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Mobile Suit Gundam AGE page for references to the older series, as well as general character expies.

Universal Century

Mobile Suit Gundam

  • Yurin is a homage to Lalah Sune, while Emily is Frau Bow.
  • Gundam AGE-1 looks similar to the RX-78-2 Gundam with its shield looking similar to the Gundam MK II .
  • The Genoace MS is an expy of the GM.
  • The AGE-1 stabs its first victim in the fashion of RX-78-2 stabbing a Zaku up close with its beam saber, except AGE-1 stabs the UE a few more times before letting it fall to the ground.
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  • The AGE System gathers data from the battles that it fights in in order to evolve and become stronger. Not very unlike the RX-78-2's learning computer...
  • G-Exes is clearly a name made after Gundam in the same fashion as G-Saviour; its appearance is more like Nu Gundam than the Genoace Custom, too. It also has some resemblance to G-3 Gundam.
  • The way Desil fires the Gundam AGE-1's beam rifle under the arm is a direct shout out to Amuro.
  • The motivations for the UE, aka Vagan, fighting against Earth Federation resemble that of the Principality of Zeon.
  • Episode 29 shows us the return of the Core Fighter.
  • The history of warfare between the two factions in Fardain is strikingly similar to the timeline.
  • The first-generation episode "Space Fortress Ambat" is near the end, just like "Space Fortress A Baoa Qu".
    • Similarly, the third-generation follows suit with "Space Fortress La Gramis".
  • Geera Zoi calls the Diva a Trojan Horse after seeing it transform into a White Base lookalike.
  • Zalam's Space Suits bare more than a passing resemblance to the Zaku Mobile Suit.
    • Don Boyage distinguished himself from his underlings by having his space suit look like a Gouf.
  • Both the Federation Forces, Zalam and Eubas battleships bear striking similarity to the Salamis-class cruisers from Universal Century. The UE's battleships, however, are basically slightly revamped Musai-class cruisers, also from UC.
  • Beyond his similarities to Amuro Ray, Woolf's nickname of White Wolf can also be a reference to Zeon ace Shin Matsunaga.
  • The Gundam Age-2 has three times more thrust in G-Strider form than in mobile suit form.
  • The Zeydra, a red mobile suit, is three times faster than other Vagan suits and piloted by a guy wearing a mask. Also, it apparently has the ability to unleash a super-powered version of Char's infamous kick.
  • Like Zeon, the Vagan are in control of a good deal of Earth during the third arc. And their assault on the Federation stronghold was beaten off.
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  • The trio of enemy pilots in Episode 31 may be a reference to the Black Tri-Stars.
  • Towards the end of Episode 33, the shot of birds flying over Rostroulan is a definite nod to the birds in flight while the White Base leaves Jaburo in the original series (oof).
  • Captain Ash seems to have adopted Char's (and Rau's) tendency to sortie without a flight suit. He also implements the Char Kick in his fight against Kio.
  • Fram's premonition of Zeheart's death in episode 41 resembles Lalah's.
  • Farsia is a mind-controlled equivalent of Elmeth, and Defurse is the UE's Big Zam.
  • During the Third Generation, the Diva carries three children on it, much like Katz, Letz, and Kikka. And Wendy is assigned to take care of them, making her the Fraw Bow.
  • The Phantom 3 are expies of the Black Tri-Stars. They even have their own equivalent of the Jet Stream Attack.
  • We're even given an expy for a place. Roustroulan, the Federation's HQ on Earth, is one to Jaburo, down to the location.
    • It is even infiltrated by the enemy in the same manner as Jaburo, via underwater mobile suits with a red lead unit.

Mobile Suit Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory

  • Woolf and Flit's mock battle to decide the pilot of the Gundam is a shout out to Kou Uraki and Bernard Monsha's mock battle for the right to pilot the GP-01.
  • The ending of the first season ( the protagonist fails in his mission and becomes highly embittered, the captain is punished unjustly) is pretty much how Stardust Memory ended too. Thankfully, the series wrapped up better.
  • Don Boyage's Heroic Sacrifice seems to shout out how Gato went out.
  • While the Diva pilot crew are eating lunch in episode 20, it pauses for a second on Asemu's fork simply stabbed into a carrot, a subtle nod to Kou Uraki.
    • More than that, it's been stated that the relationship between Asemu, Romary, and Zeheart is meant to parallel that between Kou, Nina, and Gato.
  • Furthermore, Asemu Asuno is not unlike Kou Uraki for all the low self-worth in him at the young age. And, for all the initial Fa Yuiry likeness, Romary Stone behaves much more like Nina Purpleton. Woolf as of the 2nd Gen is Bernard Monsha, with none of the asshole characteristics.

Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam

  • In an interesting fusion; Madorna has a Red Mobile Suit that uses a cannon similar to Hyaku-Shiki's Mega Bazooka Launcher.
    • And he wears a Gold Space Suit.
  • Just like Kamille Bidan, Asemu participates in Junior Mobile Suit Tournaments.
  • One of the Federation squadrons is the "Kamil" squadron.
  • The AGE-2 Gundam has a Mobile Armor mode like the Zeta Gundam.
  • Girard herself is a Cyber-Newtype.

Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ

  • The AGE-3 Gundam resembles the Full Armor ZZ.
  • Fram Nara bears a striking resemblance to young Haman Karn from Char's Deleted Affair, with Framfarsia as her Qubeley.

Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack

  • Zeheart is not beyond giving motivational speeches to the Vagan army live and/or via projected space holograms, which is basically how Char Aznable did it as the Second Neo Zeon movement leader.
  • The Vagan are not above manually pushing ships while using Mobile Suits. Ironically, while in Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack the Mobile Suits are pushing Axis away from Earth, here it's practically in reverse.
  • In the final episode, both the Vagan and Federation work together to avert the destruction of Second Moon, similar to how both Zeon and Federation suits teamed up to prevent Axis from crashing into the Earth.
  • The AGE-FX Gundam is parallel to the Nu Gundam, and is even able to use its C-Funnels to form an impenetrable energy shield around itself, much like the Nu Gundam and its Fin Funnels. The Gundam Legilis later displays a similar ability with its bits.
  • The Genoace Custom's shield has a red wolf-head painted on it, strongly resembling the red unicorn-head on Nu Gundam's shield. Their pilots' nicknames are also similar (The Federation's White Wolf and the Federation's White Devil, respectively).

Mobile Suit Victory Gundam

  • Kio Asuno bears a big resemblance to Uso Evin from the start, joining him as one of the youngest Gundam heroes.
  • The AGE-2 Double Bullet can project massive beam sabers from its shoulder joints, which greatly resemble the V2's Wings of Light.

Mobile Suit Crossbone Gundam

  • The Gundam AGE-2 Dark Hound is painted mostly black, has a lance that doubles as a beam rifle, grappling hooks, and an overall pirate motif. Sounds like the Crossbone Gundam X-2, doesn't it?
  • The Vagan moles infiltrate Earth by riding in the Downes' fragments (or capsules camouflaged as such), the same way members of the Crossbone Vanguard escape the destruction of the Mother Vanguard.

Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn

  • Zeheart's arrival on the battlefield in the Zeydra exactly mirrors Full Frontal's charge in episode 2, right down to Bridge Bunny commentary and camera angles.
  • AGE-3 Normal can use its beam saber directly from its forearm a la Unicorn Gundam. This also applies to AGE-3 Orbital and their successor, the AGE-FX.
  • Woolf's Genoace Custom is suspiciously similar to the RX-0 Unicorn.
  • When Girard Spriggan loses control of her X-Rounder abilities, she takes control of other X-Rounders' remote-controlled weapons, much like the Unicorn is able to do in Destroy Mode.

Other UC seriesnote 

Mobile Fighter G Gundam

  • Flit and Woolf duel to decide who will be the pilot for the Gundam; Woolf starts the fight for the Gundam with READY! GO!
  • Gundam AGE Titus bears a striking resemblance to Bolt Gundam and some to Chibodee Crocket's Gundam Maxter.
  • Yurin's Mobile Suit sports pink colored bits that open like 5-petaled flowers, much in the same vein of Georg de Sand's Rose Bits, though here Sakura Bits might fit better.
  • Asemu's first scene is him making fools out of some thugs, not unlike Domon.
  • Deen and Lu's situation is reminiscent of that of Chico and Gina Rodriguez.
  • SID's ability to evolve itself based on combat experience and the data in the EXA-DB makes it a Devil/Dark Gundam expy.

Mobile Suit Gundam Wing

  • The destruction of the weapons by both Euba and Zalam before the story begins, which was supposed to bring a permanent peace to humanity, is a reflection to the ending of Mobile Suit Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz.
  • Asemu tries on a Vagan helmet that gives him X-Rounder abilities, but at a costly price, just like the Zero system.
  • Flit tries one of the Wing Zero's infamous maneuvers with the AGE-1 Glansa (spreading his arms and firing the Dual BFG in two opposite directions), minus the spinning part.

After War Gundam X

  • Yurin giving directions to Flit in Episode 2 is similar to Tiffa doing the same for Garrod.
  • In a flashback before she dies, Yurin is shown with her hair down, parallel to Tiffa with her untied hair when she was possessed by Lucille Rilliant, emphasizing further the two Shrinking Violet's similarities.
  • Like Yurin, Fram is also shown with her loose hair as she speaks to Zeheart in a vision before she dies, also parallel to the same Gundam X scene above.
  • In episode 12; in order to capture the Diva undamaged, Stoller Guavaran fired off flash bangs and sent in mobile suits to target the bridge and Mobile suit Launching bays. This was the same tactic that Garrod Ran used in the first episode of Gundam X, of course he couldn't use it to the same effect.
  • Asemu's Character Development seems to be matching up very closely to Garrod Ran's.
  • The Galette brothers' mobile suits in the second season have similar color schemes to the Frost brothers'. Also the fact that they're a Sibling Team, though the Galette weren't affectionate to each other unlike the Frosts.
  • What Zeheart says to Asemu after their fight in Episode 20 resembles Carris Nautlius' "The Reason You Suck" Speech to Garrod after their first fight.
  • The first combined SigMaxiss Cannon shot was similar to Garrod's first Satellite Cannon shot.
  • The EXA-DB is said to contain mobile suits which could remotely control others not unlike the Gundam X and its G-Bits.
    • The Zedas and Khronos mobile suits could remote-control friendly suits, even taking control away from their actual pilots.
  • Lu Anon is skilled in illustration especially in drawing landscapes, a talent Tiffa Adill also possess.

∀ Gundam

  • The Gundam AGE-1 rising from the haystack in Vargas' stable.
  • The cursed treasure's nature is pretty much the Black History of this series.
  • The way Asemu slices apart the Khronos is identical, down to the camera angle, to how the Turn A dealt its finishing blow to the Turn X.

Mobile Suit Gundam SEED

  • The AGE-1's variant in Episode 27 looks like the Aile Strike Gundam but was actually used for heavy ordnance rather than maneuverability.
  • The AGE Gundam's first sortie has it using knives as weapons, not unlike the Strike.
  • Zalam's crest is suspiciously similar to ZAFT's; While their flag is completely different, Euba may therefore be the Earth Alliance.
  • Flit's hatred and obsession in destroying the Vagans (Down to the last human) since the second generation resembles Patrick Zala, down to the reason of said hatred.
  • Asemu and Zeheart's situation is not unlike Kira and Athrun's.
  • The shot of the AGE-2 Double Bullet and the Zeydra holding two Colony Destroyers each are reminiscent of Freedom and Justice (or the Strike Freedom/Infinite Justice) in their METEOR units.
  • Episode 31 sees the AGE-3 Normal having trouble fighting in the desert, specifically having trouble balancing on the sand, just like the Strike did.
  • Kio is quickly following in Kira Yamato's footsteps.

Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny

  • Episode 31 introduces us to a three-man team with the word "Phantom" in their name (or at least the one given to them by the Federation). Phantom Pain, anyone?
  • The contents of Lu's diary being read aloud in her voice after her death brings to mind the same being done with Meer's.
  • The true objective of Project Eden can be compared to Durandal's Destiny Plan.

Mobile Suit Gundam 00

  • Gundam AGE-1 Spallow bears a homage to Setsuna F. Seiei's Exia.
  • The Gundam AGE-3 Fortress, on the other hand, resembles Seravee Gundam while the Gundam AGE-2 Double Bullet is quite similar to Dynames.
  • Within the first five minutes of the first episode, two soldiers in Union and HRL uniforms can be seen walking by in the foreground discussing something.
  • The world of the gap between the rich, ignorant and the poor in the same colony resembles not only the world of Gundam 00, but also Real Life.
  • The uniforms for Asemu's school resemble those of Celestial Being in season 2. (And Flit's military uniform strongly resembles an A-LAWS one.)
  • The AGE-3 Fortress firing all four of its cannons at once rather strongly resembles one of the Seravee's favorite moves.
  • Desil Galette is a child version of Ali Al-Saachez. Also, the outfit he was wearing is similar to that of the Trinity siblings.

Gundam 00: A Wakening of the Trailblazer

  • AGE-FX has the color scheme of 00 Qan[T]'s production version. Its C-Funnels are very similar to the GN Sword Bits in terms of the color scheme and functionality.


  • Memory of Eden introduces the Age-1 Swordia, whose armaments look a godawful lot like those of the Knight Gundam of SD Gundam fame.

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