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Goofy Print Underwear / Webcomics

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Boxers with red/pink hearts

  • These seem to be Chuy's underpants of choice in Girly.
  • In this Nodwick comic, Artax gets busted for not wearing guild-approved midnight blue underwear with stars and moons. He owns at least one set of pink with hearts.
  • A very rare female example: Fuschia in Pastel Defender Heliotrope.
  • Captain Phi of the Royal Guard has some nice ones in Exiern.
  • Freefall: Kornada's boxers, shown when Sam swipes his clothes to use as a disguise for Florence.
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  • Sandra and Woo involved this trope. When Ralph's pants get sliced off by Cloud, the last panel shows him in his heart boxers. In one of the comics, Woo literally tears off Sandra's clothes, including her shirt. All that's left on her is her underwear with hearts on them.
  • In the very first panel of Allen the Alien, Allen wears this type of boxers.
  • Hero wears these in RPG World (as seen when he opens his inventory).
  • Burk in the now defunct A Path to Greater Good, as seen whenever he loses his pants.
  • Cucumber Quest's Commander Caboodle has pink boxers with I Heart Justice printed on them.
  • Curtailed's Fox wears heart-print boxers, and nothing else, to a job fair in this strip. According to the rant, the real-life Fox actually owns at least one pair of these.
  • The title character of Tony Comics sometimes wears pink boxers with white hearts.

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