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Gundam AGE will take place before Gundam: Reconguista in G

  • Well, Tomino has said that G-Reco takes place before Turn A, but he's also said it takes place after, so nothing confirming or jossing this one.

Gundam AGE (the mobile suit) is based on a Gundam from a previous AU.

In just the first episode, Flit is told by his butler (in a flashback) that Gundam is a saviour that put an end to wars in the past, and that it has been passed down in the Asuno family for many generations. Sound familiar?


The UE are rogue AI

This would help explain how they showed up out of no where and why their attack pattern can apparently be predicted with math
  • Jossed. They're actually Martian colonists who were abandoned by The Federation after a disease outbreak.

How can there be three generational protagonists in a single series that covers 100 years? Simple, Flit and Asemu will die after losing to the Big Bad.

Much like Infinity Blade, the future sons will be driven to avenge their fathers. This will require them having to further develop the AGE system through experience in battles against the UE. Eventually, Kio (the third son) will have enough experience and skill to be the one who finally takes down the Big Bad. The fact that a game studio is co-producing the series adds further reason for this.
  • Jossed. The series follows Flit's life throughout the three generations this series covers.

Gundam AGE is a prequel to ∀ Gundam; or at least, a more direct prequel than every other series

One of the very first things you see in the first episode is a Union officer walking alongside an HRL officer, meaning that Mobile Suit Gundam 00 happened some time in AGE's past. But looking at Flit's little flashback to the painting of the Gundam, his butler mentioned that the Asuno family has been building mobile suits and Gundams for generations... meaning that they're the heirs/descendants of Anaheim Electronics.
  • And maybe Woolf is one of Loran's predecessors? He does look particularly much like Loran, he pilots a while Mobile Suit and his uniform on the ship looks a lot like Loran's Pilot Suit.
  • Coming to think of it, that actually makes sense. Not only do we have a character that looks an awful lot like the hero from ∀ Gundam, but we also see a legendary mobile suit returning to save mankind (which would fit the events of AGE right after Endless Waltz.) Moreover, Flit is also an X-Rounder, thus, like Loran, he is technically fighting against fellow X-Rounders exiled from Earth. Judging from the above and the sheer number of Mythology Gags, AGE could very well be a prelude to the Moonlight Butterfly incident.

The UE are human beings who have returned to the Earth Sphere in order to get revenge for their ancestors having been driven into deep space.

During the war torn past of the A.G. one of the factions was either driven out of or fled the Earth Sphere. They settled in deep space most likely around Jupiter, assuming no FTL. In the following centuries these people developed a completely different culture and technological design aesthetic. Somebody or bodies high up in the U.E government wasn't happy with their deep space civilization. And wanted to get revenge/justice on the Earth Federal Government. They declared war on the EFG, and have deployed advanced scouts to test the military capabilities of the Earth Federal Forces. And strike terror in the hearts of the EFG populace in preparation for a full scale invasion.

  • Gee, that sounds familiar. Speaking of which...
    • Close. They are colonists who returned to the Earth Sphere in revenge for being abandoned. And they settled in Mars, not around Jupiter. And it also looks like they're against everyone in the Earth Sphere and not just the Federation, given their attacks on unarmed civilians that have little to no Federation presence in their colonies.

Yurin is an UE agent.

That explains why she was afraid of the Gundam initially, appeared seemingly out of nowhere in an evacuated colony, and knew about the tunnel that was going to be bombed.

  • She's not an agent...but one or both her parents are. Which will cause all kinds of trouble when becomes she aware of her heritage.
  • Perhaps this is taking a trailer a bit far, but the preview for episode 11 does show Yurin crying on Flit, so she could be a pilot who might have to go against Flit one day. Gundam is not known for being kind to couples, so this wouldn't be the first time we see this.
  • Confirmed, albeit entirely against her will.

The U.E. are all X-Rounders/Newtypes out for Revenge against the Earth Sphere.

In the past of the A.G. there was a moderate sized population of X-Rounders. And their abilities were exploited by all the waring factions. X-Rounders were forcibly conscription into the government/military because they were regarded as to dangerous and useful to be left to their own devices. The X-Rounders on all sides got sick of this treatment and they rebelled. All the factions united under the banner of the Earth Federal Government. To Form a united front against the X-Rounder rebellion. With the aid of a Gundam Pilot(who may have been an ancestor of Flit Asuno) the EFG won the war.And the Rebel X-Rounders along with their friends family members and allies all fled into deep space.

In centuries following the war people in Earth Shpere mostly for got about X-Rounders and the technologies that were related to them were discarded;Psy-commu. Psycho-Frame. Bits and Funnels.

  • Given Geera Zoi's words in episode 15, the UE are not populated by X-Rounders, as he worries about going up against Flit, a true X-Rounder, in battle.

Yurin and Desil are going to die.

Their only presence in the opening is as transparent images that appear right after the image of Flit's mother. Who is dead.

Desil is going to be the Big Bad and take the Enfante Terrible trope to the max.

It will be a cool twist if Yark Dole, who is being set up as a sinister and mysterious character, turns out to be a Red Herring and that he follows Decil's orders and not the other way around. Moreover, we've seen how talented Decil is as a mobile suit pilot, so it would provide a much bigger threat to the Diva if he was the boss of the UE or whoever will be the true enemy.

The AGE System is Devil Gundam.

A machine that works on the same principles as natural evolution? Let us hope it never turns evil.

The UE's mission is to force humanity back to Earth.

Which is why they want to terrorize people to abandon their colonies rather than destroying them outright. Thus making their plan a reverse of Char's.

  • Nope. If anything, Vagan (formerly known as the UE) wants to return to Earth and overthrow the Earth Federal Forces so Ezelcant can supposedly build his vision of Eden.

The UE is not trying to fight humanity, but force them to become stronger

Why else would that UE mobile suit stop and retreat right when Flit imposes himself in its path? It's the same reason why they didn't outright destroy Nora given several chances; rather than kill them, the UE is inflicting damage in order to force humanity to overcome adversity, and thus become stronger in order to be ready to fight some other stronger unknown enemy in the future.

  • That... That actually sounds kinda plausible. Why kill a powerful enemy, when you can instead make them a potentially even more powerful ally?
  • However, in episode 13, the UE are shown to have nothing but utter contempt for humanity, which makes this theory less likely.
  • Jossed. After their ancestors who lived in Mars' colonies were left for dead by the Earth Federation, there's no way in hell that the UE (aka Veigan) willl ever forgive those fighting for Earth Federal Forces, let alone make them stronger than they already are.

Flit and/or Asem will perform a Face–Heel Turn at the end of their arcs.

Said will make up Asem/Kio's major motivation for fighting the UE.

  • Probably won't happen. We have yet to see a Gundam main character do a Face–Heel Turn (except in Wing, where everyone changed sides all the time).
  • Jossed. Flit hates the UE now more than ever.
    • If his hatred towards the UE is anything to go by, Flit is becoming fanatical about the Earth Federation's cause. And remember that the Earth Federal Forces are corrupt and genocidal, which makes them no better than the UE...

Flit and Yurin will get together at the end of the first story arc.

The design of Asem in concept art is a throw-off to make us believe that Flit and Emily will get together rather than Flit and Yurin. It may also be possible that isn't even Asem's final design, and is either a false design used as a ruse to prevent spoilers or an early design from when the Official Couple was different. Wishful thinking...

The announcement that JAM Project will be doing the opening to the show was not false.

Anime series tend to have multiple openings, and many anime series add in a more intense opening to match the dire situations later in the show. As such, Galileo Galilei's calm and collected opening will be replaced by JAM Project's inevitably intense, hard-rock opening when the story ramps up. Or, alternatively...

There will be an opening and ending representing each story arc and its main character.

Each story arc will feature a new opening that matches the ideals and dispositions of the featured protagonist. The current opening by Galileo Galilei is level-headed and determined, matching Flit's personality to a T. When Asem takes center-stage from his father, the opening will change to more of an intense, headstrong, hard rock ballad to match. Kio will also have an opening fitting his personality.

Gundam AGE will become self-aware.

Come on! It's a mobile suit that's designed to evolve like an organic entity as it accumulates experience. You just know that at some point it's going to develop thoughts and will of its own.

  • Which would explain why the U.E. are attacking. They realize the threat of the Gundam AGE-01 and want to destroy it before it becomes a larger threat.

Gundam AGE is centuries after Gundam Wing

Think about it. Its said that Mobile Suits were abandoned centuries ago until the UE arrived. And that Gundams used to protect things. Its getting blatantly obvious now.

How will Desil react to the fact that Flit is an X-Rounder?

We all know he'll figure it out eventually.
  • Ain't gonna happen. Asemu made sure of that.

X-Rounders are the UE

They seem to be humanlike but they are not original humans from Earth.
  • Jossed. Turns out they're human, and they're also not X-Rounders.

The first part of the series is going to end with a downer Wham Episode.

Yurin, as well as tons of supporting characters, die and the Diva and Age-1 both get wrecked. Moreover, the U.E. will be successful at whatever their doing. But Flit escapes with the AGE system, and swears that "One day, my descendents and the Gundam will be your doom!"
  • Well, Yurin and some of the Diva's crew did die at the end of their arc, but the U.E. certainly didn't succeed.

Each part of the series will be heavily lifted from an older Gundam series.

The first part owes a fair amount to Mobile Suit Gundam: Flit bonds with the show's Lalah Sune Expy and said Expy goes the Lalah way as well. The battle for Ambat rather resembles the one for Solomon too (complete with Big Zam Expy in the closing moments of episode 14)... things will probably end with a final duel (hopefully to the death) between Desil and Flit. And in the final part of the show, the UE will turn out to be Coordinators. Who knows?
  • Semi-confirmed - each arc is heavily lifted from one of the main entries from the UC Timeline (0079, Zeta, ZZ, and Char's Counterattack).

The Earth Federal Forces will be enemies in Part 2.

The Federation's cover-up of the Mars Colonization Plan is what led to the war in the first place, and they clearly haven't learned by their treatment of Grodek and the Diva's mission. In order to stop the cycle from repeating itself, they'll have to fight against the Federation itself and expose the corrupt elements, much like what happened in Zeta Gundam. Of course, they'll still have to fight the UE, and it may even culminate in a Mêlée à Trois at the end.
  • Jossed. Asemu is a pilot for the Earth Federal Forces. Though that Mêlée à Trois part might be correct if that Company man from episode 23 has anything to do with the conflict...

Flit will be forced to face-off against Asem.

It's clear that Flit will always hate Veigan for as long as he lives. However, Asem might see and understand the plight the martian colonists face. It would thus be very interesting to see Asem, Millais, and the Diva crew turn on the Earth Federation and become a third side, which would surely result in Asem having to fight against his own father's forces.
  • Jossed.

Groodeck will return in the second generation.

He's only in jail, and he's also got more experience fighting the UE than anyone else. The Federation just might give him a special pardon when the UE rears its ugly head again, just so they can get at his experience.
  • Better Rejoice, the preview of Episode 23 shows an older Flit talking to a much older and now free Groodeck.

Veigan's goal is total extermination of the entire Federation.

So far, Veigan has mostly attacked civilian colonies with no Federation military presence. Flit also reveals in episode 16 that the Federation has sued for peace multiple times, but Veigan has refused all of their offers. Veigan's ultimate goal could be a Final Solution regarding all humans who were born and raised in the Earth Sphere, at which point the Mars colonists would settle the planet.

Kio's mother/Asem's wife is Romary.

Based on Gundam Age's law of genetics, the son will take on his mother's hair colour and style(applicable only to generations after Flit). Asem clearly has Emily's blonde hair and that signature plaid then she still has, although far more flamboyant. Kio has brown hair and a style akin to what Romary has now. Also oddly creepy as Romary resembles Flit's mother heavily.

  • This was pretty much confirmed before the show began.

On the other hand, he's the sister's son

Asem has been shown to be willing to take risks to save even people he doesn't care for much, so he may die sacrificing himself. This would spur Flit on and possibly start to inspire peace with others.
  • Jossed. The magazine confrimed that Kio is Asemu's son.

Desil will backstab Zeheart

It's very obvious that Desil resents Zeheart for having a higher rank than him, and he even makes an offhand threat about revealing the true reason why Zeheart failed to destroy the Gundam in Episode 20. At some point, he's going to try and oust Zeheart and take his place as Commander of the Earth Occupation Forces.
  • Jossed. Zeheart orders his subordinates to not help Desil in Episode 26, thereby leaving his older brother at the mercy of an enraged Asemu.

Frederick is the Vagan spy

As the Number Two to Flit Asuno, Frederick seems way too good to be true. If the above is true, then he is using his position as a strategist to give the Earth Federal Forces minor victories, all the while preparing for one, massive Vagan victory. Moreover, his Sorting Algorithm of Face-Heel Turning resulted in a 3.8, which makes his likelihood of being a Vagan considerably high.
  • Surprisingly Jossed. Turns out the spies were within the higher-ups of the government, hence why Flit takes over the EFF in Episode 28.

The reason Descil and Zeheart could not sense Asemu in episode 26 was because the helmet in episode 25 only fried the part of Asemu's brain that connects to other X-Rounders.

  • This seems unlikely as of episode 27. Zeheart's issue with fighting Asemu was that he was just too damn fast, not that he was unreadable.
    • The reason they couldn't detect Asemu is because he isn't an X-Rounder.

Asemu will go into a vegetative state by the end of the Second Generation

This would be a perfect nod to Zeta Gundam and a fitting way to set the table for the Third Generation. But wait, how will Kio come into the world? Simple: While Asemu is in a vegetative state, The Company/Illuminati man from episode 23 will grab Romary and use her to create Ace Pilots with Asemu's genes, not unlike the Les Enfants Terribles Project.
  • Judging from Asemu's marriage to Romary, it's safe to say this WMG is Jossed.
    • I dunno, he'd have to be pretty brain-dead to marry her.
      • Now that was uncalled for!

The former Federation Prime Minister isn't actually dead.

The narration explaining how the prime minister was executed for treason is merely misinformation, since Flit specifically states that he wanted all of the information the prime minister had.

Ezelcart will attempt to recruit Kio
Think about it. Who've been the main thorns in the Vaigan's side all this time and almost the entirety of why everything hasn't been going All According to Plan? The Asunos. Think about it. Imagine if he took the only force capable of opposing him and made it his own?
  • He tries to in episodes 37, 38 and 39. However, he apparently doesn't have much luck.

Now hold on, how could Fezearl Ezelcant, the leader of the nation Flit wants to exterminate, possibly be related to the Asuno family? He will show himself in front of Kio and, like most Gundam shows, will show his masterstroke to The Hero. During this, he will reveal that he wants his family to gain control of the system. Cue a flashback showing Marina Asuno meeting a young man in her past and falling in love with him. During this, he would eventually disappear, leaving her and her young son behind. Pardon this troper's George Lucas-calibur line, but in the end, she will probably say, "Come back to us... Fezearl," followed by the reveal of the AGE-0, the Original Gundam...
  • Well, the third opening does feature a Gundam belonging to Vagan. Whether it belongs to Ezelcant remains to be seen.
    • And jossed. Ezelcant's dead son looks like Kio, but Ezelcant has nothing in common with Flit. As for the Gundam belonging to the Vagan, while it does belong to's one developed from the AGE-3.

In the third generation Asemu will fight on Vagan's side
The third opening features a Gundam belonging to Vagan. That's Asemu's Gundam, improved by the Vagans. At some point during the third generation (likely near the halfway point) Asemu will reappear to bail out Zeheart, shocking everyone on both sides (Zeheart included, since he probably wasn't told). This will likely be accompanied (or followed) by a new OP and the start of the final part of the story.
  • As of the beginning of the third generation Asemu has vanished during what was supposed to be his final mission, right after Kio's birth. He's also assumed to be dead, but we were never shown his death or any part of his actual mission, making the death itself very ambiguous. So, there's a good chance that this may happen.
    • It seems more likely that Asemu is with Visidian than with Vagan. The Visidian Gundam that appears in the OP features attributes similar to the AGE-2, and in the Memories of Sid sidestory manga, his last mission consists of him teaming up with the protagonist — a member of Visidian — to fight the titular mobile armor.
  • Jossed. Asemu is with Visidian.

During the Third Generation, Veigan's entire motives will be revealed to be a big ol' lie
From the shot of what life in their capital actually is, its possible that the so called catastrophe that gave birth to Veigan was not as bad as it seemed, or was GREATLY exaggerated. Ezelcant took advantage of this to form a fighting force completely loyal to him that would do anything he said. This'll be revealed mid to late way through the generation, causing many Vagans to throw down arms.
  • Episode 33 adds a little credence to this theory. Flit observes that, ever since the attack on Nora (and perhaps before then), Vagan has always opted to cause slow destruction to Federation colonies and bases, and theorizes that they may be testing them. Zeheart shows similar ideas when he questions Ezelcant, though Ezelcant reassures Zeheart that everything he does is for the betterment of Vagan. As of right now, we have no indication of how wholeheartedly Zeheart believes him, though.
  • Seemed to be jossed, as Episodes 37 and 38 show how devastating the Mars Rays crisis is to the people. Don't be fooled though, it's Confirmed.
    • To elaborate, it seemed that Ezelcant wanted his people to return to Earth, even if it meant eliminating all traces of the Federation in the process. And then Episode 39 aired, which revealed this to be not the case at all. No, what Ezelcant 'really wants is create a utopia where only the strong and the peaceful can live. To Ezelcant, it doesn't matter if one's an Earthnoid or a Vagan. If one is perceived by him to be weak or aggressive, that person is unworthy of his utopia and will be targeted, whether it's by falling victim to the poor conditions in Vagan or getting caught in a colony attack.

Asemu is not the pilot of that black Gundam AGE-2 from the opening.
Given that the symbol from the OP is from Visidian. Also, Asemu did join forces with Wivik, a member from Visidian, and he went missing after that. It's quite possible that this black Gundam AGE-2 is actually a tribute to Asemu.
  • Jossed.

Asemu will become a Captain Harlock expy in the Third Generation.
Complete with his own Eye Patch of Power and his own equivalent of the Arcadia.
  • semi-Jossed. His Gundam is the one with the eyepatch, a targeting visor to be exact.

A theory about future events in the Third Generation.

The remaining Federation forces will gather together and repel the Vagan attack. Then they will go to space and launch an attack on the Vagan fortress. After destroying it they will set course for Mars, with the goal of destroying the Vagan colony and ending the war once and for all. On the way they will have to fight Zeheart’s forces, but will eventually make it… only to discover the place has been abandoned and is completely devoid of resources. The Vagan civilians have all been moved to Earth and the roles have been reversed – if they continue to fight the Federation forces will be the invaders. Currently such a development is highly unlikely, but it will be a nice surprise if it actually happens.

Asemu fathered Wootbit
The blond hair is one evidence, plus the fact that he uses his mother's surname also give credence to the theory.
  • Jossed. Asemu became a space pirate following the events of Gen 2, and Arisa retired from the military.

There will be a Fourth Generation.
Early promotions for the shows says that the war will go on for around 100 years. Sunrise revealed almost every detail about the series (mostly on the Gundams, but still), but they probably want to keep this one detail under wraps.
  • Sounds like a good idea to this troper, but to elaborate: The current generation will end with the Earth Federation getting its hands on EXA-DB. Using the tech from that, they'll drive the Veigan forces from the Earth Sphere...and start Flit's Counterattack, where they send a fleet with ALL the combat-capable characters that have lived to this point on it to the Mars Sphere to take over and/or eliminate Veigan. Flit and Asemu will have survived due to cryosleep technology developed from EXA-DB tech, allowing all three Gundam AGE protagonists to kick ass together! On the Veigan side though, they'll have either developed their own Gundam, or heavily modified a stolen AGE-1 Gundam with Veigan technology (seeing as how the next episode is titled 'Gundam Captured') During the fighting in the Mars Sphere, Flit will try (and maybe succeed) in carrying out his long overdue revenge, much to the horror of the characters who have less extreme views about the war.
    • Depending on your point of view, this one is either jossed or confirmed - if you meant a Fourth Generation in the sense that it's a fourth story arc, confirmed. If you meant a Fourth Generation in the sense that it has parallels with another UC Gundam title with a new member of the Asunos being the main character, jossed = The last story arc is basically the AGE version of Char's Counterattack.

Wivik Lambro will return
Captain Ash Or should I say super pirate Asemu is commanding one ship ther may be two the other is piloted by Wivik the two will possibly form a big Big Damn Heroes later and save the day with a revelation on the cursed treasure
  • Jossed - he never appeared in the TV series, and he was Killed In Action.

Kio will join Visidian
  • Because of the war or other events maybe joining in in with ash Kio will join them bringing the AGE System along as well.
    • But Captain Ash stated that he doesn't need the AGE System anymore as Flit is inside the Diva.
    • But there is always the chance that the federation gets in the way of EXA-DB's termination and the AGE system may be needed to finish the fight ergo the therory remains

Flit will undergo a Heel Realization which will lead to both a My God, What Have I Done? and Redemption Equals Death scenario
At some point during the third generation, Flit is going to realize how much his obsession with destroying Vagan has cost him and what it's driven him to do, or that Yurin would never have wanted him to do the things he's done to avenge her death, especially where his family is concerned. Realizing this will lead to Redemption Equals Death, possibly during one last battle with the AGE-1 (which will naturally be wrecked in the process). His last words will probably be an apology to either Asemu or Kio (or both, depending) for not being a better father/grandfather. Or maybe he'll have a vision of Yurin, waiting for him. Either way it'll probably be a massive Tear Jerker.
  • Or all three, if the writers are feeling particularly mean, or something.
    • Semi-confirmed. He doesn't have a Redemption Equals Death moment, but other than that, yeah, you pretty much hit it on the head

Flit is going to disown Kio for a time
Kio has now seen what Vagan really is and how the people are suffering, and won't agree with Flit on wiping them all out. Not only that, to try to save Lu he gave the information of Gundam AGE-03 away to Vagan so they could make their own Gundam. Plus, the fact Kio is holding back not to kill Vagans now means it'll all accumulate to Flit disowning Kio for being a 'failure'.
  • Jossed. He did get angry with Kio's new approach though.

Should a fourth generation happen, the key Asuno of this generation will be female
To break from tradition after three straight generations of male Asuno's taking up the mantle of Gundam, the fourth, should it happen, will have Kio's daughter be the next pilot of the Gundam.
  • Jossed - the show is over, there is no fourth generation.

Pilots of Vagan's new Mobile Suits
Vagan G-Bouncer: Deen Anon will be the pilot. The fourth OP shows a greenish/gold version of Woolf's G-Bouncer as part of the Vagan fleet alongside an upgraded Farsia and Gundam Legilis. We know Deen has joined the Vagan military since Lu's death, and apparently has it out for Kio. He'll be given the Vagan G-Bouncer so he can act as The Rival to Kio (since Zeheart hasn't really interacted with Kio beyond the attack on Olivernotes) even though the original G-Bouncer is admittedly is an obsolete suit, which suggests modifications will be made to its design, perhaps with the aid of the EXA-DB fragment in Vagan's possession.

Farsia MKII: The only person I can really think of who might pilot it is Fram Nara, since she's a girl and the Farsia is a pretty feminine-looking MS. This would also allow her to go into battle alongside Zeheart, and will draw her into conflict with Flit because she's piloting the same suit Yurin died in.

Gundam Legilis: We're shown in Ep. 40 that Ezelcant's health is rapidly deteriorating (he has at best three months to live after the time-skip) and that means he probably can't keep up the same level of ass-kicking that he displayed in Legilis during Kio's escape. As such he will be replaced as the Legilis' pilot by that guy in the tank Ezelcant was seen approaching in episode 40 and saying he would "leave everything to". A clone of himself, maybe?

  • Jossed for the green G-Bouncer (its pilot is Girard Spriggan), confirmed for the Fawnfarsia.
  • Also jossed for the Gundam Legilis. Zeheart is piloting it.

  • Is the Jupiter Answer from the Gundam EXA manga. Both are databases containing information on past eras. Also the name.

Second Moon will transform into the Humongous Mecha seen in the fourth opening, powered by Vagan X-rounders.

Ezelcant manipulated Zeheart's mind with his X-Rounder abilities.

If Gundam AGE was in Super Robot Wars.....

Alternatively, SRW Gundam AGE will be part of a Time Travel plot, with a meetup between young Flit, Asemu, and Kio.
Kid from the Future x2! Dual Boss with Desil and Desil!

Plots for the hypothetical AGE movie

  • Should an AGE movie come to pass, this is for possible plot points:
    • It is both a prequel and a sequel. There are many unanswered questions in AGE, one of the most obvious being where the AGE system exactly came from and why it was built. It could follow Flit's mom, Marina Asuno and her story before the show started. To keep with the theme of generations in the series, the other plot point of the movie can have it parallel to the adventures of Kio's kid after the show ended. To have it be a kicker and truly connect to the past, Kio's kid will be a girl, and she will also be named Marina Asuno.

If Fourth Generation happened, there will be AGE-0 Gundam AGE-Zero
  • As you know, in every story in different generations, the Gundam used by three Asuno family members is an homage from every Gundam in Universal Century. AGE-1 for RX-78-2 Gundam, AGE-2 for Zeta Gundam, AGE-3 for ZZ Gundam, AGE-2 Dark Hound for Crossbone Gundam X-2, and AGE-FX for Nu Gundam. If the story Fourth Generation really happened, the main lead Gundam is a homage for RX-0 Unicorn Gundam.
    • Also, the main lead of Asuno family is more or less gender-flipped version, homage for Banagher Links, similar with Flit's Amuro, Asemu's Kamille, and Kio's Judau.
      • Unfortunately jossed - as awesome as that would have been, the last generation ended up being the AGE counterpart to Char's Counterattack.

The reason the AGE-3 couldn't keep up with Kio was because of shoddy construction.
The AGE-3 was created almost single-handedly by Flit, who at this point is a crazy old man. Of course something built by someone like him wouldn't be very reliable, especially with someone with sub-par piloting skills like Kio in the cockpit.

Gundam AGE-FX is made of out Gundanium Alloy
Despite the fact that it gets hit many times, it never even gets a scratch. It's pretty agile as well. Just like all five Gundam in Gundam Wing.

Asemu really was Gay for Zeheart
Explains so much on why he REALLY left his family. I mean, he doesn't even contact them or worry about the family! So this is the logical solution. After all, his first reunion with Zeheart involved Mecha glomping the Ghiranga

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