discovered with
one's vision and will.
Only by gaining that does the seeker
become truth himself, a cord that
connects past and future.
But now, our guest's destiny has been
severed, and the truth languishes
within the hollow, fog-filled forest...
Igor, Persona 4

"It's getting late... The fog has set in... You can hear sirens in the distance... Did something happen...? Your cell phone is ringing. It's Yosuke/Yukiko/Chie/Kanji."
Yosuke: Hey... you know all the commotion in the neighborhood...? They found a dead body... It... it was Yukiko-san...
Yukiko: Did... Did you hear already? They found a dead body... We couldn't save him... They said... it's Kanji-kun...
Chie: Um... They found a dead body... It was... Rise-chan's... We couldn't save her...
Yosuke: Did you hear the commotion...? They found a dead body... I heard it was Mitsuo's... I don't get it at all... Did he really go in to commit suicide? Or... Hey... What do you think? ......? Hey, what's wrong...?
Kanji: Someone found a body... They're saying it's... Naoto's... Dammit! Will someone tell me what the hell's going on!? Why did this happen...!? Senpai, are you listening!? ...Senpai?
Kanji: ...They found more dead bodies. It was that bastard Namatame... And... And... ...Dammit! Senpai! You there!? Senpai...?
"You suddenly feel extremely dizzy..."
Igor: Are you awake...? The mystery has deepened... and the fog has grown much thicker... It has become too dangerous to continue driving... Whether you end your journey here, or retrace your steps some ways... The time has come to make a decision...
"The scene before you is growing dark..."

"It's growing late... The inside of your room is filled with fog... It's extremely foggy outside... Your phone is ringing. It's Naoto."
Naoto: Th-The entire town... It's filled with Shadows... I can't...! ......! A-Aaaaaagh!
"You suddenly feel extremely dizzy..."
Igor: Are you awake...? The mystery has deepened... and the fog has grown much thicker... It has become too dangerous to continue driving... Whether you end your journey here, or retrace your steps some ways... The time has come to make a decision...
"The scene before you is growing dark..."

"Life is but one scene in a play.
We are nothing more than novice
actors knowing nothing of the script.
The curtains close before the
play is performed to its end...
There is no spotlight shining down.
Take off the mask that wears you down.
All that remains is a dream.
A fleeting dream of the night...
Master of the Labrynth, Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth

"Thou hast fallen and lost thy life
unbeknowst to thee the name of the thief.
Thou hast lost thy wager
and becomest but a cog of the strong.
So thy rehabilitation endeth incomplete, and
thy baseless indignity shall becometh reality...
Igor: So, the game is over... What a truly foolish end...

"Thou hast fallen and lost thy noble life,
The hero hath crumbled over the weight
of his own justice. His story of revolution
reacheth not the ears of the people.
The torch of courage that hath begun to kindle
hath now been extinguished by tainted winds...
Lavenza: This can't be! If you've fallen, the world will-
Igor: I sense a great calamity drawing near...
Lavenza: No...
Persona 5, "Day of Reckoning"

Sae Niijima: ...Is that the entirety of your testimony? *sigh* Do you have no intention of saying more? Or is the overdose affecting your memory...? In any case, it seems it'd be a waste of time to speak to you any longer.... It's unfortunate.
Mysterious Man: ...Allow me to enlighten you. That trivial righteousness that you've paraded around...? This is how such idiocy ends.... Farewell.
Officer: ...huh? Hey! Someone! He's dead! He's killed himself! Dammit... where'd he get a gun?!

"Thou hast fallen, thy soul reduced to ashes.
The blazing defiance that once guided thee
hath been quenched by a mirage's maelstrom.
And thus, the hero meeteth his end,
his passing marked by a dying flame's vigil..."

(Lavenza, trapped in butterfly form, falls to the ground)
Persona 5 Royal, if defeated on January 2 or January 9

"Thou hast fallen, thy will scattered to the winds.
Distortion hath grounded thy cause's noble banner,
thy conviction vanished like an awoken dream.
And thus, the hero meeteth his end;
his rebellion quelled, his call to arms silenced..."

Lavenza: Is this truly it? Have they finally broken your spirit of rebellion?
Persona 5 Royal, if defeated from January 12 onwards

Alis's hope cannot
overcome the power
of Lassic.
The adventure is

"ROLF and the others
failed to restore peace
to the planet Algo."

"The party has been

Because you were unable to stop the invading alien hordes, the Earth has been subjected to total annihilation.
Planet Smashers

Plants vs. Zombies

<trainer> is out of useable Pokémon!
<trainer> blacked out!

<Pokémon name> ran away!
Pokémon Let's Go Pikachu! and Let's Go Eevee!, if the encountered Pokémon ran away.

You have no more Pokémon that can fight!
You gave PX to the winner...
You were overwhelmed by your defeat!
Pokémon Let's Go Pikachu! and Let's Go Eevee!, if you lose to a trainer battle.note 

You scurry back to the Pokémon Center, protecting your exhausted Pokémon from any further harm...

(Player Name) was blown out of the den!
Pokémon Sword and Shield, when the player fails a Max Raid Battle

"I took your money, and it's not funnay... I mean, it is actually really funnay..."
Strong Bad, Poker Night at the Inventory, after busting out due to lack of chips.

"It is okay, baby! You did not win but you are best at crying! Crawl back to cradle and cry some more!"
— '''[[
amFortress2 The Heavy]]', Poker Night at the Inventory'', after busting out due to lack of chips.

"Don't forget to write! Preferably on the pelt of a protected animal!"

"The Player has been eliminated due to lack of funds. And intelligence."

"The monsters rejoice, for the party has been destroyed!"

"Oh my God..."
pop'n music 16, if you are right below the required life needed to clear a song

Mail: Oh...what hit me?
Mail: Pass the aspirin...
Mail: Oh... I biffed it!
Mail: Are we there yet?
Mail: I knew I should have stayed in bed...
Tatto: Ohh...I abra'd when I should have cadabra'd...
Tatto: Thou hast besquirted me...
Tatto: Ughhh...I think I soiled myself...
Tatto: Augh, check please...
Tatto: Oh, I want my teddy bear...
Gaw: Aww...I'm fish bait...
Gaw: [cough] The loons...I can hear the loons... [cough]
Gaw: Help! I'm dead, and I can't get up... Gaw.
Gaw: Mama...I'm coming home...
Gaw: Ow...I'm dead, and I'm hungry, and that's not a very good combination... Gaw.

It's a crying shame that you're hanging up your gloves already. I'm certain that if you give yourself another chance, you'll do real well. Remember, practice makes perfect.
Pound for Pound (Arcade)

You got dead.
Pounland Catland Wars Skirmish

Now you know the power of the Machine Empire. You try again, you'll be dealt with in the same fashion.

Predator 2, if the Predator kills too many hostages

Fireteam are you okay? I'm reading flatlines across the board. Please respond.

Despite the brave youth's best efforts, the sands of time have run out.
Hoping for another chance, he has already begun to prepare for his inevitable rematch with the tyrant Jaffar...
Prince of Persia (NES and Gameboy)

Final hope destroyed, the Princess has no choice but to submit to the evil Vizier. Jaffar takes the crown, and Persia is plunged into an age of fear and tyranny.
Prince of Persia (SNES)

Pro Wrestling (NES)

"Now, my name is carved in stone. The ground is my eternal home."

"Hang up... FOREVER!"
The Killer, Psycho Killer, if you attempt to use the payphone

Hey! Why don't you just get up and dance, man?!

Give up? Retire?

"Start training
Make a comeback!"
Punch-Out!! (NES)

You're lucky you're dead, or I'd fire you!


showing real courage, you ran:
n metres
everyone is a winner


"And so, I died..."

"You have passed a signal at danger, Game Over"
Railworks, if you pass a red signal in a career scenario.

Rampart (SNES)

"Aww, game over, man! Try again? No? Oh, well, then, see you later, man..."
Real Bout Fatal Fury Special

You were shot by a turret.
Click to continue.

You listened to the voice of the threat while carrying a loaded firearm.
Click to continue.
Receiver 2 if you collect a tape corrupted by the Threat and don't empty your gun.

You were killed in action. R.I.P.

Out of lives.

You Have Died

Your failure to protect Griffin doomed the rebellion. Without the information only he could provide, Ultor's troops and the plague wiped out Eos and the Red Faction.
Game Over
Red Faction, if Griffin is killed

Ren & Stimpy: Fire Dogs

"YOU DIED" (1996-2001) and "You Are Dead" (2002-present)
Resident Evil series, in bloody font

Your Partner Died
Resident Evil 5 and Resident Evil 6, if your Game Over is due to your partner getting killed

Your Partner is Dead
Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles, if your Game Over is due to your partner getting killed

Brian Irons: Game over, Sherry!
Sherry Birkin: NO!
Resident Evil 2 (Remake) (2019 remake), if Irons catches Sherry

Escape Failed
Resident Evil: Resistance (as a Survivor)

Experiment Failed
Resident Evil: Resistance (as a Mastermind)

Experiment Over
Resident Evil: Resistance (as a Mastermind if at least one Survivor dies but at least one Survivor escapes)

After the defeat of the king's army, Raymond became the unlimited ruler. All the knights who fought side by side with the king were executed.

Congratulations to all... Dr. Ronan has failed.
Jake will never be able to expose us now. The secrets of smoking and chewing tobacco are once again safe with us. No one will ever know the true dangers of smoking...
So... any thoughts on our new spokesman?
Rex Ronan: Experimental Surgeon

"Sorry, this is the end of this game. Try again."
R4: Ridge Racer Type 4

"Come on, cheer up! You can try again! You'll do it next time!"
Ridge Racer (Arcade)

Everyone is dead or gone. This story is over. Perhaps someone else will find a use for the ruins of this place.
Rimworld, when there are no colonists left

At near-lightspeed, the planetkiller weapon slammed into the ground with the force of a trillion hydrogen bombs. Like a water balloon shot with a rifle, this world liquified under the impact and sprayed its molten guts across the cosmos. Part of [planet] is now a small asteroid belt. The rest is a molten, radioactive hellscape, constantly rippling with kilometers-high planetquakes. You did not survive.
Rimworld, if you enable the Planetkiller event and it triggers

You've launched the ship! [...] Your AI will now try to guide the ship to a safe place. It might find a prosperous planet for you in this system. Or, it might undertake a centuries-long journey to another star. It might even decide to hide under ice on an asteroid for a few thousand years, waiting for someone to build a new Glitterworld here. You'll find out when you wake up.
Rimworld, if you manage to leave the planet

Rhythm League Notes
That...could have been better.
Try Again
Rhythm Heaven Fever

Rise of the Robots (Arcade)

ALEX has lost all of his power.

Can't afford bail/No money for repairs
Game Over

Game Over
Having fun? Let developer Ian Fisch know (1-504-289-4683)


Robocop is taken away for calibration
But he will try again!!!
Robocop 2 (NES)

ED-209, RoboCop 3 (GEN) continue screen


RoboCop Versus The Terminator (NES prototype)

Skyrig appreciates your hard work. Next of kin notified.

Freudia: (Opening Stage) Rest in peace, Tia...
Freudia: (home stage) You disappoint me...
Zorne: (pre-Trau events) It'll end like this no matter how many times you try!
Zorne: (post-Trau events) How could Trau lose to a wuss like this...? That idiot...!
Trauare: (pre-Zorne events) You're much better off forgetting what you can't change.
Trauare: (post-Zorne events) *huff* *huff* I got a little too worked up there...
Luste: Yay! I beat Tia!!
Grolla: (pre-Sichte events) ...Pathetic.
Grolla: (post-Sichte events) Is that all you got?
Sichte: (pre-Grolla events) You shall become a sacrifice for our new world.
Sichte: (post-Grolla events) Now no one can stand in the way of our dream.
Liebea: Forgive me, Miss Tia...
Schwer: I never want to leave this place...
Raimund: (phase 1) I EXPECTED MORE FROM YOU...
Raimund: (phase 2) THAT WAS A MAGNIFICENT BATTLE...!
Zeppelin: ...Is that all?
Iris: (Machine phase 1) And so the curtain falls! 🎵
Iris: (Machine phase 2) Now that was fun! 🎵
Iris: (Final boss phase 1) A worthless maggot to the very end! 🎵
Iris: (Final boss phase 2) Now do you understand the power of a god?
RosenkreuzStilette, Spiritia's story mode

Dann ist die neue Welt von den RKS gemacht worden. Translation 

Freudia: (Opening Stage) Such a shame...
Freudia: (home stage) I expected no less.
Zorne: (pre-Trau events) That's what happens when I don't hold back!
Zorne: (post-Trau events) ...Trau, where are you?
Trauare: (pre-Zorne events) Over already? You're not as tough as I thought...
Trauare: (post-Zorne events) *huff* *huff* That was the best...
Luste: Heheheh! I'm the strongest! 🎵
Spiritia: Couldn't we just talk this over...?
Sichte: ...Grolla... I...
Liebea: We're all doomed...
Schwer: ...This place is the best.
Raimund: (phase 1) I AM DISAPPOINTED IN YOU...
Raimund: (phase 2) I SHALL JOIN YOU IN HELL, GROLLA.
Zeppelin: ...A fitting end for a traitor.
Iris: (Machine phase 1) Over already? Well, you are only human.
Iris: (Machine phase 2) Now that was quality entertainment. 🎵
Iris: (Final boss phase 1) This is your limit. 🎵
Iris: (Final boss phase 2) This is what happens to those who defy a god.
RosenkreuzStilette Grollschwert, Grolla's story mode

Es werde Licht four die neue Gottin! Translation 
RosenkreuzStilette, if the player dies in Iris's palace and/or as Grolla, as well as Rosenkreuzstilette Freudenstachel

Little princess, little princess
Precious little princess
The little girl was as beautiful as a princess
But she was always all alone
The girl found her grave
Today is her funeral
...And everyone lived happily ever after...


"You're Smoked!"

"You fall and break your neck.
You are dead.
Thanks for playing Dragons and Tears: Part 1 of The Spiraling Darkness Trilogy"
Saints Row: The Third, parodying old text adventures. All your "deaths" in this segment involve breaking your neck and dying.

Amakusa Shiro Tokisada is dead, and peace has returned to Shimabara.
Unfortunately, the scars of the calamity run deep, with over 3,000 dead and 56 towns razed.
It will take a long time for this land to return to normal...
Samurai Shodown IV: Amakusa's Revenge, bad ending (translated)

これにて終了 Translation 
Samurai Shodown V Special

"Your Head A-Splode"
Vector Strong Bad, sbzone

"You Fucked Up"

Subject D-9341: found dead in [DATA REDACTED]. Cause of death: suffocation due to decontamination gas.
SCP – Containment Breach, if the player refuses to leave their cell when instructed to

"Yes, we were just about to start the tests when it started. The Class Ds and the guard died as soon as the lights started flickering, but I managed to get out of the surveillance room before it got me."
SCP – Containment Breach, if the player breaks eye contact with SCP-173 inside the test chamber

Subject D-9341: killed by the Tesla gate at [REDACTED].
SCP – Containment Breach, if the player gets zapped by a Tesla gate

Subject D-9341 found in a pool of blood next to SCP-012. Subject seems to have ripped open his wrists and written three extra lines to the composition before dying of blood loss.
SCP – Containment Breach, if the player falls under SCP-012's thrall

All four escaped SCP-939 specimens have been captured and recontained successfully. Two of them made quite a mess at Storage Area 6. A cleaning team has been dispatched.
SCP – Containment Breach, if the player is killed by SCP-939

Subject D-9341. Cause of death: Fatal cervical fracture. Assumed to be attacked by SCP-173.
SCP – Containment Breach, if the player is killed by SCP-173

Subject D-9341 found ingesting Dr. [REDACTED] at Sector [REDACTED]. Subject immediately terminated by Nine Tailed Fox and sent for autopsy. SCP-008 infection was confirmed, after which the body was incinerated.
SCP – Containment Breach, if the player contracts SCP-008

A heavily mutilated corpse found inside the output booth of SCP-914. DNA testing identified the corpse as Class D Subject D-9341. The subject has obviously been "refined" by SCP-914 on the "Rough" setting, but we're still confused on how he ended up inside the intake booth and who or what wound the key.
SCP – Containment Breach, if the player gets "refined" by SCP-914 on the "Rough" setting

A Class D jumpsuit found in [DATA REDACTED]. Upon further examination, the jumpsuit was found to be filled with 12.5 kilograms of blue ash-like substance. Chemical analysis of the substance remains non-conclusive. Most likely related to SCP-914.
SCP – Containment Breach, if the player gets "refined" by SCP-914 on the "Very Fine" setting

"We'll need more than the regular cleaning team to take care of this. Two large and highly active tentacle-like appendages seem to have formed inside the chamber. Their level of aggression is unlike anything we've seen before - it looks like they've beaten some unfortunate Class D to death at some point during the breach."
SCP – Containment Breach, if the player is killed by SCP-035

A large amount of blood found in [DATA REDACTED]. DNA identified as Subject D-9341. Most likely [DATA REDACTED] by SCP-096.
SCP – Containment Breach, if the player is killed by SCP-096

"What we know is that he died of cardiac arrest. My guess is it was caused by SCP-895, although it hasn't been observed affecting video equipment from this far before. Further testing is need to determine if SCP-895's effect is spreading."
SCP – Containment Breach, if the player sees footage of SCP-895

In addition to the decomposed appearance typical of victims of SCP-106, the body exhibits injuries that may not have been observed before: massive skull fracture, three broken ribs, fractured shoulder, and multiple heavy lacerations.
SCP – Containment Breach, if the player is killed by SCP-106

A Class D subject wearing SCP-178 was found dead in [REDACTED]. Presumed to be killed by the effects of SCP-178.
SCP – Containment Breach, if the player wears SCP-178

Scraps fate undetermined
Scrapyard Dog

"I regret to inform you...Seaman has passed away."
Leonard Nimoy, Seaman, upon booting up the game if Seaman has died since your last play session

"Sadly, no trace of [the hero/them] was ever found..."

Sensory Overload


"It's a sad thing that your adventures have ended here!"

"I am afraid it is my duty to inform you that by order of the Congress of the United States of America, you have been impeached. Further access to ShadowNetwork is denied. Effective immediately. Press mouse button or any key to continue."
Thank you, God bless you, and God bless the United States of America.
Shadow President, when you're impeached

Jake is dead.
Game Over
Shadowrun (SNES)

black outnote 

With the destruction of all his challengers, the reborn Shadow King once again becomes the undisputed leader of S.H.A.D.O.W. His second coming brings about the golden age of S.H.A.D.O.W. as the Shadow King's reach truly becomes global. Eventually, S.H.A.D.O.W.'s influence is so great that the organization takes over the whole world with the Shadow King as the supreme overlord of the planet.

"And this, my friend, is how the hope of Krelion died. Every last one of us, man, woman and child alike, became slaves of the Dark Ones. Some say a hope never truly dies, and perhaps a new hero will someday rise among us. We can only pray that their words will one day prove true."
Shape Shifter (TurboGrafx-CD)

you were
by sharks

"You, one who has fallen before fulfilling your destiny...Beyond lies the land to which all souls eventually return...
Do not be afraid..."

"Beyond this river lies the afterworld, where the souls of the dead await their next reincarnation.
Come, cross the river..."

"The comfort of death will come for men and demons alike... the guidance of the Great Will."

"Beyond the river is the land of the dead...It is where the souls of the deceased endure nothingness as they await reincarnation...Oh, it's you again. You died so carelessly...Macca opens all doors. I'd be willing to do this for you for a little compensation. You can also pay me in Play Coins, if you'd like."
(if the player insists on not paying...)
"You just HAD to make more work for me...Fine, take this number. Let me be clear: your turn will come up long after the wind erodes the boulders down to sand. Go idle the time away for eternity, soul of a former Samurai." (fade to black) "Now then, what number was I at...? Whew...Honestly, this is going to take forever to settle!"
(if the player dies with an unpaid debt...)
"Hm...? The last bribe is still on your tab. If you can't pay the bribe, I can't possibly revive you. You there, jailer. Throw this youth's soul into the mountain somewhere over there."

Hmph. How pitiful, kid. There are two roads before you. One will lead you to your ideals, the other to death. The time is now. Choose!
(if the player chooses "Stay in the underworld"...)
Seems I was mistaken about you, then. I have no use for those who flee truth. Let this place be your grave.

From illusion to truth, from darkness to light, from doom to eternity...

Om Mani Padme Hum

<player> fell...mission failed

"Patient's flatlining!...c'mon, c'mon, C'MON!'s hopeless. There's simply limits to what the body can take..."

"Damn!...heartbeat's stopped. Kid was a fighter...lost this one..."

"Your time has passed"

I'm sorry, but your plans for the city have failed. The residents are demanding a new Mayor as your city is in great disorder. Let's think about what went wrong in your master plan and try again.
SimCity (SNES)

Due to your bungling management, your city has dropped into irrevocable debt. A delegation of citizens gently escort you from your office. note 
SimCity 2000

The Finale
If the point of playing The Sims 2 was to kill off all of your Sims, then you would be the world champion! But, unfortunately, the way things stand now, The Sims 2 is still a LIFE simulator. You could actually exit the lot without saving and maybe try this household again. Or, if you were trying to kill your Sims, and we aren't saying that you were, then feel free to move another family into this lot.

The End...?
Your last Sim in this household has died, but the town lives on. Just choose an existing household to play, create more Sims, or move in another family from the library.

Game Over!
Or is it? The last Sim in this household has died, but you can create more Sims, choose an existing household to play, or move another household in from The Gallery.

Mission Failed
You died

Game over
Here lies

Sly Spy (Continue screen)

Investigation now being temporarily suspended...
Metal Gear, Snatcher

Go again!
— Lyrics to the Japanese Game Over theme in Sonic the Hedgehog CD

In every game, there are winners and there are losers...
...and in this game, the losers get ROBOTICIZED!

Sonic Forces (if you die during an SOS mission)

S.O.S.: Sink or Swim

"The legend will never die."

The soul of a warrior now lays here to rest.


"You cannot win!"
"You will lose!"
"Surrender, you coward!"
"Turn back, you creep!"
(evil laugh)

Your commander has died. A new commander with the rank of sergeant will command the next mission.

"The show's been cancelled?!"


Dead again, eh?

Your adventure has come to a tragic end.

This is the end for you.
Spectacle (the game selects the message randomly)


Beat cop: We got something special for you, Sarge!
Sergeant: Spider-Man, huh? This oughta make the the chief happy! Put him in a holding cell until I can call the feds and find out what they wanna do with him. What a night! All this talk about nuking the city's got this town crazier than usual, and that's saying a lot!
Beat cop: ...y-yeah, sure, Sarge.
Sergeant: And tell the guy guarding the cell to keep his eyes open! These super-guys are some slippery customers!
Beat cop: Whatever you say.
Spider-Man vs. the Kingpin (Sega CD) when Spidey gets captured by the police, or dropped on the police station's front step for the first time

Sergeant: Spider-man again, huh? Put him away boys. Some guys just never learn.
Beat cop: Here We Go Again!!
Sergeant: And tell O'Malley to stay awake this time!
Beat cop: Yeah. Yeah, sure, Sarge.
Spider-Man vs. the Kingpin (Sega CD), when Spidey gets brought in by the police after the first time

Doctor: This man has been hurt, officer! I don't care what you say he's done, I can't let you disturb him until his condition stabilizes!
Cop: Okay, doc. Sooner or later, that mask has gotta come off.
Spider-Man vs. the Kingpin (Sega CD) when Spidey gets KO'd by henchmen or common crooks

"My greatest foe is defeated! With Spider-Man behind bars, New York is mine. This is truly my sweetest victory!"
Kingpin, Spider-Man vs. the Kingpin (Master System)

"Oh no! It's too late! The bomb went off! And the whole city thinks it's my fault."
Spider-Man, Spider-Man vs. the Kingpin (Master System), if the player runs out of time

Spider-Man: Web of Fire



That's a wrap!
Splatoon 2, Salmon Run mode

"My god, Fisher! Have you gone insane? The mission is over!"

"Where is everybody?! Spongebob! Squidward! It is my birthday, has everybody forgotten?! Nobody loves me anymore..."
Patrick, Spongebob Squarepants: Supersponge

Your soul wanders an endless maze.

Your soul wiggles in agony.
Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion (Endless mode)

Delicate, perfect emptiness.


You Have Failed Your Mission

"I control the Lylat System!"

"I cannot ask my friends to suffer for my mistakes. There is no chance of our success now that I have failed. I will have to leave this mission to the next captain. He will, at least, have my mission logs to learn from."
Star Trek: The Next Generation, if too many main characters are incapacitated

"Far too many good people have been injured on this mission. Our ship is being recalled to the nearest Starbase and the USS Middleton will continue our work. I must accept full responsibility for this failure."
Star Trek: The Next Generation, if too many Red Shirts are incapacitated

"The serious injury to Captain Picard forces Starfleet to recall the Enterprise to the nearest Starbase. The USS Middleton will continue the mission."

You underestimate the power of the Dark Side.
Darth Vader, Star Wars Arcade

Pilot Destroyed
Star Wars: Squadrons (Story Mode)

"This battle is over...the Empire has won."
Ardo Barodai, Star Wars: Squadrons

"We have brought shame to the Empire this day..."

"You have disappointed me. As of today, you are dismissed from your duties as a VT pilot and you will be reassigned to a service in the rear."
Steel Battalion, if you eject from a VT and don't have enough points to purchase a new one.

Stinkoman, Stinkoman 20X6

1-Up, Stinkoman 20X6 (if getting a game over on level 5)

During a valiant space combat engagement, the ship is overwhelmed and utterly destroyed. Thus ends your strange adventure in infinite space.
Strange Adventures In Infinite Space, if your ship is shot down in combat

The ship is inexorably drawn into a black hole by massive gravitational forces.
Time begins to slow as your ship accelerators steadily until it and everything aboard is stretched thin like spaghetti. Thus ends your strange adventure in infinite space.
Strange Adventures In Infinite Space, if your ship gets sucked into a black hole

As the ship encounters the leading edge of the nova shockwave it is hit with the force of a star-sized thermonuclear explosion and blasted to smithereens. Thus ends your strange adventure in infinite space.
Strange Adventures In Infinite Space, if your ship gets pulverized by a supernova

As the vacuum of space collapses around you, your ship is destroyed along with everything else in a five light year radius. Thus ends your strange adventures in infinite space.
Strange Adventures In Infinite Space, if your ship is destroyed by the Kawangi

The Glory system, including the colony homeworld of Hope, the moons of Tibus and Solace, and all human inhabitants, has been annihilated by a vacuum collapser device. Nothing, not even asteroid rubble, remains. A void of space now extends five light years in every direction. Your ship has no homeworld to return to. Your strange adventures in infinite space has come to a horrifying and unthinkable conclusion.
Strange Adventures In Infinite Space, if the Kawangi destroy the Hope system

Joe's will proved too strong.
The Bartender's mind was swallowed whole.
Strange Flesh

"You've got a lot to learn before you beat me. Try again, kiddo!"

Announcer: 9... 8... 7... 6... 5... 4... 3... 2... 1... 0.
Ryu: UAAHH!!

"You Fool!. You Think You Can Defeat The Master? You Can Never Win... To The Pits Of Hell With You, Strider! HAHAHAHAHAHA!"
Grandmaster Meio, Strider Returns

Lost With All Hands
"You, and all your crew, are gone. London will speculate in vain as to how you might have met your end."
Sunless Sea, when your Crew hits 0

The Final Blow
"Darkness like sleep. Your heart fails you. This is an end to all journeys."
Sunless Sea, when you get 3 Wounds

"Your ship founders! There are screams - a flood of dark water - the unforgettable sound of a ship's spine breaking -"
Sunless Sea, when your Hull hits 0

A Last Desperate Breath
"A brief struggle. Dizziness. Lights. Panicked, urgent breaths. Then, sleep. Then, silence."
Sunless Sea, when your Zubmarine runs entirely out of Oxygen

A bison rammed into <Party Member>'s head causing severe brain damage. <Party Member> later choked to death on his own vomit while unconscious.

Begin! *zap* GAME. OVER.

LEX WINS. *evil laugh*


Don't retire...
Try Again!
Super Punch-Out!!

Final Results
Super Smash Bros. for 3DS/Wii U & Ultimate, after finishing a game in Classic Mode

Supra Mayro Bross

At last! Patu San is mine forever!
Surf Ninjas (Game Gear)


Surgery Failed
And it was going so well...
Brutal murder achieved in a mere x minutes and y seconds

Zat was doctor-assisted homicide!

Dead End
Sword Art Online: Infinity Moment/Hollow Fragment

You feel the fatal blow, and even as you die you try to impale your enemy on your sword. But it is the end. Though a man has but one life, his name lives on forever!
Sword of the Samurai, if you die in battle

You have violated the sacred duty of a retainer to his lord. As an example to others who might contemplate disloyalty, your lord orders your entire family exterminated.
Sword of the Samurai, if you either refuse to commit seppuku when ordered, or try to rebel against your master and fail

Your troops are routed, your power is broken. Lord (name), your conqueror, insists that you swear fealty to him. There is only one possible answer you can give.
Sword of the Samurai, if a rival daimyo invades and conquers you

You retire your position in favor of your heir. Gratefully giving up your former life of unrest and strife, you become a monk, devoting the rest of your days to the study of Zen.
Sword of the Samurai, if you retire

You have been captured in (rival's name)'s house while obviously engaged on a mission of treachery. The daimyo has no choice but to order you to commit seppuku. You have until sunset to prepare yourself for death.
Sword of the Samurai, if you attempt to commit some kind of treachery against a rival and get captured

The only honorable action left to you is to commit seppuku. Knowing your family will honor you for your act, you do the deed quickly and unflinchingly.
Sword of the Samurai, if you commit seppuku

Your banners have fallen, and your armies are fleeing. All of your efforts have been in vain. There is only one course a true samurai can take. You unsheathe your knife and prepare to commit seppuku.
Sword of the Samurai, if you declare yourself shogun and fail in the final battle

They find your body and give it new life.
As a cyborg, you will serve SHODAN well.

Thank you, human. You have saved my cyborgs some effort by initiating the destruction of Earth's faulty civilization yourself. Please wait where you are, and a cortex reaver will be along shortly to escort you to the celebration.


Takeshi's Challenge (if you try to punch the password receptionist)

Takeshi's Challenge (if you input a wrong password)

Too bad...
Shere Khan wins the contract.
TaleSpin (Genesis)

Kerchak: Your game is over, Tarzan. Next time, be more careful.
Kerchak: With skills like that, you'll never learn to be one of us.
Kerchak: The jungle always claims those who don't learn how to survive.
Kerchak: Your playtime is over. Recklessness like that will get someone killed.
Clayton: Oh, my. Your game is over. Quite the pity.
Clayton: I see all you've learned is how to lose! (Evil Laugh)
Clayton: Game over. Bye-bye to your little ape friends.
Clayton: Alas, my boy, your little ape friends are mine! (Evil Laugh)
Clayton: (Evil Laugh) That's the end of your jungle adventures!

"You. FAILED."
The Administrator telling what happened to the team that lost, Team Fortress 2

The Administrator: "You failed! Stalemate!"
You're all losers
Team Fortress 2, if both teams achieve a stalemate in a match

"Wave lost. Get back out there and win this time!"
The Administrator when the team loses in Mann vs. Machine, Team Fortress 2

Tecmo Knight (Arcade)

"You Lost

You are worthless and weak

Mission Failed
"The ninja Ayame returns to the shadows from which she came to be forgotten forever as a failure."

Mission Failed
"The ninja Rikimaru lies broken, a shadow in life, in death a failure."

Game Over
"He has traveled the six worlds.
Do his eyes remain in this transient world?
The path he followed, he chose not.
Now he floats higher than any shadow."
Tenchu 2 - Birth of the Stealth Assassins (When Tatsumaru dies)

Game Over
"My face burns with crimson fire.
My face is a tangled mass.
But at last my heart is clear.
The moon will not brighten this long night."
Tenchu 2 - Birth of the Stealth Assassins (When Ayame dies)

Game Over
"Bright and cold, the flash of steel.
Alone I roam over desolate fields.
My sword, I need no longer.
The evening wind will carry me home."
Tenchu 2 - Birth of the Stealth Assassins (When Rikimaru dies)

Mission Failed
"Many lives these two blades have taken
As many as they have protected.
My blood covered lips speak no words
As I stare into the blades' reflection."
Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven (When Ayame dies)

Mission Failed
"Blackness covers all I see and all I touch.
No feeling of pain just sorrow.
My hand loses grip of the sword I held.
And I turn to become a true shadow."
Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven (When Rikimaru dies)

Mission Failed
"Like all days the sun has set
With darkness all around me.
Just one difference I see tonight
The sun will not rise in the morning."
Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven (When Tesshu dies)

Mission Failed
"The shadows have stained the night in blood."

Mission Failed
"What spirits shall haunt you in the afterlife?"
Tenchu: Fatal Shadows

The Terminator (NES)

The Terminator (Genesis)


AUGUST 29th, 1997:
Terminator 2: Judgment Day (SNES / Genesis)

"I'll be back."

Please Try Again ❤️

You've blown it! Your theme park is completely bankrupt. Time to start again.

Timeslip (Super NES)

Mission Failure
"Darien, I am sorry to point out that you have failed in your mission to stop Mordicai Sahmbi. The course of history has been changed. Are you sure you want to go back to 2193...?"
Time Trax (Genesis)

Bogus ... Game over

"Will I ever recapture those happy times again?"
Mii, Tomodachi Life when a couple breaks up (the closest thing the game has to an actual game over, as having a grown child rolls the credits).


Total Chaos: Director’s Cut, a Survival Horror mod of Doom

"You are dead, dead, dead. You are dead, dead, dead. Thought you were hot? Guess what? You're not! You are dead, dead, dead."

Your game has been terminated.

— Your grave, The Town with No Name

The intruder has been ejected from the factory after minimal penetration of the miniature mechanized defense force.
>I knew my toy weapons could defeat any human opponent! With this success I will be hailed as the greatest military genius the world has ever known!
>Increase production on all of the deadliest toys!
> *** GAME OVER ***
Toys (SNES)

"Stasis Lock"

"Operation failed. The medical board will be notified."

Your skills were not up to the task.
Operation Failed

Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes, when the player runs out of health

"This game sucks!"
"Shit, it's all over now!"
"I'm a loser!"

"No more beer..."
"So sorry, Charlotte..."
"That's three strikes..."

"This can't be the end..."
"I am no more..."

The entire party lost consciousness...

Is it that time, old bean? I'm going to need you to vacate the Palace.
Now, don't feel too bad. 8 out of 10 dictatorships fall within their first few years. The Crown will consider you an ally for a long as you live. Although about that... There might just be the teensy problem of an execution order to deal with. Don't worry though, I won't keep you hanging around...
— Lord Roger Wyndham, Tropico 6, if your mandate runs out during Colonial Era

How? How could this happen?! How could anyone possibly think that you shouldn't be Presidente, Presidente?!
But do not worry. I have packed the good china and the silverware and the private plane is all revved up and ready to go. If we leave for the airfield now, we'll beat the traffic... and the angry mob of seething citizens...
— Penultimo, Tropico 6, if you lost the election, before the Game Over

The people have spoken. Shouted, even. Yelled and screamed and occasionally wailed.
We have failed, Presidente. The people do not want you. I will fetch the Patent Medicine, for now we must drink to forget.
— Penultimo, Tropico 6, if you lost the election

The rebels have the Palace! Quick, Presidente, put on your disguise!
I shall trigger the escape slide from your gold-plated bath tub, then, concealed as humble beggars, we shall pass unnoticed through the angry mob. Forgive me, but I must spray you with Parisian Street Musk - pour l'homme! - to complete the illusion. Fear not, the stench will rapidly burn out the part of your brain responsible for experiencing scents...
—Penultimo, Tropico 6, if your Palace is destroyed in an uprising

How could this be? You did evrything right! Except for angering the powerful international military force...
Upon reflection, that might have something to do with this unpleasant outcome... but of course, I know you did nothing wrong because you are my Presidente and could never make mistakes. I have summoned the driver to take you to the secret escape plane. May I sit on the inside this time?
—Penultimo, Tropico 6, if you are invaded by a superpower

Come, Presidente. We had best make a beeline for the emergency cave!
I am so sorry that we lost the Palace to our Caribbean neighbors. It is my fault, of course. Foolish Penultimo! I will be sure to work out what I did wrong - as soon as we escape capture and permanent incarceration. Or worse! Much, much worse...
—Penultimo, Tropico 6, if you lost the multiplayer by being invaded by a rival player

I have good news and bad news. The good news - you set a record! The bad news is that it is for runaway national debt.
Now I would never encourage you to run away from any problem - sure you can overcome even the greatest of challenges! But just in case I have a duffel bag ready to stuff full of the Palace valuables and tickets to somewhere far, far away... how does that sound?
—Penultimo, Tropico 6, if you were in too much debt

How to put this... I cannot say we are doomed, but we appear to be trapped in a death spiral of crippling national debt.
It is certainly not your fault - perish the thought! - Penultimo is entirely responsible for giving you a terrible advice, and I shall never forgive myself. Nonetheless, I have taken the precaution of packing Tropico's gold bullion into the sandbags of the Palace hot air balloon. Shall I fire up the burner?
—Penultimo, Tropico 6, if you were in too much debt.

I have heard from your accountant... actually more of a suicide note. I think the situation might be out of hand.
Now obviously that your judgement is far superior to any number cruncher, but there is a saying in my family: "sell your pork before the pig dies". Do you think the pig is about to die? And if so, would you like me to make appropriate arrangements for saving your bacon?
—Penultimo, Tropico 6, if you were in too much debt.

Tcheco està morto!

"Well, this is awkward..."

Chop Chop: Again!
Lammy: W-w-what a nightmare!
Um Jammer Lammy, if you lose on Chop Chop Master Onion's stage

Chief Puddle: No, no, no! We have to start all over again!
Lammy: Aw, man! I guess I...I do, huh?
Um Jammer Lammy, if you lose on Chief Puddle's stage

Fussenpepper: Ay! Well, Let's see if we can do that again!
Lammy: Again??? But I don't have time!
Um Jammer Lammy, if you lose on Captain Fussenpepper's stage

Chuck: I thought I said I didn't have time for jokers!
Lammy: I didn't mean to be a joker...I just wanted to move on...
Um Jammer Lammy, if you lose on Paul Chuck's stage

Yoko: Start all over! You should be banned from every game.
Lammy: From every game?? Even this one?????
Um Jammer Lammy, if you lose on Teriyaki Yoko's stage

Katy Kat: I didn't expect you to do this bad!
Lammy: Neither did I...
Um Jammer Lammy, if you lose on the final stage

You have lost the battle. Immortal darkness captures your body to take you away from this dimension. Engulfing countless battles. "7days Immortalize" continues.

"You cannot give up just yet...
(Name)! Stay determined..."

"This is just a bad dream..."
"And you are NEVER waking up!"
Undertale upon losing to Flowey at the end of a Neutral playthrough

"Your quest is over."

Connection to Gateway lost

— Jebediah from Dread X Collection: The Hunt's Uktena 64.

Dana: Hey Jill, come here a sec.
Jill: Boss?
Dana: Why don't you take a seat?
Jill: What?
Dana: Take a seat. Over there.
Jill: Okay...
Dana: Are you okay? You're not just spamming the easiest drinks, right?
Jill: Well...
Dana: Why don't you go home today? Get some rest, I'll take it from here.
Jill: B-But Boss...!
Dana: Don't you ButtBoss me, young lady.
Jill: Butt... eh?
Dana: I need you in top form for the whole team.
Dana: Get some rest, clear your mind.
Dana: I'm sending you to the bench, soldier.
Jill: (Bench? Soldier? ButtBo-... what?)

"Sorry everyone, I... I don't think... I can..."
Welkin Gunther, Valkyria Chronicles

It's a dead man's party!

Rest in Peace
An Outsider
who failed to pierce the
Veil of Darkness
Veil of Darkness

"ADIOS, #%&@#..."
Vendetta (MS-DOS)

"Here lies a brave miner. He died with his tool in his hand, for the love of sweet Miss Mimi. His Bank Account was (amount)"
VGA Miner, when you die

"Your health was (amount). You ran out of money. Better luck next time."
VGA Miner, when you run out of money

"Vibri can't go on... only joking!"
Vibri, Vib-Ribbon

Vibri, Vib-Ribbon

"We need more practice."
Vibri, Vib-Ribbon

That's a wrap!

"Ha Ha!"
Nelson Muntznote , Virtual Bart, offscreen when Bart gets a game over

"You are no match for my mighty Mutant Robots, Trooper!"
Grimlord, VR Troopers (Genesis)

You rescued <Crew Rescued> crewmates
and found <Trinkets Collected> trinkets.
You managed to reach: <Area of Death>
Keep trying! You'll get there!
VVVVVV, when killed in No Death Mode

Kreel watches of the two would-be heroes in his "Gauntlet of Pain". He laughs as the Warhawk erupts into flames on his closed-circuit monitor in his dining room.
Then he realizes he is choking to death on a chicken bone from the meal he was eating.
Kreel has died. You are indirectly responsible. But no, you have not won Warhawk. The best is yet to come.
Try again.

Warrior of Ras

Caesar, we will punish you for your treason.
Warrior of Rome II

Your life has ended in the Wasteland.
Grim Reaper, Wasteland

(Character name) has died and will always be remembered.

Well, that was unfortunate. The nuke you set off in Flintlock's library may have been small, but it was enough to kill everyone inside Ranger Citadel, thus ending the Desert Rangers as an institution and a force for stability in the wastes. Oops.
Wasteland 2, if you push the blinking red button on the Davy Crockett bomb in the Citadel

"Sorry, you didn't accumulate enough points to move on to the next round. Better luck next time!"

As you bend down to fill the pots with water a dark shadow looms out of the depths and pulls you into the water.
Waxworks (1992), when you are killed by a crocodile in ancient Egypt

You are taken to the cells overnight, hauled before a judge the next morning, unjustly found guilty, and sentenced to hang for your ancestor's crimes.
Waxworks (1992), if you get caught by the police in Victorian England

Suddenly a pair of ghostly hands punch their way through the base of the coffin. The hands grasp your neck in an icy grip of death. You are dragged relentlessly into the coffin, your body choked of life.
Waxworks (1992), if you get trapped in "The Last" coffin

Suddenly the air is filled with noxious acidic fumes. Your lungs burn as you gasp for oxygen and then everything goes black.
Waxworks (1992), if you die from poisoned air in the mine

You have failed. You have not prevented the witch from casting her curse. Your family is cursed forever. Every generation that has the misfortune to bear twins, will be affected by the witch's words. Your twin brother is doomed to serve Beelzebub forever.
Waxworks (1992), if you fail to defeat the Final Boss

Your opponent has taken your life. It is the barbarian way...

"'Yaaaaaaaaaawn...Booo-oooooo-oooring. Our fan was disappointed, but We are even more disappointed. Prince, that wasn't fun at all. Prince, that wasn't exciting at all. It's boring to all forms of life. We should've known better than to do this Katamari Damacy thing. Nobody likes it, it's a terrible game. Thanks to Prince, Our fan base has gone down by one as well. And, We're hungry. Thank you very much."
The King of All Cosmos, We Love Katamari

Wild 9

WinBack: Covert Operations

"We are here to pay tribute to one of our own, 2nd Lieutenant Maverick. It is always sad to lose a pilot, but it is especially difficult when he is as young as Maverick. He died without even a chance to prove himself.

"Farewell, Maverick. You'll be missed."

"I am stripping you of your commission. Your days in the Space Force are over. You're no paper-pusher, so I won't insult you by offering you a desk job. It wouldn't do for the great hero of the Kilrathi War to have sunk to such depths...I think it best to make a clean break, sever all ties. Thank you, Colonel."
Admiral Sir Geoffrey Tolwyn, Wing Commander IV: The Price of Freedom

The aerodrome is an empty sea of mud.
Of the squadron only the rotting hulks of wrecked planes remain.
The utter defeat of a squadron.
Please try again.
Wings 2: Aces High


You can start anew, but for now, you're through! Ha ha ha ha!
Hurry back! I can't wait to do it again!
Hee hee hee, ho ho ho, ha ha ha ha! That was fun!
— The titular wizard from Wizard of Wornote 

Ich habe das Universum erobert
Unsere Freiheit baut auf Macht
Mein Wille ist eure Richtschnur
Starkes Herz, starker Stahl
Ich bin wie die Sonne - eine blendende Macht
Wir gleiten oben, auf Flügen aus Stahl
Blut und Stahl, Bruderschaft und Kameradschaft
Evolution durch Wissenschaft und Krieg

Resisting the unknown horror was taking its toll on your health. Weakened, you finally succumb to your injuries, alone. As the dust settles upon your eyes, reality starts to crumble.
OLD GODS are ready to return once more.
World of Horror, if you run out of Stamina

That encounter was the final straw. Your mind has snapped and you've been locked up in an asylum. It would be comforting to accept that you were insane; that no OLD GOD is awakening to devour humanity.
But the drugs haven't made these horrors disappear...
World of Horror, if you run out of Reason

The horrible GOD snatched almost everyone in the city. Weeks later, you and a group of survivors managed to cover all mirrors of a building you currently reside in.
When you see your reflection in your lover's eyes, it takes a moment to realize the gut-wrenching implications. You start to scream - GOIZO has found another way in!
World of Horror, if Goizo awakens

Under the mysterious ATH-YOLAZTH's influence, the city engulfed in chaos. All the eldritch magic made our planet a bright waypoint for the bloated OLD GOD...
...and a tasty treat. Within the next ten years, Earth is going to be devoured and there's nothing you can do about it anymore.
World of Horror, if Ath-Yolazth awakens

CTHAC-ATORASU is free once again! The invisible strands of a spider web slowly cover the entire city, entrapping everyone - including you.
Wrapped in a cocoon, suspended in a near-death state you will wait days, months or maybe years until it's finally your turn to be eaten.
World of Horror, if Cthac-Atorasu awakens

You're too late! When you arrive at the museum, the fire fighters are alreadys struggling to contain the spreading fire! You manage to slip past the police and run inside...
You make your way inside the exhibition hall as your skin gets charred. The last thing you see is ITHOTU, finally breaking free from its marbel casket...
World of Horror, if Ithotu awakens

One day, an unseen force directs you to the beach. There, you see a huge group of people. You recognize your friends and neighbors. You join the sacred preparations, undressing and putting a mask on your face.
At midnight, the whole city will enter the water, never to return...
World of Horror, if Ygothaeg awakens

Suddenly, a pair of hairy hands reach out of the shop window and violently pull you into the darkness.
A week later, a new mysterious flavor of DOG TREATS is released and becomes a huge hit among dog shopkeepers.

Later, you wake up aboard space ship. The XENOSHIBA CAPTAIN explains to you, that Earth is doomed and that they are abducting exceptional individuals to repopulate a new planet.
Your new space adventure will continue in GALAXY OF HORROR! (coming soon)
World of Horror, if you get abducted by aliens

Frozen in fear you watch as she gets closer. Her sharp scissors slowly cut through your cheeks as she asks you:
aM I bEaUtIfUl?
World of Horror, if the player is defeated by the Scissor Woman

As the sound gets unbearably loud, your knees suddenly collapse. Your inner ears burst and streaming blood starts gushing from your auditory canal, nose, and mouth!
You are dead before you even hit the ground...
World of Horror, if the player takes too long dealing with Oetaru

Basking in the sun's morbid glow, your corpse continues to twist and warp bringing you closer to your primordial, perfect form.
Soon, the Herald will take you to the Shattered Court, where you will perform and sing mad songs until the end of time itself.
World of Horror, if the player is defeated by Aka Manto

(name of team)'s team is no more...

You have not succeeded in dealing with the alien invasion and the council of funding nations has regrettably decided to terminate the project. Each nation shall deal with the problem as they see fit. We can only hope to come to some accommodation with these apparently hostile forces, and that the general population will come to terms with the alien visitors.

You have failed to stop the alien onslaught. One by one the funding nations sign pacts with the aliens promising technology, prosperity and peace. However, it soon becomes clear that the aliens have other plans... The aliens attempt to exterminate all humanity, destroying cities and poisoning the air and sea. The resistance of earth armies is futile in the face of vastly superior technology. Surviving generations suffer terrible mutations as they flee alien destruction. They are rounded up into slave camps to help transform earth into an alien colony which is part of some unknown empire. The knowledge gained from the XCom project is lost forever. You have failed to save the earth.
X-COM: UFO Defense - PC version (the PSX version instead shows this cutscene)

All X-COM bases have been destroyed. All research data is lost and personnel have left. With no other hope for humanity the Aliens will inevitably conquer earth.

"The inability of this project to maintain the support of several crucial council members has greatly reduced the effectiveness of both entities. This entire undertaking was the product of an ill-conceived plan...a series of simple...misunderstandings, met with an overzealous response. We believe the best course of action now is to cooperate with the aliens, for the... betterment... of all mankind. We are of one mind about this. The path ahead... is clear."

The enemy has overrun XCOM's headquarters. We are no longer capable of fighting the alien invasion.
X-COM: Enemy Within, if the player fails "XCOM Base Defense"

"Loyal citizens...I stand before you truly humbled. So many lives lost, so many needless sacrifices endured, as we have struggled to cope with those who would see our great coalition fall. Today, our struggle ends. XCOM is no more. ADVENT peacekeepers have reduced the last of their strongholds to ashes. And with it, the fragmented remains of the old world are finally washed away. Thank you for your continued support. And thank you to the Elders for their guidance through this crisis. Long live Advent. Long live the Elders."

The Xenonauts have exhausted their funding

Your ship is destroyed. All that remains is a twisted wreck of molten metal floating deep in space. The alien force, now unopposed, begins to wreak havoc upon the earth, killing all life upon the planet, before using it for horrifying purposes. And as the crumbling skyscrapers of the empty cities of the world burn long into the nights, the silence of the earth is more terrible than death itself. You were the earth's only hope. Your failure was the beginning of the end of the world. If only you could have another chance...
Xerix (PC-DOS)



Ichiban Kasuga, Yakuza: Like a Dragon, if you lose a story or dungeon battle

Yandere Simulator, if Senpai causes the Game Over

I can never face my Senpai again...
Yandere Simulator, if Senpai snaps at Yandere-chan for being a stalker

Senpai noticed the worst time...
Yandere Simulator, if Senpai sees Yandere-chan brandishing a weapon

I shouldn't have let him see me like that...
Yandere Simulator, if Senpai sees Yandere-chan covered in blood

Now he knows what I'm really like...
Yandere Simulator, if Senpai sees Yandere-chan in the throes of insanity

Now Senpai could never love me...
Yandere Simulator, if Senpai witnesses Yandere-chan comitting murder

There's no way he could ever forgive me for that...
Yandere Simulator, if Senpai witnesses Yandere-chan taking panty shots

Yandere Simulator, if the Game Over is caused by a teacher

Yandere Simulator, if the police can tie the player to a murder and arrest them

Yandere Simulator, if Yandere-chan is knocked out by a delinquent

Yandere Simulator, if a girl confesses her love to Senpai and he accepts.

Belgian intelligence regrets to inform you that Indiana Jones is dead.
His sacrifice will not be forgotten.
Please accept our deepest condolences.
Young Indiana Jones: Instruments of Chaos (Genesis)


"Attention! Attention! This is Home Planet Defense. The mission to regain control of Space Station Europe-1 has failed. The station has been destroyed by hostile forces. Our planet's atmosphere will begin to disintegrate. All hope is lost!"
Zero Tolerance


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