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"Duro, duro y potente
Tienes que ser, la vida es así
Duro, duro y potente
Como el metal, no te van a romper"
— "Duro y Potente"
Banzai was a Heavy Metal music band from Spain.

The band was created in 1982 by Salvador Domínguez, who named it after his eponymous song. The first self-titled album was released in 1983, with the single "Voy a tu ciudad". "Duro y Potente", the second LP, was released in 1984. The band broke up soon after, as the members lived in different cities.

The band had a brief reunion in 1987, and released a live LP the next year, "Alive N' Screaming". It included 4 new songs, in English. There was a second reunion in 2011, followed by another LP, "En vivo y potente"


  • All Just a Dream: "Voy a tu ciudad", the singer remembers his lover in the night so vividly that he can't be sure if it was a dream or not.
  • Cool Car: "Coche rápido en la noche" is about a quick car that crosses the city
  • Driving Song: Both "Coche rápido en la noche" and "Voy a tu ciudad" are about driving.
  • Drugs Are Bad: "No te enganches" urges people to reject drugs, and embrace rock and love instead.
  • Heavy Meta: "Rock Duro" is a song about hard rock.
  • Live Album: "Alive 'N Screaming" and "En vivo y potente", both released after the breakup
  • Really Gets Around: "Siempre quieres más" is for a girl that always want more, and more, and more...
  • Self-Titled Album: The first LP has the name of the band, which in turn is named after the song.
  • Shout-Out: "Voy a tu ciudad" mentions someone listening to Jimi Hendrix in the car.
  • Translated Cover Version: The "Alive N' Screaming" live LP has 4 songs in English.