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The Baron flies over TV Tropes.

Barón Rojo (literally Red Baron) is a Spanish Heavy Metal band born in The '80s that was the Trope Maker and Trope Codifier for Heavy Metal in Spain as well one of the precursors of the Spanish Rock scene in general that continues until today. The group was formed with the brothers Armando and Carlos del Castro in voice and guitars, José Luis Campuzano "Sherpa" in bass guitar and Hermes Calabria in drums.

Born in 1980, Barón Rojo became a major sensation in this decade, appearing in TV shows and getting tours for all over Europe, but starting The '90s the band got their first breakup when "Sherpa" and Calabria left the band for differences with the brothers and the fatigue for the concerts. Since then, the band has a big rechange of members during the years, always with de Castro brothers at the front. They had a reunion in 2010, but it lasted a couple of years until "Sherpa" and Calabria left the band again, and this time for real. In 2019, Barón Rojo announced their end in 2020 during the 40th Anniversary with a World Tour and a final big concert in Madrid in December.

See also Mägo de Oz, another famous Spanish Metal band born in The '80s and as influential as Barón Rojo.

Los troperos irán al infiernonote 

  • Band of Relatives: The core of the band is formed by the brothers Armando and Carlos de Castro, who also made the voices and guitars of Barón Rojo.
  • Character in the Logo: The eponymous Red Baron appears in the band logo as a black silhouette behind the big red letters of the band name.
  • Chuunibyou: DQN-type. "El Malo" (The Bad Guy) is about a man who wanted to be the Big Bad instead of The Hero since he was a child. But the man is everything but a bad guy and knows that Evil Is Not a Toy, but wanted to play the bad guy for once anyway. In the end, he ended happy after being jailed 10 days for reckless driving.
  • The Descendants of Cain: "Hijos de Cain" (Sons of Cain) is a song about Cain himself being the first rebel against God and the curse made over him and his descendants. At the end, the Narrator claims to be a "son of Cain."
  • Eagleland: In "Paraíso Terrenal" (Earthly Paradise), it's referred as the Beautiful type in a Troperiffic way, saying in the chorus that the Narrator wanted to go there but he can't.
  • Epic Rocking: Various of their songs contains this, some of them are instrumentals. The most known and notable example is "Breakthoven," where the half of the song is the Heavy Metal version of the "Symphony No.5" nonetheless.
  • Flower Motif: "Las Flores del Mal" (The Flowers of Evil) is literally about flowers that grow in any place and rot the world as we know it without control, changing the world for bad and making people goes to Face–Heel Turn. The chorus talks about we've to do something about it:
    Hay que arrancar las flores del malnote 
  • Grand Finale: The band announced they disbanded for real in 2020, making a World Tour this year and ending in December with a big concert in Madrid with famous guests, all their classic hits and the record for a final live album.
  • Gratuitous English: Some of their albums were made completely in English to get into American and British markets with certain success.
  • Greatest Hits Album: The band released three albums in their carrer, two of them during The '90s (1994's Larga Vida al Barónnote  and 1999's Cueste lo que cuestenote ) and one in 2006 called Las Aventuras del Barónnote , the latter contains a DVD with recordings of their songs in TV shows.
  • Literary Allusion Title: "Las Flores del Mal" is named after Les Fleurs du Mal by Charles Baudelaire.
  • Metal Scream: de Castro brothers both have this in various of their songs, having a high tone especially for Armando.
  • The Movie: Barón Rojo: La Película is basically a Documentary about the story of the band and the 2010 reunion.
  • No Historical Figures Were Harmed:
    • The band name is clearly based on the mythical Red Baron, Manfred Freiherr von Richthofen, even having two Homage songs, one called as "Barón Rojo" and the instrumental "El Barón vuela sobre Inglaterra" (The Baron flies over England.)
    • "Breakthoven" song is about how Ludwig van Beethoven would live in actual era and that he probably would make Rock/Heavy Metal songs contrary to Classical Music as conservative fans should think.
    • "Concierto para Ellos" (A Concert for Them) is another Homage song, this time for Rock legends, being about bands as well solo singers. The chorus mentions some late legends as Jimi Hendrix, Bon Scott, Janis Joplin, John Lennon and Keith Moon, and the song also mentions Whitesnake and Rainbow.
  • The Power of Rock: The bread and butter of the band, with a lot of their songs refered to Rock as a major force.
  • Red-plica Baron: The band is precisely named after him, being the band name the Spanish translation of Red Baron. Even more, their logo has his black silouette behind the letters, various of their album covers included the Fokker Dr. I and/or an image of Richthofen himself, and they have two Homage songs to him: "Baron Rojo" and "El Baron vuela sobre Inglaterra."
  • Rock-Star Song: They got various during their carrer but one of their first hits "Larga Vida al Rock and Roll" (Long live to Rock and Roll, also the Album Title Drop), is the band's establishing moment.
  • Rotten Rock & Roll: The way rockers are described by normal people in their songs, being ostrasized just for liking Rock. Most of the band's songs are against these kind of people.
  • Shout-Out:
    • Being a song dedicated to Beethoven, "Breakthoven" contains parts of the classical "Symphony No. 5" played with power guitars.
    • "Paraíso Terrenal" is a song about Eagleland and it mentions a lot of American brands and icons.

Si he de elegir entre ellos y el Rock, elegiré mi perdiciónnote