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  • Most of Episode 11 focuses on Flit reuniting with Yurin.
    • Let's face it, every scene with Flit and Yurin together is this.
  • Flit saving Ract from making a Heroic Sacrifice in Episode 13.
  • Seeing Woolf befriend a dying Vagan soldier in Episode 15 is this and a massive Tear Jerker at the same time.
  • Asemu being supported by the school bully, some time after saving his life, at graduation in Episode 18.
    • There's also the part where Asemu stands up for Zeheart when the Federation MPs (correctly) accuse him of being a Vagan spy. Even Zeheart is shocked at how quickly Asemu stepped up to defend him.
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  • When Asemu is dejected upon learning he has little X-Rounder aptitude—and thus is not as good as his father—Woolf takes him on a little trip off-base to meet Madorna's son, Rody, who offers a much healthier viewpoint on being the "Well Done, Son!" Guy. Woolf then tells Asemu explicitly that he is not Flit and that's nothing to be ashamed of—being Asemu is pretty good too.
  • Episode 23: When Grodek is released from prison 25 years later, he is saluted as a true unsung hero by the entire guard.
    • In the same episode Woolf and Captain Alloy share a nice moment. The Relationship Upgrade might not be confirmed, but they're certainly more comfortable with each other.
  • Woolf's talk to Asemu in Episode 25 after their sortie. He told him that he didn't need to be an X-Rounder, so he should stop trying to be like his father and instead be Asemu Asuno, Super Pilot. Asemu responds with his first genuine smile in several episodes.
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  • Everything about Obright and Remi. Everything. Except Episode 27....
  • Episode 27. Asemu and Zeheart come to an understanding and renew their friendship as they both attempt to destroy the Downes battleship that is soon to collide with Earth.
    • There's also a villainous example, where Zeheart is falling into Earth's atmosphere, but is saved by Dole. Dole, who never really agreed with Zeheart as a leader, sacrifices himself by using his own mobile suit as a heat shield to protect Zeheart. He tells Zeheart that he was inspired by Zeheart's vision to create a utopia for Vagan.
  • In episode 28, Asemu wears Woolf's signature jacket and even paints the AGE-2 white in honor of his mentor.
  • Episode 29: "Nice to meet you, Gundam." There's just something about the way Kio says it.
  • Episode 34: Asemu returns and tests the crew of the Diva only to have his challenge interrupted by the Vagan forces. He saves his son Kio from a Vagan unit's attack—the very same move that killed his mentor Woolf. This serves as Fridge Brilliance and a heart warming Call-Back as he fulfills his late mentor's last request to surpass him.
  • Most of Episode 38 counts as this. Here are a few highlights:
    • Ezelcant asks Kio to unlock the AGE system's security protocols so the Vagans could complete their Gundam. He allows this, but on the condition that he could have the medicine Lu needs. Even if the medicine is only temporary, Kio's willingness to help Lu clearly moves Dorene and Ezelcant.
    • The Kio and Lu montage, which shows the two fulfilling an entry of Lu's future diary that shows them going over to the junkpile. Need I say more?
    • Deen thanking Kio for giving his sister hope is this and a serious Tear Jerker as this happens after Lu's death.
    • Asemu's rescue operation to reunite with his son. It takes much dedication from a father to rescue your child from one of the most heavily fortified colonies and successfully escape.
  • Episode 39: This picture of all the people that are waiting for Kio back on Earth. The looks on Flit's and Emily's faces make this double as a Funny Moment.
  • Episode 40: Asemu first being reunited with his son and then his wife. And he immediately apologizes for being gone.
  • Episode 41: Zeheart's answering Fram's questions after she finds out that he is not a cold-blooded killer, but a man who thinks of his subordinates. It has to be seen to believed.
  • Episode 45: The call between Asemu and Kio.
  • Episode 48: After Zeheart's Villainous Breakdown and subsequent getting utterly destroyed by the Dark Hound, he tells Asemu he gave up his humanity for Eden. Asemu reminds him that he was once human and they start reminiscing of their happier high school days and talking about old wishes, giving Zeheart a sense of peace before dying.
    • I found it touching in Memories of Eden, that Asemu gets into the Legilis, clearly about to EXPLODE, and attempt to rescue Zeheart. That small detail touches me everytime.
  • Episode 49 Yurin's spirit returns to encourage Flit to let go his hatred for the Vagan...and to forgive himself for nor being able to save her. And everyone that Flit lost returns for one last goodbye: Captain Grodek, Woolf Enneacle, Cmdr. Bruzar,Don Boyage, and his mother. This vision enables him to let go of his hatred and become the Savior he was destined to be, rallying all remaining forces to save Second Moon.
  • The Last scene of Memory of Eden is a shot Deen and Lu's Grave, set by Kio, to a lakeside view with beautiful mountain scenery, and next to their grave stone is a grave stone for both Zeheart and Fram.
    • Not in the anime, but In Memory of Eden, Zeheart tells Fram without her, he would have never made it this far, and adding some Ship Tease, tells Fram that she is his precious, but he could not say it.

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