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Toonville has had moments both good and bad. Its popularity is still low, but some of these moments are high-larious!

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    Original series 
Blood Problem
  • Phineas's first of many deaths. The way? He bled to death after Mr. Krabs grabbed him by the nuts with a painful grip.
  • Later in the episode, Squidward notices Phineas dead and says the below line.
    Squidward: What about the dead kid?
  • The unusual plot of Squidward and Ferb dying off in an abandoned house. The cause of death? They got bombed.
  • K'nuckles gets aids randomly, and dies a moment later. If you remember the Philedelphia (the movie) parody from Robot Chicken, then you're probably being reminded of it right now.
TDA Returns
  • The fact that Dr. Doofenshmirtz was killing off several people for his own amusement was both unusual and easy to laugh at.
  • Katie and Sadie being eaten by sharks walking on land.
The Pizza Problem
  • Chef was the one who caused trouble, as he had to make the pizza. He put in ipecac to cause a bigger problem than that.
  • The deaths in the episode were sorta cheesy. One person dies from exploding in a porta-potty. Dumbest. Death. Ever.
LOL Expansion
  • Homer Simpson is afraid of LOL. I feel now why he has no Twitter or Facebook account.
  • And Dr. Phil ended up postponed for 20 years. Private disapproved, because it was Ruined FOREVER.
Stair Falls
  • The name of the episode doesn't make any sense, considering it's a parody of a Family Guy episode.
  • Futurama character Bender's reaction to a wrinkled anchorwoman? He explodes. Not just the head, but his entire body, since it said "(Bender explodes)" and nothing else.
Skating Retards
  • Part of the episode is based on the Jackass part of the plot from the Family Guy episode The Man With Two Brians.
  • "Elevator porn", full stop.
    • Especially with Cleveland as the Blue Ranger from Power Rangers, even though the Blue Ranger was never black.
      • Oh, by the way, Phineas died in the elevator after unleashing a huge load from his pants.
  • The redo of the firework boots stunt from Jackass The Movie had Spongebob blown up.
  • At the end of the episode, every single resident of Toonville (too many to list, too.) join in to kill the zombies. Also a Moment of Awesome when you're at it.
Total Chaos
  • A mass amount of objects are brought in by Peter and friends. Hilarity Ensues.
  • Peter and his real father Mickey sing My Drunken Irish Dad, but a screamer afterwards ruins their fun.
  • Phineas's groin has the worst day yet in this episode.
    • Not to mention "being pronged in the hole" means being screamered if you're an Irish in Toonville.
The Gay Delinquent
  • Duncan ends up gaying it up with Harold.
    • So far, he raped Peter (unless he got away), Phineas, Harold (probably more than once) and maybe Bender.
  • As written, some of the workers and Duncan pull off the Wilhelm Scream during the fight scene between Duncan and Trent.
  • Trent steals a million bucks to try and pay the workers from the hotel back and then loses it a moment later.
    • As an added bonus, Lordryu got the court idea from a Futurama episode.
Squidward-Vision aka "the parody of a Spongebob episode"
  • Rock-and-RickRoll. That segment had at least two thirds of the viewers laughing.
  • Just as soon as Squidward calls an unknown TV producer and asks for a show, it gets greenlighted.
  • Squidward sings a song I think was from The Suite Life on Deck.
  • Loads and Loads of Characters appear when Gazpacho causes a party to happen. Even the Greased Up Deaf Guy from Family Guy was mentioned as one of the people who ran into the set.
To Peter or Not to Peter (originally Peter Almighty)
  • The plot itself, when written, is funny in its own way.
  • Exploding Yellers is a crazy segment as well.
    One guy: AAAH—*KABOOM!*
    Another guy: Did you just hear some man yell?
    The second guy's friend: Nope! (He explodes)
  • Quagmire banging a monkey is the highest the show could get without getting rated M.
  • The whole episode is basically too much to mention about.
  • Hey, wait! What about Phineas getting shot in the—*BANG!* Oop, never mind...
Toonville City Sexoff parts 1 and 2
  • Just... don't get me started on this. Moving on...

    In The Making 
  • In one of the first chapters, Chris from Total Drama kills off Peter Griffin, Chowder, Owen, Roger Smith and Homer Simpson. Good thing it was fake.
  • Courtney was incidentally given a man's balls. Deal with it.
  • Screamers are a plot device in this, except there is no plot. It's just a bunch of random moments from behind the scenes put together.
  • At one point, Harold becomes a Super Sayian.

    The New Series 
Freaks on a Plane
  • The episode parodies an episode of Victorious.
  • Guys Vomiting in Unexpected Places is both funny and unfunny. Wait, which one is it now?
The Patty Problem
  • Plankton gets the plan to disguise as somebody else in order to become a worker and take the formula from inside. We first believe Plankton is manuvering a robot around to the Krusty Krab, when it was really Microsoft Sam.
  • Peter mistaking Jacky Henson (Plankton's real disguise) as several other people:
    Peter: Oh my god, it's John Travolta!
    Jacky: What?! I'm not that guy!
    Peter: Oh, then are you Tim Hawks?
    Jacky: No!
    Peter: The guy from Step Brothers?
    Jacky: No!
    Peter: Keanu Reeves?
    Jacky: Not even close!
    Peter: Charlie Sheen!
    Jacky: Still no—wait, what?
    Peter: What?
  • After Plankton is arrested for impersonating some guy who already existed named Jacky Henson, Microsoft Sam comes back and kicks Peter in the nuts. Cut to credits.
Final Procrastination
  • Mung Daal freaks out when he finds a skeleton in the closet of the Screaming Gaffers trailer. Too bad the skeleton was what sealed Mung's fate.
  • Lindsay says "been headed" instead of "beheaded". Funny how she said "beheaded" in the original episode, and messed it up here.
Toons Daily
  • Throughout the entire episode, Peter Griffin takes funny to a whole new level.
    • First thing Peter does is catapult himself onto the roof of Cleveland's house. Good thing Cleveland wasn't there at that moment.
    • The next thing since that insane moment was Peter dressing up a mannequin to look like Justin Timberlake. Next came the below line from Peter.
      Peter: (in an obvious "pretending" tone) Oh, yes, Justin, I would LOOVE to be in your new music video!
      • In addition came Squidward's only line of the episode.
      Squidward: Okay, that man has got to be on drugs.
    • Adam West mistaking the mannequin as the actual Justin Timberlake was a bit funny. So was West's reaction to when Brian decapitated the Justin Timberlake mannequin.
  • Peter soon bought a jet pack and ended up blowing up himself and an airplane at the same time.
  • At the very end, Adam West knocks Peter out with the stop sign from earlier.
    Adam West: You saw nothing. (jumps out through the window Roger used earlier.)

     2013 Reboot 
Preview Episode
  • Lumpy has a beaker of Squick in his fridge.
  • Peter Griffin manages to get himself killed via a sharp collectable sword through the chest at the end of this.
So You Think You Can 'WA-TAH!'The Worst Seat Ever
  • The main plot is that Hilarity Ensues with Twilight Sparkle having to deal with her friend Pinkie Pie's crazy antics, and considering how abnormal Pinkie is... This Is Gonna Suck for one of them.
  • Lumpy tries to hold his piss through the whole movie that he and the rest of the gang go to.
  • The movie decided is The Incredible Burt Wonderstone.
  • Peter Griffin + Bender + alcohol = ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE.

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