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Funny / To Hell and Back (Arrowverse)

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  • The Running Gag of Carter Bowen trying to flirt with poor Kara. Even worse, Moira Queen genuinely believes they would be a good match and plays the Shipper on Deck.
  • Cisco's utter horror when Barry candidly confesses he missed ten years of pop culture. He decides to start fixing this by forcing the speedster to watch Twilight — cue incredulous moaning over the lameness.
  • Reasons to reject a potential flat include meth vapors, racoons and the crazy loon next door.
  • Clark drinks a bit too much of eggnog for Christmas and starts to wax poetry about his Beebo doll. Kara isn't amused. It also doubles as a Mythology Gag, as his comments accurately predict Beebo's eventual role in canon.
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  • Barry casually eating popcorn and commenting on Cisco and Hartley's (perceived) UST.
  • Barry and Oliver silently arguing over him revealing his identity to Ronnie, Professor Stein, Cisco, and Caitlin while the four are watching confusedly and Kara is watching exasperatedly.

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