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Pantheon / Zoids

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In the Trope Pantheons, the following were chosen:

From Zoids: Chaotic Century:

From Zoids: New Century:

  • The Blitz TeamMembers , Heroic Neutral Deities (Leena: Rinon Toros | Brad: Ballad Hunter | Steve: Doc Toros | Liger Zero: Jaeger, Schneider, Panzer) as Lesser Gods under Heroic Attitude (House of Heroes) and Anti-Heroes (House of Ambiguity).
  • The Backdraft Group Members , Unholy Organizations of Unsanctioned Battles (Backdraft Organization) as Lesser Gods under Sportsmanship (House of Sports).
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  • Dr. Layon, God of Ramen Slurps (Dr. Laon, Dr. Leyon) as a Quasideity under Consumption (House of Food).


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