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Page for Mobile Suit Gundam 00's numerous references to previous Gundam works:

  • Trans-Am, which turns the machine using it red and increases its output threefold, is clearly a reference to the infamous Gundam meme about Char Aznable's red Zaku being three times faster than the normally colored version.
  • The party scene from season two, in addition to being one long Shout-Out to ∀ Gundam, also contains a brief reference to a similar scene that occurred in the very first Gundam 0079 with Tieria being annoyed by a pair of suck-ups in a manner similar to his fellow purple-haired Bishōnen Garma Zabi.
  • Ribbons' Gundams contain several gags as an Actor Allusion, since his voice actor also played Amuro Ray:
    • The 0 Gundam is the RX-78-2 Gundam, with clavicle antennae and a GN Drive tacked on. On top of that, the original version is gray, white, and red, which was how Yoshiyuki Tomino wanted the Gundam to look. Infamously, he was over-riden by the sponsors and forced to make the Gundam more colorful, resulting in the iconic tricolor look...which shows up on the Actual Combat Deployment version of the 0 Gundamnote .
      • When the 0 Gundam runs low in GN Particles after firing its beam gun far too many times, the visual representation of its particle gauge is an updated version of the RX-78-2 Gundam's energy cap meter after doing the same thing to its beam rifle.
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    • The Reborns Gundam draws heavily from the Nu Gundam, but also has elements of the Guncannon, which Amuro piloted on occasion. This is taken a step further by an MSV version, Reborns Gundam Origin, which adds a Tank Mode as a nod to the Guntank. Its fangs are called "fin fangs", for no discernible reason other than to continue the gag.
    • Arguably, Ribbons going bare-knuckle in the final battle with Setsuna could be a nod to Char's Counterattack, and how Amuro and Char's duel eventually breaks down into giant robot brawling.
  • Various aspects of Gundam 00's storyline and technology are apparent analogues to elements from the Bandai-Namco-Sunrise group's own Tales Series, particularly Tales of Phantasia.
  • Those that have quantum brainwaves sometimes get Newtype flashes.
  • The Gadessa and the Garazzo are fairly similar (in both tactical function and equipment) to the Vayeate and Mercurius of Gundam Wing.
    • With Garazzo's spikes and shoulder shield being yet another Zaku homage.
  • Joshua Edwards from Alaska may be a reference to Gundam SEED, where the Earth Alliance's main base in Alaska was named JOSH-A (pronounced "Joshua").
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  • The Regnant in its mobile suit form bears at least passing resemblance to the Quebeley from Zeta Gundam.
  • The Gaga (with the booster attached) looks similar to the Neue Ziel from Gundam 0083.
    • This gag is pushed even further when the Gagas start to kamikaze themselves, especially on battleships, since Anavel Gato died by doing that with his Neue Ziel against a Federation battleship.
  • Goodman's futile attempt to outrun a beam blast heading for the bridge of his ship is almost identical to the same attempt by Jamaican Daninghan in Zeta Gundam. They even have similar Oh, Crap! faces.
  • A scene in Zeta Gundam, where Yazan and two other Titans tie up a Rick Dias, is redone ad verbatim when Virtue is captured in the tenth episode of the first season.
  • Seravee's GN Bazooka II is without a doubt a shout out to Wing Zero's Twin Buster Rifle.
  • The first compilation movie adds a homage to the Deathscythe Hell Custom from Endless Waltz, courtesy of Dynames.
  • Alejandro Corner's obsession with anything gold-colored is the same as Dorothy Catalonia's own obsession with gold-colored transports.
    • Additionally, his Alvaaron has a head that looks similar to ones that come with GMs.
  • The GN Flag is a Shout-Out to the Epyon with its beam sword connected to the GN[T] drive.
  • In Episode 12, Alejandro Corner comments that Setsuna is overreliant on the Gundam's power, the same line Ramba Ral uses to criticizes Amuro's piloting skills.


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