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  • In Ava's Demon if you find a willing demon you can enter a pact with them. Anyone who has entered a pact has this, it is a side effect of their being two souls in a single body. An example of this is Ava, who managed to get right back up after being impaled through the chest on a statue after she made a pact with Wrathia.
  • The Werewolves in Cry Havoc survive A LOT of automatic weapons fire. Skoll shrugs off rifle, machine gun, grenade launcher, and cannon rounds all during one charge.
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  • In Yosh!, Phil takes advantage of this in odd ways, like falling multiple stories because it's faster than the stairs.
  • Raizel from Noblesse seems just can't be damaged by any external force, period.
  • One issue of Girl Genius involved a circus group being attacked by a mutant/demon horse. They blast it with various steampunk guns, unleash a swarm of poisonous bugs and a super advanced mecha, they barely even scratch it. They finally manage to cut its head off only to find out it has a second mouth starting at the base of the neck. Luckily Agatha's lighting gun manages to disintegrate it.
    • It would appear to be part of sparkiness as well. It's never explained precisely how Othar manages to survive all of his he-should-be-dead experiences.
    • Othar specifically has the "Dumb Luck" variant (though he's also fairly tough and resilient; his luck seems to not want him dead, but it apparently doesn't care much if he gets hurt). Other sparks are often surprised by Othar's continued survival, knowing that whatever they've just put him through should have killed him.
  • The necromancer Helixa in Dominic Deegan, Oracle For Hire had such control over death with her magic that any attempt to kill her caused her to resurrect where she wished. Klo Tark attempted to get around this with an attack that paralyzed her for three hours before killing her, which would ensure she was there to interrogate when he was done with the current crisis; she bit through her tongue and choked on her blood to escape. After that one, though, she ended up Deader Than Dead. Miranda Deegan, her old rival, killed her with an angelic gauntlet; its magics canceled Helixa's necromancy, and Helixa was thus Killed Off for Real. And for good measure her soul was destroyed during the "War in Hell" arc.
    • The same War in Hell introduced Sirellith, the Demon Lady of Treachery, who could "betray death" and come back from the dead. The only way to kill her for real was to "use her treachery against her" and kill her with part of her own body; Karnak did so by snapping a horn off of her and stabbing her with it.
  • A more comical version of the constant regeneration type is Ran Cossack of Bob and George. He was made out of cheap Soviet parts, so he dies from even light physical contact, but the parts were so cheap a new body with a copy of his memories would just instantly be built and teleported back. He is effectively immortal as long as they don't destroy the production machine (as he puts it "You can kill me, but you can't stop me"). The only way to defend from this is to block the teleportation with a shield. He also gets a powerful but unstable weapon that always kills him, but it can be stolen from him to make an infinite number from his respawning, and also makes him a powerful explosive or "Ran-bomb".
    • In addition, though Ran himself dies easily, a wall of his corpses can withstand just about anything.
  • Hero by Night is made of diamond. In a confrontation between him and a brick wall, don't bet on the wall.
  • Amorphs in Schlock Mercenary are classic Blobs, with some impressive (if rather disturbing) regenerative abilities. Schlock himself has not only recovered from being blown up, poured down drains, sliced into pieces, splattered into droplets, but in one case, immediately returned to the fight after stopping for a quick bite of minced comrade-in-arms (I told you it was disturbing - don't worry, he saved their heads for later recovery) to gain enough extra mass to beat the creatures which did it to him in the first place. The downside is that when they do take damage, due to their distributed nervous system, it's always brain damage, and their eyes are solid and can be destroyed in the usual way (although since they literally grow on trees and exist in a presumably symbiotic relationship with amorphs, it's not hard to replace them). Still, most of the permanent harm Schlock actually takes is usually plasma-based, and he survives it (when it can slag actual tanks easily), and the only time he ever died (they had thankfully backed him up), it took a fall of several kilometers in an airless void, and even then the ridiculously hard impact didn't do him in completely; the freezing finished him off, and only because the Toughs couldn't get to him fast enough.
    • There are also the Peteys, a massive Hive Mind comprised of a mix of A.I. and organic bodies. At one point, Petey (along with the rest of the Fleetmind) ponders the fact that despite this, they aren't quite immortal - yet. Killing Petey would imply destroying the strongest fleet in the galaxy just to make sure all the AI elements are dead.
      • Petey has also been working on a way to grant immortality to some of his favorite organics using Nanomachines that not only repair the body from everything including most forms of death, but can morph their benificiary into an armored Super Soldier form when needed.
      • A later expansion on this technology, R.E.D. #2, allows memory to be backed up into the skin, granting virtual immunity to brain damage, and is more broadly available than "one or two people have them". The downside comes when the system is hacked to use someone else's memories...
      • Finally, when the Oafans and Petey's own works are combined, a further iteration of the R.E.D. system allows for the above in addition to actual offsite backups available if you have the money and infrastructure. Anyone thus backed up will be revived missing only time and some recent memories even if they get evaporated, making this the Body Backup Drive sort. Completely killing someone would need you to utterly destroy their body and slag the entire place their backup is in, which is usually guarded by actual warships.
  • The Order of the Stick:
    • The evil lich Xykon can regenerate from his philo... phylia... soul hidey place (phylactery) as long as it is kept intact.
    • The Monster in the Darkness as well. When Miko attacks him, he complains that it tickles. Later, he doesn't even notice when Belkar attacks him.
  • Nesuko of The Adventures Of Boschen And Nesuko eventually proves to have the regenerative version of this power, taken to its logical conclusion — her severed limbs and organs try to grow back new bodies.
  • Sluggy Freelance villains and characters provide a number of examples:
    • Satan's kittens — Made of Diamond, not showing any signs of damage after taking grenades and shotgun blasts at point blank range.
    • K'Z'K — When possessing Gwynn he was a regenerator, able to pull himself together even after being run through a meat grinder. After assuming his true form he is Made of Diamond; since we never see anything hurt him in this form, we can't be sure whether he retains his regeneration.
    • Lord Horribus — Can only be killed through decapitation or stabbing the very center of his soul with an enchanted weapon. In fact, most demons are Made of Diamond, enough so that swords clang harmlessly off their skin.
    • Evil Aylee — Her head and her shell are Made of Diamond, with her (retractable) neck her only vulnerable point.
    • Oasis and Kusari — Resurrection. They've been blown up, shot through the head, decapitated, stabbed through the chest, and confirmed dead by medical proffesionals, but they always come back, completely uninjured. How they do this is one of the series's big mysteries. They also heal extremely well while alive.
    • Vampires — Depends on type, and some have pretty serious Kryptonite Factors, but they seem to be able to regenerate all damage (up to and including having their brains eaten) unless it's inflicted in the one right way.
    • Dr. Crabtree — Her body thoroughly infused with nanites, she's probably able to survive and heal from just about anything ( except an EMP), though it sometimes takes a while for the repair nanites to start running.
    • Alien Christmas elves and Santa — Taken over by parasitic alien DNA and turned into hybrid monsters, the elves — and Santa doubly so — were tough enough to be Immune to Bullets and all conventional weapons short of heavy explosives. They were still vulnerable to nerf, and it didn't keep Bun-bun from beating one up until it was begging for mercy.
    • Gods of Mohkadun — They can survive being Impaled with Extreme Prejudice and heal themselves afterwards. There's a plot point about someone searching for a weapon that could kill one of them.
  • The Wom Wom Coconut in The Egregious Adventures of the Wom Wom Coconut suffers many deaths. The hit invariably turns out to have been taken by a member of the Stunt Nut Corps, a numberless horde of coconuts identical to each other and the hero. Both the coconut and the coconut's arch-rival, Space Durian, are capable of instant reincarnation. Death is shrugged off in the same panel it occurs in.
  • The Mows of Dan and Mab's Furry Adventures are completely invincible. They're immune to magic, can't be harmed physically, and are too stupid (IQ: 3) for psychic attacks to have any effect. Oh, and they're adorable. Mows are basically furry Servbots.
    • The fae also seem to be invincible. If in-comic information is trustworthy, they can only die when they choose to. This may be the reason the Mows are invincible too, since they were accidentally created with the genetic material of a fae.
  • Lampshaded in Everyday Heroes when Mr. Mighty and Matt O'Morph get into a Brick vs. Blob sparring match.
  • Grace in El Goonish Shive is a Tyke Bomb Super Soldier that regenerates fast enough to be fire-proof.
    • Actually her fur is fireproof by design, this is not due to rapid regeneration (though she does that as well). The regenerative powers are more of an Informed Attribute since Grace has barely been touched by anyone. On screen anyway, apparently Damien was physically abusive to her. When Grace ends up fighting Damien, it is such a Curb Stomp Battle that he barely lands a single blow. She was more of less designed to kill Damien specifically, and being fire resistant would be necessary for that.
  • Like his totally not based off counterpart, Captain Broadband appears to be very difficult to damage, surviving falls out of planes, hordes of attacking fans and setting off his own bomb by punching it!
  • The golem girls in Wapsi Square are of the made of diamond variety. They are implied to be able to survive even complete planetary destruction.
    • Monica has a touch as well; after accidentally teleporting into a gunrunners hideout, they made with the More Dakka, and she survived unscathed, with only Clothing Damage to show for it. One character postulated the extreme luck form of this, and another suspected she was (unwittingly) teleporting the bullets away as soon as they touched her skin.
  • If you've ascended to the God Tiers in Homestuck, you can only be killed in two ways - by performing a Heroic Sacrifice, or by performing atrocities to such a degree that your death is seen as a good thing. If you're killed outside of these conditions, you simply resurrect after about five minutes or so. Did we mention it also gives you a significant boost in general power?
    • Vriska and Clover also have the Extreme Luck variant. It's implied that Clover can't be killed even by shooting him at point blank, he's far too lucky for that to happen, after all. Vriska's power as Thief of Light is to steal people's luck—to the point that she kills a colossal enemy because he was unlucky enough to fall off a cliff. And then Vriska also has the standard God Tier powers.
    • Lord English is just out-and-out immortal, and it is explicitly said that killing him is going to require glitching out existence.
    • John Egbert has, besides the default God-Tier package, the ability to turn into The Breeze for various purposes, including avoiding physical damage.
  • Jones from Gunnerkrigg Court is completely immutable. Nothing seems to be able to harm her in any way. Including being exposed to space, nuclear explosions, being encased in lava, or being bombed during World War II. She compares herself to stone, but admits that the analogy is imperfect, since stones can break. She can't. Even her hair is impervious to damage.
  • Achilles from Grrl Power has his powers listed as "Invincibility. Proper, aggravating invincibility. He has shrugged off attacks that would destroy matter on the subatomic level." It's also listed that he really doesn't have other superpowers. He's strong, but that's because he doesn't have to worry about broken bones or torn muscles, and he's so immune to physical harm that he doesn't even age, leading to some WMG regarding how he got to his current age to start with, and how old he actually is.
  • Gogo from Bomango is immune to extreme temperatures. She has been in many fights, but doesn't seem to suffer any damage from them. She can also eat harmful substances.
  • Edith from Godslave becomes pretty much impossible to kill after Anpu gives her part of his ba.

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