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  • SCP Foundation:
    • SCP-682 has Adaptive Ability and the ability to regenerate From a Single Cell on top of its Super Toughness. It has survived being placed in a chamber where the laws of physics were altered in such a way that normal matter couldn't exist, and its Adaptive Ability is strong enough that the Foundation doesn't want to nuke it for fear that they'll never be able to hurt it again.
    • Among several others, there is also SCP-073, whose powers end up making you take the damage that you try to deal him, SCP-096, who barely flinches from having a hailstorm of bullets thrown at him, SCP-458, which is indestructible despite being made of cardboard, & SCP-076-2, who can be killed, but will only respawn from the rock known as SCP-076-1. That's not even a quarter of the objects in the foundation's possession that can't be killed permanently, if at all!
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    • They also have Doctor Bright, a researcher who ended up with his soul bonded to a small, jeweled necklace. Anyone who wears the necklace for long enough has their consciousness replaced with Bright's.
    • SCP-1504 ("Joe Schmo"). SCP-1504 is a human being who can't be killed by anything (he has survived being at ground zero of a nuclear explosion) and is almost impossible to harm. The only known things that can affect him are exposure to Halothane gas and blunt force trauma to the head, both of which incapacitate him.
    • SCP-1512 ("Irrational Root"). SCP-1512 is a set of roots that are incredibly hard. They're immune to lasers, corrosives (e.g. acids), burning, cutting and all other known means of destruction.
  • In the Whateley Universe, they have all of the above. Lancer (and plenty of the villains) is Made of Diamond. Phase and Jinn Sinclair are Made of Air (due to completely different powers). Aqueous is the Blob, being composed of living water. Jody Cooms is Made of Rubber and even calls herself Plastic Girl. Carmilla and Tennyo have the regeneration thing down: Carmilla has been torn in half, and another time decapitated (she was meditating and literally didn't notice until she found the decapitated head which also hadn't died); both fall into the projected avatar/Fighting a Shadow category. The unstoppable supervillain Deathlist is of the Good Thing You Can Heal type: he's a forcefield-protected head on a robot body with the ability to teleport the head to safety in the worst case scenario; he has killed more superheroes than any other villain in history.
    • Note that a recurring theme of the series is the emphasis on the 'nigh' part of Nigh-Invulnerability: just about every one of the above have at least one inherent weakness which an opponent can exploit. It is explained repeatedly that the 'PK Superman' power set (the one Lancer has) is actually one of the easiest to overcome, if you know how; they are, in fact, the favorite first day of class targets of Sensei Ito, the Badass Normal martial arts instructor, because he can beat them so handily and dramatically.
  • The Global Guardians PBEM Universe has characters that fit all of the categories on both sides of the law:
    • Byelobog really is the "White God" Byelobog from Slavic myth, while Ganesha really is the Indian elephant god.
    • Crusader is protected from harm by the power of God himself, as is Mercy, the Anthropomorphic Personification of the popular concept of angels.
    • The Shield and Stone are Made of Diamond, as is the Powered Armor worn by the appropriately-named superheroine Diamond.
    • La Fantomas is Made of Air.
    • Mercury is a liquid metal Blob.
    • Cascade and Sand are Made of Rubber (well, Made of Water and Made of Sand, respectively, but the effect is the same).
    • Splatterman is a supervillain whose regenerative powers are so quick and effective that he's pretty much immune to all harm.
    • Tsugha is an Eldritch Abomination whose "body" is only a part of the larger creature that exists in another dimension entirely.
    • Slave is a remote-controlled Super Robot Proxy that's been destroyed dozens of times. Its operator keeps rebuilding him,
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    • Swarm, a mutant who can transform into a horde of cockroaches and seems to conjure new insects out of thin air when the old ones are crushed and destroyed.
    • Los Hermanos has thousands of duplicate bodies and has survived his own "death" dozens of times.
    • Fiasco is lucky, and can cause other people to be unlucky. He avoids injury by following Mr. Myagi's advice: "Best defende, no be dere."
  • In Fine Structure, the Powers are all of the "made of diamond" version. It takes a diamond-tipped syringe to break Arika's skin, and even not even that will work on Jason. But both of them pale in comparison to Anne Poole, who is possibly the single most indestructible object in existence. When she gets thrown into a black hole, the Universe breaks before she does.
  • The AI gods of Orion's Arm are so invulnerable that one of them engineered an all out war against itself just so it didn't have to expend any energy scraping off some outdated armor. It's theoretically possible to kill one, but only another AI god would have the means to do so, and they tend to prefer manipulation and extremely long-term plotting to direct combat.
  • In Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, Hero Antagonist Captain Hammer has Super Strength plus apparent invulnerability, as in at least one scene he appears prepared to stop a runaway van with his body. This is subverted in Act III when the explosion of Dr. Horrible's malfunctioning Death Ray causes Captain Hammer to experience pain for the first time in his life, revealing him as a Miles Gloriosus.
  • In Dead West, this applies to quite a few aristocrats. The Porcelain Doctor has this, of course, since he is a very powerful Medice, and has psychic armor and shield. His big brother is Made of Diamond, and both have enough willpower to stand and fight even after sustaining life-threatening injuries.
  • Worm features quite a few of these.
    • There are a number of regenerators, most notably Crawler and Echidna, who can both recover from incredibly devastating injuries in seconds, and Crawler becomes immune to whatever harmed him on top of that.
    • Alexandria has an indestructible body, and cannot be harmed by any purely physical attack. But she still needs to breathe.
      • The nature of her power has another major drawback. She's invulnerable because her body can't change, even from outside forces. Which means if she does get injured, she can't heal.
    • The Siberian is absolutely invulnerable and unstoppable, and can bestow that invincibility to anyone she touches. Though she's actually a projection, and the person creating it lacks that invulnerability. The only thing that can stop her is impacting something that Clockblocker has frozen, and that actually cancels out both of their powers.
    • The Endbringers are not only insanely durable- to the point of tanking gigaton level energy blasts, but can regenerate from anything that doesn't destroy them outright.
      • The reason this works is because they are composed of layers, each twice as durable as the previous layer and starting at the durability of aluminum. There are two hundred of these layers between the skin and the core (the only vital part), resulting in a durability that is several orders of magnitude into the Made of Diamond type. The exact numbers are here, and confirmed by Word of God here.
    • Gray Boy possesses the ability to automatically rewind his body in time, instantly negating any injury he suffers, even if it kills him. Though he is vulnerable to Foil, because everything is vulnerable to Foil.
    • Scion can tank just about everything that gets thrown at him, but considering that he's the source of half the aforementioned powers listed above, that makes sense.
  • James Toranaga of Touch has this by dint of being Made of Air whenever he wants to be. It has some drawbacks, though.
  • Characters who are transformed in The Cartoon Man saga become immune to all pain, just like classic cartoon characters.
  • Forenzik. In chronological order, Forenzik had the abandoned studio collapse on him, got hit with a car, and had his arm chopped off. And yet he somehow comes back every time. When Freddrick Gorgote dies, it's revealed why he keeps coming back: Freddrick had a bunch of followers that would act as Forenzik to make Freddrick seem like he was immortal.
  • Hermann Fegelein of Hitler Rants fame has survived being killed many times; whenever he's killed, he usually walks back into the Führerbunker as if nothing ever happened, much to Hitler's dismay.

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