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Nightmare Fuel / Eminem

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  • The album Encore is not for the faint of heart and isn't the best music to sleep to (but then again, why the fuck would you sleep to Eminem anyway?). The last track closes with Eminem shooting his crowd and killing himself. A robotic voice ends the album saying, "See you in hell, fuckers." If you thought hearing the shooting was scary, wait until you actually see it.
  • "Stan" is fairly disturbing. It's about a Loony Fan who eventually commits a murder-suicide because Shady won't answer any of his fan letters in a timely manner, and it has caused him to think he's deliberately not writing him back. Especially as the tape is starting to end and you can hear Stan's girlfriend screaming from the trunk before the car falls into the water... At the climax of the song, Stan realizes that he can't ensure that Em will receive the tape that he's recording.
    • And then you get to the final stanza: Eminem responds to Stan's latest letter, revealing that he didn't actually have the time to write back, and apologizing for this delay. He implores Stan to get some help, as he doesn't want him to do something that will hurt himself. After all, he recently heard this story on the news about a guy driving his car off a bridge, drunk, with his pregnant girlfriend in the car's trun-
      Eminem: Come to think about it, his name was- it was you. Damn.
      • The music video makes things worse. Look in the train window after Eminem makes his realization.
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    • An additional example of Nightmare Fuel from the video is actually in the long version, before the song begins. We see Stan pouring bleach over his head that turns his brown hair blonde within a matter of minutes. To anyone who's bleached their hair, this indicates that the bleach is pretty strong. And then he rubs it over his face, including into his eyes without even flinching...
  • "Kim", the prequel to "'97 Bonnie & Clyde" on The Slim Shady LP. The song isn't so much rapped as screamed between Eminem and his impression of Kim, and in its six-minute timespan, it reaches heights of intensity Whitehouse would be proud of. It starts out innocently enough with Em watching Hailie sleep, but quickly goes south as he shoves Kim into a car and reveals he's murdered her new boyfriend and their 4-year-old son.note  It ends with him slitting her throat in the woods.
    You were supposed to love me!
    Now bleed, bitch, bleed!
    • As far as mainstream rappers go, Eminem is pretty hard to beat when it comes to being disturbing. On the same album as "Kim" we have "Amityville", a brazen ode to Em's hometown exalting its status as the then-murder capital of the country. Of note is Bizarre's guest appearance, in which he packs his weight's worth of reprobacy into a mere eight bars.
  • Relapse is a album chock-full of murder fantasies and story-telling.
    • In particular, there's "Same Song and Dance" which is about kidnapping, raping, torturing and murdering celebrities. The title is perhaps the worst part, as the "song" refers to his victims' screams, and the "dance" refers to their struggle to escape as he has his way with them. And to him, it's just the same ol' "song and dance", showing he's become so desensitized to the horrible things he does that it's become hum-drum to him.
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    • "3 a.m." is a horror movie made into music; which was so disturbing it premiered on Cinemax of all places
      • The music video is even more unsettling. All of the shots of bloody corpses, Em with those creepy white eyes...and just when you think it's over, Em hits you with a Jump Scare at the very end.
    • "Music Box", which is possibly his most outright disturbing song to date. Cannibalism, murder, Satanism, pedophilia, stalking, rape, torture... so many great, wholesome flavors make up this little nightmare anthem.
  • "97 Bonnie And Clyde" from The Slim Shady LP (originally titled "Just the Two of Us"). It's one of his most haunting songs, sung from the point of view of Shady talking to his daughter, Hailie after murdering his wife for infidelity. He has his little daughter help him unload the dead wife from the trunk of his car and dump her corpse in a lake.
    • While "Just Don't Give A Fuck"'s lyrics aren't too terrifying in and of themselves, the beat to both the EP and LP versions features a loop of what sounds like a large and possibly malfunctioning industrial device throughout the entire song.
    • Em's lyrics on "Guilty Conscience" as the proverbial shoulder devil to Dr. Dre's (presumed) angel. At first, he just sounds shameless, casually encouraging an armed robbery and statutory rape, but in the final verse, when he encourages a man to kill his unfaithful wife, it reaches a near-visceral anger.
    Fuck slittin' her throat! Cut this bitch's head off!!
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  • "Bad Guy" off of MMLP2. It has undoubtedly the most evil beat out of any Eminem song, and it features the same high-pitched string patch that drove "Insane" from Relapse. On top of that, the song is about Stan's brother trying to kill Eminem in a successful effort that ends in the same sort of murder-suicide that took Stan and his girlfriend. And that's just part one.
  • The Slim Shady EP, the demo that got Em his big break, is just full of it. It starts off with an intro where Slim Shady comes back to life after having been previously "killed" and orders Eminem to look into the mirror as he resists and screams in the background, all accompanied by the sound of shattering glass...
  • On "Cleanin' Out my Closet" from The Eminem Show he mentions that his mother had Munchausen's syndrome, and led young Eminem to believe he was sick, and it's implied that he was also led to believe he was dying. He did grow up, of course, but that must have been pretty scary, since young kids don't have any real reason or inclination to disbelieve a parent.
  • "Brain Damage", a graphic narrative about Em, as a young child, dealing with a Barbaric Bully at school. The bullying starts out with things like getting his lunch seat stolen and getting shoved into lockers, only to escalate into Marshall getting his nose broken and getting nearly choked to death. The song also ends with Marshall getting beaten by his mother to the point where his skull cracks open and his brains fall out.
  • "My Fault", about Em giving mushrooms to a woman he meets at a party. The song is mostly humorous around the beginning and middle parts, but quickly turns south when the girl suffers an overdose. The song ultimately ends with one of the most heartwrenching conclusions of any Eminem song.
  • Em's collab with Skylar Grey called "Twisted" is one helluva creepy song. No rapping aside, Em sings about wanting to kill his girlfriend simply because she annoys him. The end also has the two of them giggling at the end of the track, which is even creepier.
  • From his recent album Music to be Murdered By has a song called 'Stepdad', in which Eminem raps about the abuse him and has family received by his stepfather. Whether this is based on true events or not, there are some very traumatising things done, including, but not limited to, arguing and physically assaulting his mother, gaslighting him by turning the kitchen lights on and saying Marshall done so, and even stomping on Eminem's pet chihuahua for urinating on the carpet, so hard that the vet had to euthanize the dog. Granted, Eminem gets revenge on his abusive stepfather by beating him to death, but the song itself is still horrifying.
    • Even before the song starts, there is a very pleasant intro to the song, in which the titular stepfather character wakes up a child (Presumably representing Marshall as a child) and then beats him for allegedly leaving the lights on, profusely swearing at him and ignoring the child's protests that he didn't. If you've ever had an abusive parent, be it a biological parent or a step parent, just hearing this intro could bring back traumatising memories.


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