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Nightmare Fuel / Melanie Martinez

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You think I'm psycho, you think I'm gone.
Tell the psychiatrist something is wrong.

Cry Baby's world is full of childish and cute designs but stay longer and you'll see that this world is not that sweet... One question: Are you afraid of dolls?

"Cry Baby"

  • The Doctor Rabbit, anyone? He seems like any other doctor doing his job, but that bunny mask is off-putting. The sequence where we see him use the pregnant mother's stomach as a pinata (symbolizing Cry Baby's birth) doesn't help much either.
  • The nurse with black eyes is pretty spooky too. Like the Doctor, she seems to be doing her job, and even shows concern for Cry Baby. Still, black eyes. Why would someone want to go to this hospital?
  • Also a Tear Jerker, but Cry Baby's mother has already started being abusive not long after her birth. She's smoking both before and after the actual birth. She has no interest in holding her, and instead complains that the child is a "cry baby." This leaves her brother (who looks about seven) to name her such. She also drinks while feeding Cry Baby. Even without knowing the rest of the story, you just know she'd go on to have an unhappy life.
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  • Ever had a fear of your toys coming to life and attacking you as a kid? Well, one scene in the video immortalizes that fear by showing it happening to Cry Baby.


  • The Uncanny Valley all throughout the video. You see people acting like dolls with stiff movements, especially Cry Baby. Cry Baby is wearing various accessories in the video, but one is a necklace of two doll arms holding eyeballs. Oh and there are some doll parts in Cry Baby's room, some missing eyes. If you're afraid of dolls, welcome to your worst nightmare.
  • Listen to the lyrics sometime. "We'll be a perfect family, when you walk away, it's when we really play..."
  • At one point, a little girl is trapped in the dollhouse, about to be cornered by Cry Baby's family . Thankfully, she escaped.

"Sippy Cup"

  • What were you expecting from a song starting with "Blood still stains when the sheets are washed"?
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  • Although sad, the Mom crying and murdering her husband and his mistress is brutal.
  • Cry Baby discovering her father's corpse before getting drugged and then tied by her mother. You can only be glad that she wasn't murdered.
    • Fan were actually questioning whether or not Crybaby actually died or not (as she is seen as an angel). Thankfully, this turns out to just be symbolic of her fully losing her innocence. Not that that's any better.


  • The song made it to American Horror Story. That says a lot.
  • The ringmaster is terrifying as fuck. Then you start to realize that he is probably Cry Baby's love interest...
  • Hell, the whole video is a horrific circus with frightening twins, maybe conjoined by the head, a tattooed man or the ghostly attractions.

"Alphabet Boy"

  • The song is considered to be tamer compared to the other videos, but in it, it has stabbing the camera and licking a knife in it. The knife is covered by red jam, but of course you don't know this when Cry Baby starts licking it, so it's easy to believe she's cutting open her tongue.
  • Cry Baby's behavior shows that she is losing it at certain points.

"Pity Party"

"Tag, You're It"

  • Should we start with the Wolf? For one, he preys on people with his ice cream truck, and at the end, we see him sweetly offer some drugged ice cream to Cry Baby for free, before pulling her into his truck. We see him caress his knife, then wave at a school bus. By the way, he's represented by a man wearing an utterly creepy and realistic wolf mask.
  • For some reason, the Cashier at the grocery store has black eyes, much like the Nurse in "Cry Baby". She seems helpful, since she gives Cry Baby the melatonin. That said, there's a theory that she was a victim of the Wolf herself...
  • Some of Melanie's behavior and facial expressions in this video don't look right. This happens right after "Pity Party", so she's probably still not feeling entirely herself.
  • The upside? There is no Adult Fear in this music video as her parents won't miss her, because Cry Baby's father is dead and her mother lost her mind! Well, not a great upside.... Poor Cry Baby.
  • The lyrics are pretty horrifying, too. From the chorus:
    Running through the parking lot
    He chased me and he wouldn't stop
    Tag, you're it, tag, tag, you're it
    Grabbed my hand
    Pushed me down
    Took the words right out my mouth
    Can anybody hear me?
    I'm hidden under ground
    Can anybody hear me?
    Am I talking to myself?
    Saying, "tag, you're it, tag, tag, you're it"
    He's saying, "tag, you're it, tag, tag, you're it"

"Milk and Cookies"

"Mrs Potato Head"

"Mad Hatter"

  • Mad Hatter is full of Deranged Animation and Surreal Horror:
    • The Nurse, Cashier, and Bunny Doctor are back! The Nurse and Cashier, in all their black-eyed glory, appear right at the start, and the Bunny Doctor is apparently Cry Baby's therapist. After she wakes up from her dream, Cry Baby also gets black eyes.
    • The creepy doll people that terrorize Cry Baby throughout the video fit. They look so off.
    • The first time the line "I'm peeling the skin off my face" is sung, we get a graphic depiction of Cry Baby... doing just that. For some reason, it makes two of the doll people's faces melt.
    • Cry Baby's friends in this video are represented by giant Rushton Dolls, who are shown to stab the doll people when they try to eat her. They're meant to be friendly and helpful, but they're still pretty dang creepy.
    • Cry Baby eating a donut. That doesn't sound so bad, but said donut is alive, clearly terrified and bleeds when she bites it. If you look closely, the other Anthropomorphic Food in the same scene have shell-shocked looks as they back away. Shades of Sausage Party, much? It's bad enough to become the page image.

"Deluxe and Bonus Tracks"

  • "Teddy Bear" is scary if you listen to it.
    When you started talking in your sleep
    Saying things you'd do to me
    I didn't care, I wasn't scared
    Now I'm finding knives under the sheets
    Crumbled photographs of me
    I'm in despair
    Should I be scared?

  • "Gingerbread Man". The song in itself is eerie because of the strange music and the cannibalism metaphors.

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