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Apparently, Cry Baby lives in Wisteria Lane

Maybe they moved on to Gaby's house well after the girls leaving Fairview?

Given that we know the place is haunted, the street might have got a turn to the plain up bizarre.

The world of Cry Baby takes place in a toy world

The "doll" aspect of Cry Baby in Dollhouse is supposed to be metaphorical, but it could be literal, too, and Cry Baby could be a literal doll living amongst other dolls. She does have the ability to take off her own head, as Pacify Her demonstrates, and it would explain some of the series' zaniness—like having some characters be literal animals. Her tattoos could be a result of the child who owns her drawing on her, and the blurred lines of how old she is could be due to her having a child as an owner who, at the same time, wants to playact her in situations more like an adult would get into. The anachronisms in the time period can similarly be chalked up to the child playing with whatever toys they have on hand to construct the world. This means of course that the violent boyfriend in Teddy Bear can be a... literal teddy bear, and so on.
  • ...or it's just a metaphor and it's artistic imagery to convey a theme. "Teddy Bear" isn't canon to Cry Baby's story, anyway.
  • You got me on Teddy Bear not being canon, but the point of the WMG is that the metaphorical imagery is being literal.

Mrs. Potatohead is the Cry Baby that *could* be.

Cry Baby is seen quite influenced by the surgery/hair dye commercials and has been shown to have some anxiety or insecurity. If she hadn't accepted who she is as a person who doesn't need to change (Mad Hatter), she might have grown up seriously altering herself.

The cashier who handed Cry Baby the poison was the one who called the Wolf and distracted him.

She clearly has something supernatural going on, knowing Cry Baby will need to defend herself. If she knew to give her the bottle of poison, maybe she knew she'd need to distract the wolf so CB could put it in his cookies without him seeing it on the TV.
  • or maybe she was a victim herself.
    • or maybe she's related or (in a weird sense, Vague Age is Up to Eleven here) is Angelita (Crybaby's friend in the intersequel, K-12). As it's said they are both played by Elita Harkov. So maybe, she knew Crybaby was like her and so helped her out. Hence their friendship in the second album/movie.

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