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  • Alternative Character Interpretation: Zeheart Galette. While an antagonistic character, one must wonder just how much Asemu matters to him in proportion to his mission. On the one hand, he's determined to bring his people to the paradise called Earth no matter what. On the other hand, he risks his mission, rank, and life multiple times to try and get Asemu to stop fighting him so he won't die, and from the looks of it, the methods Zeheart's used to do so are obviously things he shouldn't normally be able to get away with without some sort of punishment, meaning that he's got to be very good at covering his tracks. He's called out for this in his visions in Memory of Eden, especially since he extends it to Kio, too.
    • There's also the matter of the way in which Zeheart's personality changes beginning in Episode 44. It doesn't seem to make much sense at first...but some people believe that learning the true nature of Project Eden ultimately broke him, and left his faith in everything he had originally believed in in shattered remains. So, with nothing left, he pledged himself to the person who reached out to and needed him—Ezelcant, again.
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    • His Memory of Eden version leaves even more debate, as it shows that the spirits of everyone who has died under his command constantly talking to him, driving him insane. Especially since his last words are different from the TV Show
  • Americans Hate Tingle: In a Fuji TV special, Asemu Asuno surpassed popular characters such as Madoka Kaname to finish fourth on a list of the Top 5 Up-and-Coming Heroes/Heroines in anime in general. Western and Filipino AGE fans, on the other hand, loathed Asemu at the time for being unhealthily obsessed with surpassing his father and for having a personality that's not unlike Kou Uraki. Fortunately for the guy, it wasn't long after that before he got Rescued from the Scrappy Heap.
  • Anticlimax Boss:
    • For all the Defurse looked intimidatingly like a Big Zam Expy, Flit destroyed it rather easily.
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    • Asemu's final fight against Zeheart and the Gundam Legilis lasted for all of 50 seconds. Those who'd had high hopes for the climactic showdown were quite disappointed. This is, fortunately, remedied in the Memory of Eden movie, giving the two a battle appropriate to the climax of their respective character arcs.
  • Anvilicious:
    • Grodek's murder at the end of Episode 24. By Arabel who had five minutes of screen time in Generation 1 where Grodek tells him that he will live for revenge, and the five minutes in 24, where he gets Grodek in the kidneys. No explanation of what else he's been doing in the intervening years or how he even met anyone in the Federation's State Sec. That's not important. What is important is that it was revenge and that is bad and destructive revenge will destroy you.
    • Episode 37's depiction of the misery in the Mars colonies lays it on thick, complete with a Littlest Mars Rays Patient to drive home the point that Vagan really does have a sympathetic cause and even have a motivation for all the dog-kicking their soldiers have engaged in. Some people think it works, some people think it's hamfisted, and some people think it's both.
  • Author's Saving Throw:
    • Romary's Go Through Me incident earned her a lot of scorn, comparing her to Nina Purpleton. In Episode 28, she admits her mistakes and naivety to Asemu and earns his forgiveness. Time will tell if she'll earn the audience's as well.
    • Memory of Eden also serves as one of these. It fleshes Romary's character out more, and it goes into why Zeheart agreed to take over Project Eden.
  • Awesome Ego: Woolf's, once he demonstrates that he is not the Miles Gloriosus.
    "And the key feature of the G-Exes is that I, Woolf Enneacle, am its pilot!"
  • Awesome Music: Inevitable when you have Kei Yoshikawa writing the soundtrack, but the opening and ending themes are all good, too.
  • Base-Breaking Character:
  • Cargo Ship: Woolf is very fond of his suits. In Episode 13, he even half-jokingly refers to the G-Exes as his 'girlfriend'.
  • Cliché Storm: This show is often dangerously between this and Tropes Are Not Bad, particularly within the Gundam franchise.
  • Complete Monster: Desil Galette, a seven-year old Vagan Ace Pilot when first introduced, sees war as a game, and his victims as nothing more than expendable toys. As the pilot of the Zedas, he spearheads genocidal attacks on colonies, and is implied to be the one who orphaned Yurin L'Ciel. He subsequently hijacks the AGE-1, and tests out its capabilities by butchering his own allies. He later captures Yurin, puts her inside of a remote-controlled mobile suit, and forces her to attack her Love Interest, Flit. When Yurin tries to fight off his control, Desil kills her, while laughing about how she was "just a plaything". That's all in the First Generation. By the Second Generation, he's thirty-three years old and has, if anything, gotten worse. Deeply resentful of his younger brother Zeheart for having been promoted past him, he takes more and more insane risks. This ultimately leads to his getting most of the Magicians Eight killed as a part of a grudge match against Flit and murdering Flit's friend, and Flit's son Asemu's mentor, Woolf. It gets to the point where Zeheart, realizing what his brother has become, leaves Desil to die at Asemu's hands in the aftermath of a losing battle.
  • Darkness-Induced Audience Apathy: Although most fans were pleasantly surprised when the story took a darker and more Gundam-like turn, there was much dissatisfaction with the final arc—characters seemed to fatally cling to the Idiot Ball, the deaths seemed predictable and cliched, and every antagonist the audience actually gave a damn about was killed in the penultimate episode, leaving many to cry "meh" at the finale.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse:
    • Yurin. She topped the official series character poll by a huge margin (in the Female Characters category, she got 60.5% of the votes), and at that time she only appeared in a single episode.
    • Arisa Gunhale became quite popular with fans for her fun-loving, boisterous personality and amusing way of getting Asemu out of a funk.
    • Asemu Asuno seems to have become the most popular of the three protagonists, mainly for the way he Took a Level in Badass towards the end of the Second Generation, honored Woolf's legacy, and especially for taking ANOTHER level in badass and becoming the leader of the Bisidian pirates, complete with a sweet, sweet version of the AGE-2.
    • Speaking of which, how about Woolf? Even viewers who otherwise dislike the series enjoy this guy for his unforced comic relief, major badassery, and well-executed balance of Testosterone Poisoning and bishonen good looks.
    • Natora Einus has become a Fountain of Memes during the Third Generation. Her name and her quirks as a captain learning the ropes makes her quite popular even among those who loathe this installment of Gundam.
    • And on the Vagan side, Fram Nara. Her rejection of Kio's pleas to understand one another won over loads of fans, especially those who felt short-changed by 00's second season and movie. Having a unique hairstyle never hurts as well.
    • Seric Abis has little backstory and is basically a Nice Guy Ace Pilot, but he won a lot of respect from fans after proving himself to be a dab hand at the Guile Hero trope when the need arises, by talking Luna Base's commander into surrendering when the ground battle is going completely against the Feddies, mainly by informing them that Algreus is planning to nuke them if the ground battle fails.
  • Even Better Sequel: It is generally agreed upon that its second season is its highest and strongest point.
  • Fanfic Fuel: Early in the show's run, there was a rumor that claimed that a disgruntled ex-Level-5 employee had leaked the overall plot as "a final act of revenge"; according to the "leak", the UE were entirely automated enemies (like Mobile Dolls), created by the Federation itself during the third generation and sent back in time. Why? Because when a real enemy appeared, they were incapable of fighting it off, and thus sent the UE back in order to jump-start their own mobile suit development. The fact that Flit was able to discern a deliberate attack pattern was pointed to as proof of this claim. Of course, said rumor turned out to be 100% false, but it did get fans thinking.
  • Fan-Preferred Couple:
    • It would be an understatement to say that a lot of fans would have preferred to see Flit pair up with Yurin rather than Emily.
    • For the Yaoi Fangirls, Asemu and Zeheart.
  • Fashion-Victim Villain:
    • The Vagan pilot suits would be bad enough without the massive, weirdly-shaped codpieces. With them...dear lord. In particular, Desil's suit in Generation 1 has one that could plausibly function as a third leg.
    • A Vagan commander from the end of the third generation has bright red, curly, long '80s Hair, a headband, and Perma-Stubble. He wouldn't look out of place in a hair metal band.
  • Foe Yay: Zeheart and Asemu, full stop.
    • Particularly in Episode 48, where his last conversation with Asemu is easily interpreted as a Dying Declaration of Love.
    • Played up even more in the same scene in Memory of Eden, where Asemu gets in the Gundam Legilis, clearly about to EXPLODE, and touches his helmet to Zeheart's. And the fact that Zeheart pushes Asemu back into the cockpit.
  • Germans Love David Hasselhoff: Wootbit was added after positive international attention towards Dique, because fans liked his rotund, non-pretty design.
  • Harsher in Hindsight: After Woolf saw Khoronos and Zeydra, he mocks their "lame" black-and-red color scheme. Fast forward to Kio's Arc, where Captain Ash and Bisidian have MS and pilot suits in those colors. That is, Captain Asemu, Woolf's protege.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Lord Ezelcant is the boss of various pilots of Dragon-like mobile-suits, and now his himself is a Mechanic Dragon.
  • Idiot Plot:
    • If the Vagan had simply returned to Earth on Second Moon immediately instead of being terrorists by destroying civilian colonies, there wouldn't be much of a war with their superior technology, Earth lacking their Gundam technology and the element of surprise.
    • The X-Rounder, their version of the franchise's "Super Soldier with physic powers" works by literally dumbing down the brain to be more aggressive in combat in exchange for the rationality to make proper decisions. In short, it literally gives you the Idiot Ball. And that is not counting the asinine decisions made by practically every other character to advance the plot...
  • Jerkass Woobie: Episode 37 reveals that most Vagans become these as they get older, as an inevitable consequence of losing the people they love to the Mars Ray illness.
  • Love to Hate: Desil Galette, for essentially the same reasons as his models, Yazan Gable and Ali Al-Saachez.
  • Memetic Badass: Desperado. Who used a shovel and a Pickaxe as a weapon. It gets lots of fan art. Not just any old shovel. A heat shovel.
  • Memetic Mutation:
  • Misaimed Fandom: Flit's desire to exterminate the Vagans is meant to illustrate how terrible the cycle of hate can be. It's also garnered him a number of fans who actually cheer for him to succeed, given how irredeemable the Vagan were in the first two generations. It doesn't help that despite The Reveal that the Vagans do have a good reason to be mad at the Feddies, there are very few of them who are likable in any way.
  • Moe: With its unique art style, it was inevitable that some characters would be this. The most notable examples are Yurin L'Ciel, Remi Ruth, Natora Einus and Lu Anon.
  • Moral Event Horizon:
    • What Desil says after killing Yurin puts his status as a irredeemable monster beyond all doubt.
      Flit: "Desil... Why did you... Why did Yurin have to die?"
      Desil: "There was no reason! It just means I've lost one of my playthings!"
    • The question of whether or not Flit has crossed, will cross, or if his desire is justified is one of the main reasons for the Broken Base. He institutes The Purge and having the Prime Minister executed for secretly trying to negotiate peace with Vagan because Flit would rather destroy them all than end a decades-long war. On the other hand, Ezelcant was going to double-cross Olfanoa anyway and his own plan involves Social Darwinism. But back on the first hand, none of the other Vagans know Ezelcant's true intentions and Flit doesn't just want to kill Vagan soldiers. He wants to kill every Vagan, including POWs and civilians. Thanks a lot, Desil. Basically the question comes down to how the individual viewer feels about Vagan as a whole.
      Flit: "I will wipe out Vagan! Every last one!"
    • In Episode 39, Ezelcant throughly crosses it with the reveal that he deliberately culled his own people for the sake of his deranged plan for a superior race, showing he doesn't give damn about the Vagan and is simply using them for his insane schemes.
    • In Episode 47, Zanald kills Deen, who was on his own side, in the hopes of forcing the Gundam to "move a little faster." Even Kio seems to view it as one of these moments.
    • Very narrowly averted by Flit in the final episode. Thanks to the timely intervention by Asemu and Kio, he puts aside the thoughts from using the plasma diver missile to destroy the Second Moon, and instead gather everyone in the battlefield to stop its destruction from the overheating La Gramis spheres.
  • My Real Daddy: The handling of the Kio and Three Generations arcs in Super Robot Wars BX are considered better than the original. How good was it received? Kio's haters actually reversed their opinion of him in BX, to the extent that they want that adaptation to replace the source material.
  • Narm:
    • The Strider Mode of the AGE-2. It's hardly the first time a Gundam has been able to transform into a fighter; that's fine. But the Gundam's head stuck on top makes it look completely absurd.
    • For worse, the infamous mobile suit that Yurin was forcibly put inside? It's bright pink. PINK. And its bits look like flowers! That might have been okay in the incredibly silly Mobile Fighter G Gundam, but here?
    • Episode 41 introduces an upgraded form of it: this one, thankfully, is white, but it retains the flower bits, and its weapon is a staff that looks just a little too much like a Magical Girl's wand.
    • And Yurin's death itself, for those who thought it was an incredibly ham-handed case of fridge stuffing rather than a Tear Jerker.
    • The reunion of Asemu, Zeheart and Romary in Episode 24. Zeheart offers to continue their friendship on the condition of Asemu abandoning the Earth Federal Forces. While looking like he's about to go Super Saiyan, Asemu rejects the proposal, saying that he has nothing else in his life. Zeheart then pulls out his gun and says "If you're in the battlefield, I can't be myself." Romary appearing out of effing nowhere to crank a Nina Purpleton only made the already narmtastic scene even more unintentionally hilarious.
    • It is very, very hard to watch any scenes involving the unfortunate Captain Einus and keep a straight face.
    • The name Wootbit. Wootbit. What in the world was Arisa thinking?
    • The episodes focusing on Girard Spriggan. Her tragic backstory is dumped in a flashback in the middle of battle, right after she says she's not going to explain it. Said backstory has apparently driven her beyond the edge of sanity, turns her into The Berserker, and she gets a trademark Gundam sparklespace death scene where she's reassured by Zeheart even though she never wanted that in the first place and told everyone she was only with Vagan for revenge. Plus, Kio is unable to think of anything but saying "but we should understand each other!" over and over even after she's made it clear that she just wants to kill him. The whole thing is incredibly rushed and makes very little sense.
    • Asemu getting Locked Out of the Loop in Episode 43.
    • Godom of the Phantom Three's final MS, the Guldorin. Its a big yellow ball with arms and a drill and looks plain silly. The effect is exacerbated whenever it cuts to Godom in the cockpit giving a comedically overdone Slasher Smile.
    • Zeheart's final words to Asemu. What did he say? He wants to have children with the one he loved while staring at Asemu!
    • The flashback to the Vagans' recruitment of Shanalua as a spy. Exty Years from Now, with space colonies and mobile suits, apparently the preferred method of payment for spies is a large bag of Spanish dubloons.
  • Narm Charm:
    • Woolf encouraging Asemu to become a SUPER PILOT. Its simultaneously silly, endearing, and totally awesome.
    • Fram Nara's way of dealing with Aaron Simmons when he reveals himself to be a worthless Dirty Coward. Rather than executing him with her funnels or shooting him, she just clonks his shuttle with the butt of the Farsia Stick in a completely ignominious fashion—but it fits, considering what a loathsome little man he is.
    • In the Episode 48 duel with Kio, she utters this memorable line: "Get into your cage... the cage of death!" On the one hand, she is actually pretty close to killing him. On the other? The Cage of Death's bars are being formed with her flower funnels.
  • Never Live It Down: The fandom basically found the Vagan pilot Daz Roden impossible to take seriously after his first combat outing, in which he piloted a top-of-the-line suit against three old men, a sprinkler system, and a hand-held rocket launcher...and lost.
  • Rescued from the Scrappy Heap: Asemu avenges Woolf's death by showing no mercy to Desil and finally embracing his mentor's advice on becoming a Super Pilot instead of living up to his father. He then becomes best pilot in the series, kicking the asses of even those with Psychic Powers through skill alone. The reactions from the foreign fan base were obvious.
  • Rooting for the Empire:
    • It's fairly easily to find yourself rooting for Vagan once you learn the UE 's true identity and realize how morally bankrupt the Earth Federation is. As you can see on the comments of this page, fans are already hailing Vagan as a true successor to the ideals of the Principality of Zeon, as well as the Jupiter Empire.
    • It's interesting to note that supporters of the martian colonists see Flit Asuno as a Feddie version of Gihren Zabi. Source.
    • Heck, some of the Federation supporters among the fans still think Flit is taking things way too far. Its even now that way in canon: Asemu joined Bisadan so there won't be the total destruction of both sides, keeping the balance between the two powers. Kio is now going out of his way to protect Vagan lives in battle, just destroying their suits and allowing them to eject. Flit hates both actions and is taking actions into his own hands using an illegal weapon.
    • Some fans who consider Kio The Scrappy are actually hoping that one of the Vagans or Flit kicks his ass.
    • And on the other side, there are fans who fully support the Federation and more specifically Flit in their desire to completely exterminate the Vagans, since most of the show gave little reason to actually sympathize them. Out of the entire Vagan cast, only about two or three of them could be considered truly sympathetic. The rest are just jerks.
  • The Scrappy:
    • Emily was rapidly heading in this direction. It would help if 70% of her dialogue wasn't simply "Flit!" And certainly it'd help that her "love rival" isn't...well, Yurin of all people.
    • Romary seems to have become a worse Scrappy than Emily for a number of fans, especially after Episode 24's reunion with Zeheart.
    • Kio is probably the least-liked Asuno due to expressing his pacifistic desires in a way that many people find whiny, carrying the Idiot Ball a few too many times—really kid, what did you think Ezelcant was going to do with the AGE-3's specs—and his poor piloting skills, which everyone seems to mistake for good piloting skills. Not to mention that he tells Fram and Girard that they should stop fighting and understand each other way too often. In addition, even though he spouts his desire to save lives on both sides, when he seems to care more about Vagan casualties than his own friends and wingmen getting killed. This was extremely blatant in Episodes 46 and 47 when Kio lost two of his wingmen, including Seric, and he doesn't even seem to be visibly affected by it, yet when Deen dies, that's the one factor that pushes him into using Gundam FX's Burst Mode.
  • Seasonal Rot: For many fans, it was Generation 3. Many fans disliked Kio because his brand of pacifism was merely yelling at enemy pilots to stop fighting and "understand" and seemed to care more about Vagan casualties than his own wingmates. In addition, the many deaths of side characters seemed to be done just for the sake of it, without any real meaning, and the series finale did not help at all.
  • Ship-to-Ship Combat:
    • There seems to be a bit of this developing between Flit/Emily shippers and Flit/Yurin shippers. While it's agreed that both pairings would be good and have their own high points, the fact that Asemu, Flit's son, resembles Emily in concept and promotional art has some shippers going at it.
    • Asemu x Arisa seemed to get quite the following.
    • Asemu x Zeheart. Seriously, Gundam has not seen Yaoi shipping this intense since Mobile Suit Gundam Wing.
  • Shocking Swerve: The Reveal of Ezelcant's true plan. (A) It comes out of nowhere, and (B) makes no sense whatsoever.
  • Squick: Yurin's name. It sounds like...well, urine.
  • Strangled by the Red String: Asemu and Romary. After joining the military, they very rarely interact on-screen and neither of them seem to get past the point of "I like you but what are words" for the whole series, plus Romary has feelings for both him and Zeheart. To resolve this, there is a flashback to one conversation between them in Episode 28 and then the generation ends with the wedding. You can apply this to Emily with Flit and Wendy with Kio pretty well, too. It took a drama CD which gave some insight on how Romary got together with Asemu.
  • Strawman Has a Point:
    • Kio's pacifism argument, essentially. While the Second Moon arc was meant to engender sympathy for the Vagan and become the driving force for Kio's pacifism, it was essentially a drop in the bucket compared to all the unsympathetic atrocities they had committed in the previous 30+ episodes.
    • Flit's hatred of the Vagans is meant to show he has become no better then them, but it's not completely unfounded. He's seen a group commit countless atrocities against the Earth over the span of decades, with targeting civilian population centers and having psychotic commanders the norm. The Vagans also have absolutely no reason to bother fighting in the first place too since Second Moon was able of travel back to the Earth Sphere, thus invalidating any claims the Vagans might have about life around Mars being unfair and insufferable. And lastly, prior to the final episode of the series, the only Vagans in the Earth Sphere -and thus those he fights against- are irredeemable monsters following the will of a madman. Even his attack on Second Moon itself has some pragmatic justification, on account of the stupidly powerful La Gramis deathray wrapped around its form.
  • Tainted by the Preview: It's...staggering how many people declared AGE the worst thing to ever happen to Gundam after seeing the very first preview.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character:
    • Or in this case, an MS. The Orbital, what looked like the most impressive of the AGE-3's forms, is involved in only two battles... both of which it lost, horribly.
    • And for actual characters, Shanalua Mullen. She was set up as Kio's mentor and Cool Big Sis who scolded him for still treating battles like his Gundam flight sim and ignoring that his kills were, well, actual killing. And then she was a traitor and died. The rest of the MS squad has since consisted of a generic Nice Guy, The Stoic from G2, and a couple of other guys who aren't even significant enough to qualify for Those Two Guys.
    • Unfortunately, a LOT of characters suffer from this. After every generation skip, literally all of the non-Asunos basically disappear without a trace. The lucky ones get a descendant who shows up in the next generation, but even they aren't immune from another generation skip.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot:
    • The UE capturing Yurin and forcing her to work for them was not a surprise. In fact, converting a powerful X-Rounder to their cause and training her as a pilot would be a great idea, and it would be heartwrenching if she and Flit became enemies in the next gener—oh, they let the seven-year-old psychopath decide what to do with her. Because in Gundam, the only thing you are allowed to do with the Newtype love interest is kill her, no matter how many more interesting alternatives there are.
    • The series could probably have been vastly improved if the writers had spent more time developing the Vagan characters and making them more sympathetic. Such as including the visit to Second Moon as early as the Second Generation. It would certainly have made Kio's insistence of saving both sides seem much more well-founded.
    • For a lot of people the generation gimmick, while interesting in concept, has felt squandered as each generation feels rushed and characters feel rather shallow thus pushing the show into So Okay, It's Average territory.
    • Given the outcome of the first generation, the generational thing could have been a more interesting plot if they pitted the Asunos against the Galettes and Zois.
    • Furthermore, some fans considered the UE (Unknown Enemy) to be a perfectly wasted concept; mysterious invaders that could have turned out to be aliens, rather than another expy of Zeon.
    • The Tear Jerker moment when Woolf encounters a dying Vagan soldier who gives him an amulet is never brought up in G2, even though Asemu has doubts that would easily lead to a discussion or acknowledgement of the event. Instead, Woolf's reintroduction is him calling the Vagan alien jerks.
    • The series avoided some potentially interesting character interactions in the last generation, specifically interactions like Kio and Zeheart. When the former got captured by Vagan, it could have been a perfect time for it to happen, with Kio being the child of Zeheart's friend with this revelation helping Kio realize that people from Earth and Vagan are Not So Different after all since his parents had one as a friend. Instead, they had Kio interact with practically two undeveloped characters as a way for his conversion to technical pacifism. Also, a Flit vs. Ezelcant face-off would have been huge to the plot, but the writers probably didn't even consider it.
    • Flit and Desil being arch-enemies could have added more depth to Asemu and Zeheart's Tragic Bromance.
    • Wow, a Love Triangle in both season 1 and season 2? Too bad we already know who's going to win because the hair colors of Asemu and Kio is the same as Emily's and Romary's respectivelynote . If they had kept the same hair color throughout all 3 generations, or have the Asunos cover their hair in promotional material prior to their on-screen debut, it could've added a guessing game for who Flit and Asemu would end up with, but nope!
  • Too Cool to Live: Woolf and Seric.
  • Uncanny Valley: The Legilis is a weird example of the Uncanny Valley applied to a robot. It looks like a Gundam and even has some classic Gundam features like a core fighter... but said fighter is in the Vagan dragon shape of their other mecha and all of its angles just look wrong.
  • Unintentionally Unsympathetic:
    • The Vagan: We are supposed to feel sorry for them because they live in disastrous conditions, infant mortality is high, and they were abandoned by the rest of the Earth Federation following the botched Mars colonization. However, nothing justifies their brutal attacks on civilians and slaughter of innocent people who had nothing to do with their plight.
    • Lord Ezelcant: He's a Visionary Villain who lost his son to the Mars Rays Disease and only has a few months left to live. He wants to create a new humanity that will be free of war and violence, but his methods are both so brutal and nonsensical that it's impossible to think he has a point.
    • Kio: His hypocrisy, constant whining about "understanding" and stubborn refusal to listen to more reasonable points of view overrides the fact that we're expected to pity him for being a naive Child Soldier. The utter stupidity of many of his actions, and the fact that the series itself considers him 100% right, painting negatively all those who disagree with him, and the plot bends over itself to make sure he's always right... don't really help.
  • What an Idiot!:
    • The Vagans blame the Earth Federation for erasing all evidence of the failed Mars colonization program... which happened 150 years ago. Most of the people who took part in the cover-up are no doubt dead, and it turns out Second Moon could travel back to the Earth Sphere any time the Vagans wanted. Never once in all those decades did anyone think of just having Second Moon travel back to Earth peacefully.
    • When Dique finds Asemu about to steal the Vagan X-Rounder helmet, he tells him off and then...leaves him in the room with it without even extracting a verbal agreement to not steal it. A more sensible person would have made sure Asemu left first and then locked the door behind him, not just locked the easily-breakable glass case.
    • Arabel. Okay, he was a highly traumatized kid, but when the man who you have just seen kill your father says "now you are going to ruin your whole life trying to avenge this, sorry," maybe you should not be operating by this stellar life advice in your twenties.
    • Flit risks his own life in Episode 36 to make sure Kio can escape, and like an idiot, Kio immediately circles around to help Flit and gets himself captured anyways.
    • And then later on, in Episode 38, Kio stupidly gives away his biometric data, allowing the Vagan to crack the encryption preventing the Gundam's systems from being copied, all for some medicine to prolong the life of a terminally ill girl by a few days. This decision ends up biting Kio in ass two episodes later when he has to fight the Vagan-engineered Gundam.
    • More from this kid in Episodes 41-43 when he refuses to use any tactic but asking Fram and then Girard to listen and understand when they tell him explicitly and repeatedly that they aren't willing to do so. He could probably use his C-Funnels to dismember their suits and nonlethally remove them from combat, but all he does is keep begging while they continue to wail on him and nearly beat him.
    • Lord Ezelcant. He plans to create a race of peaceful humans by killing off people with aggressive or warlike tendencies. Only, the method he uses to do so selects for the survival of people with aggressive, driven tendencies like Grodek and Flit. Apparently Vagan doesn't teach the basic principles of evolution.
    • Zeheart's been hit with this pretty badly in the late stages of the series. Despite looking like he's going to be the voice of reason against Ezelcant's ludicrous plans for humanity, he gets his character reset to being a fanatical worshipper of the man after simply being told that Ezelcant doesn't want to be God, but rather a guiding light for the new humanity... Despite this merely being the equivalent of saying "Yes you're right that I'm completely off my rocker, but I don't think I'm God, so it's okay." Expanded upon in Memory of Eden. Zeheart was so wracked with Survivor Guilt over the subordinates who died under him that he would continue pursuing the vision of Eden no matter what, all so that his subordinates' deaths wouldn't have been in vain.
    • And then after he's made supreme commander of the Vagan forces in Ezelcant's stead, along comes Episode 47, in which Zanald opens fire on Zeheart and his men and makes clear that he has no intentions of following Zeheart's orders. You'd expect him to either have this traitor apprehended or simply shot on the spot, right? Wrong. He promptly proceeds to allow Zanald to do as he pleases, which quickly results in Deen's death at Zanald's hands. Nice going. However, in that case Zeheart knew that with Zanald taking the center, his force was in position to take the most damage from the Federation assault, and sure enough, his entire fleet is wiped out by the Diva's photon blaster. This was the exact same tactic Zeheart used to get rid of Desil.
    • Attn: Aaron Simmons. If you are afraid of a violent, messy death, do not join the military during a war that has lasted almost three-quarters of a century.
  • WTH, Costuming Department?: Froi Olfenoa's hair antennae don't exactly convey the gravitas one would expect from the leader of a nation. Neither does Lord Ezelcant's hair...corkscrewy thing. Asemu's hair looks like a hedgehog combined with a mullet, one of the Magicians Eight has his bangs combed over both eyes...the list goes on.
  • Win the Crowd: Between criticisms of character designs, starting premise, and head writer, it was a challenge AGE had to worry about from the beginning. It did so in Episodes 13-15, shedding the perceived "kiddy"-ness with several deaths and turning Flit into a Dark Messiah, quite raising the stakes in the battles.
  • The Woobie: Given the cutesey art style, it's inevitable that some characters are going to inspire this reaction. For example...
    • Yurin, an orphan girl who is conscripted into Vagan's ranks, forced to be an enemy unit against the boy she likes, and dies on the battlefield at age fourteen.
    • Kio, who is all of thirteen when he becomes a Gundam pilot and has no idea of the realities of war, having spent his childhood playing battle simulators where he's never had to consider that the enemy pilots are humans or that traitors might have sympathetic motivations, which is resulting in many painful lessons.
    • Lu, a girl Kio's age living in the Second Moon colony of Mars and afflicted by the Mars Ray disease. With three more months to live, she wants nothing more than to try and have some semblance of normality in her life, like having a friend or just going outside.
    • Dorene Ezelcant, the wife of the Big Bad. She's lost a child, pretty much the worst thing a parent can endure, and finds that the Federation's new Gundam pilot reminds her greatly of him in both appearance and personality. And her husband, whom she genuinely loves, will be dead in six months of the same disease that killed their son. The look on her face in all her scenes is just heartbreaking.
    • Surprisingly in Memory of Eden, Zeheart Galette. He only followed Ezelcant's plan because he did not want his allies' deaths to be in vain.

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