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  • Bad Export for You:
    • While DVDs of New Century/Zero were available in English, they lack Japanese audio tracks.
    • The DVDs of Fuzors that were available in Australia/New Zealand only, are of terrible quality, right down to a botched NTSC to PAL conversion.
  • Channel Hop: Zig-zagged, Chaotic Century and New Century aired on TBS in Japan, Fuzors and Genesis would air on TV Tokyo instead. However, when the Zoids franchise was revived 13 years later, Wild would air on TBS, but then Wild Zero ended up once again hopping over to TV Tokyo.
  • Franchise Killer: Fuzors, thanks to a combination of Short Run in Peru and general story choices. As a result, Chaotic Century and New Century are generally well and fondly remembered, while barely anyone remembers Fuzors, and most people who remember the show from that time have never even heard of Genesis.
    • In Japan, the mediocre reception of Genesis finished off what was left of the franchise over there. However, it seems as if this wasn't bad enough to permanently kill off the entire franchise, since 12 years later, Zoids Wild was announced.
  • No Export for You:
    • A lot of the models.
    • Even though Viz had licensed Genesis and planned to play it on the Toonami Jetstream, it was never released to the United States.
    • The majority of the video games with the exception of Zoids Saga 2 (as Zoids Legacy), Zoids VS. 2 (as Zoids: Battle Legends), and the So Okay, It's Average strategy game Zoids: Total Assault.
  • Late Export for You: The game Zoids Wild: King of Blast was released by Outright Games in western territories under the name Zoids Wild: Blast Unleashed on October 16, 2020, exactly one year after its February 2019 release date in Japan.
  • Old Shame: Never, ever mention Grant Morrison's run on the UK Zoids comic. It tends to be "conveniently forgotten" by their biographers and fandom, and they seems to prefer that it remains obscure.
  • Sequel First: New Century aired in English before its prequel, Chaotic Century.
  • Short Run in Peru: The English dub of Fuzors was cut short in the US. Its full run was only screened in Australia and Japan.
  • The Wiki Rule: The Zoids Wiki.