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Trivia / Mobile Suit Gundam AGE

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  • Fan Nickname:
    • "Mega Man" for Flit, based on the design of his pilot suit.
    • GM Unicorn for the Genoace Custom, due to being a cross between Gundam Unicorn and a GM.
    • Gundam RAGE for the series itself, referencing the incredibly negative reaction to the series' announcement by many fans.
    • Zac Bertschy of Anime News Network suggested the show be renamed to Gundam Ages 6-12. Presumably, he based this on the art style, which has been negatively derided due to being seen as more childish.
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    • Not-Frau Bow for Emily Armond.
    • "DAT BEARD" for Grodek Ainoa.
    • One that has popped up recently for Yurin is "Lalahtiffayurin Sune"
    • The G-Exes earned the nickname "Byaku-Shiki" quickly after its first appearance, for mirroring another Ace Custom mobile suit that tries to imitate the Gundam. Only it's white. Ironic enough, there was a Byaku Shiki before AGE.
      • In relation, there's Flitoshiki, apparently an edited version of Grandpa!Flit's statue in the series epilogue.
    • The Diva's mobile suit team under Woolf in the second generation seems to be earning the nickname "Woolfpack."
    • Pirate Gundam for the Gundam AGE-2 Dark Hound.
    • Kio Yamato for Kio Asuno.
    • FA Gundam AGE-1 for the AGE-1 Gransa that appeared in the fourth OP.
    • Vagundam for the Gundam Legilis.
    • "Super Pairoto" for Asemu Asuno. For the last arc, he earned the nickname "Super Pirate".
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    • Lord Ezelcunt for Lord Ezelcant.
  • No Export for You: Bandai Entertainment announced that a simulcast with English subtitles would be released in Australia and Southeast Asia... but not in the United States or Canada. Even worse that Bandai Entertainment is long dead, thus making it hard for the show to come to even come to North America.
    • There had been an English dub in the Cartoon Network Philippines broadcast, though.
      • And Okto. A channel in Singapore has broadcast the same.
    • With AGE being ill-recieved both in its home country and by fan sub watchers, there is a very real possibility it may never be officially released in the US. It's certainly true that no part of Bandai-Namco, on either side of the Pacific, has even mentioned the idea of a North American or European export push in public.
    • Finally subverted in 2018 after 6 long years, with Nozomi Entertainment set to release the show on DVD worldwide.
  • Relationship Voice Actor: Many of the cast in Gundam AGE have also worked in Durarara!!!! and many of the female cast in Queen's Blade.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Originally, Level-5 was hired by Sunrise to created a Gundam Licensed Game. Hino, who wanted to work with the franchise, wrote a plot summary for what would eventually be approved as this anime. Unfortunately the game sold poorly due to being released at the same time as Project DIVA. Makes you wonder how things might be better if they simply worked on the game and released it a few months earlier.
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    • Some of the original character designs. They seem to be more cartoonish until the final design made them a bit more mature.
      • Old!Flit looks even older than in his final design.
      • Woolf in Season 2 is also originally to have a goatee.
    • The AGE-3 Normal, AGE-FX, and Gafran all had Master Grade Gunpla kits announced, but nothing materialized outside of unpainted prototypes. The reason for this is likely due to how poorly AGE performed, and in the case of the former 2, how unpopular the pilot of those suits, Kio Asuno, wasnote .
  • Gundam AGE had made it's Super Robot Wars debut in BX, starting with the Third/Kio Arc.


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