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Funny / The Captain Goodking Saga

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A series of unfortunate events that leads to another redeemed villain, yay!

  • The prologue is of what The Storm King was experiencing during his defeat in My Little Pony: The Movie (2017), which involved him vomiting on an unfortunate grunt of his after getting sucked up in the tornado he made.
  • The Storm King being portrayed as a Sir Swears-a-Lot, which had Discord turn his mouth into a zip before he could say anything that shouldn't be allowed in an E rated fanfic.
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  • Discord talking to the narrator and then briefly taking over his duties after knocking him out just because the narrator compared him to SpongeBob SquarePants.
  • When teaching his Redemption Class, Discord is dressed up and doing an impression of Professor Snape.
  • As terrifying as he is, Sanies' first meeting with Stormy is dripping with snark, especially since he is possessing Trixie as he is talking to Stormy:
    Sanies: I have a proposition for you, but I will have to tell you in my lair within the Everfree Forest.
    Stormy: Why not tell me now?
    Sanies: Because it would be out of place for a stage magician that happens to be friends with someone associated with the Princess of Friendship to be talking about magic that not only would be impossible to use given her skill set, but would probably have her become cellmates with Tirek within Tartarus.
    Stormy: And yet the creepy glowing eyes and looking like a zombie doesn't tip people off?
    Sanies: (uses his magic to make Trixie look less dishevelled and to hide the Glowing Eyes of Doom) You were saying?
    Stormy: Well if you could do that, then why don't you just...
    Sanies: Teleport us to my lair? I was thinking the same thing, must be the showmanship in this host.
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  • Stormy, now calling himself The Magic King, dancing to I Got The Power by Snap! while taking everyone's magic.
    • Later on, Pinkie Pie notices how Stormy looks funny with his new dress.
  • "Any of you viewers familiar with that bugbear fight in "Slice Of Life"? Well, the battle between Stormy and the Mane 6 was a mix of that and Twilight's battle with Tirek. It was so awesome, words cannot even describe how awesome it was! So I'm just going to cut to the chase...They lost and Stormy absorbed all their magic. Hey, you win some, you lose some!"
    Stormy: I DID IT! I DEFEATED THE ELEPHANTS OF HARMONY! By the way, act now and get your free 'Magic King defeats the Elephants' playset by calling this number and giving me your credit card information.
    Twilight: Elements.
    Stormy: Whatever.
    • The above example of Lemony Narrator is even funnier given an update to that particular chapter in which the narrator begrudgingly tells the audience what happened in the fight between Stormy and the Mane Six.
  • This exchange between Trixie (actually Sanies possessing her) and Pinkie Pie:
    "Trixie" : What? Did you all doubt the power and greatness of the Great and Powerful Trixie?
    Pinkie: Whew! For a second, I thought you were possessed by some ancient evil so the evil could use you to trick us!
    "Trixie": "Ha! No evil is greater than Trixie! (realizes what she just said) That came out wrong!"
  • After being thrown into the Equestria Girls world, Stormy is once again turned into a chicken.

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  • The humiliation Stormy goes through stuck in the Equestria Girls world while being a chicken, ranging from running away from a pack of hungry wolves to getting his butt handed to him by his Equestria Girls counterpart, The Farm King.

  • Stormy's ridiculous Good Costume Switch, which was so gaudy it caused Sanies to burst into laughter at the sight of it.

The tragedy of Sacanas

Captain Goodking and the Nightmare Knights

  • Death has not deterred Sacanas' humor and Jim Carrey-esque wackiness in the slightest.
    Sacanas: I'm sure you're familiar with my staff, Mr. Storm King. Though I do have to wonder, how did you mess up in spite of having the power of all four princesses?! I didn't even live long enough to see the third one!
  • Captain Goodking getting clawed at by a cat he is trying to save. Apparently, it's a regular occurrence.
  • This exchange between Captain Goodking and Tempest Shadow:
    Captain Goodking: Hey Tempest, long time no see. 'you part of these Nightmare Knights?
    Tempest Shadow: It's the least I can do after helping you back when you called yourself The Storm King.
    Captain Goodking: Yep. Good times!
    • When Captain Goodking asks why isn't Celestia and the Mane 6 dealing with Sacanas, Luna points towards them fighting off an alien invasion.
  • Sacanas' surprise to finding out Tempest's name is Fizzlepop. Especially since, before finding out such revelation, he was merely calling her that because of her unstable magic.
  • Goodking awkwardly introducing himself to the other Nightmare Knights, with Capper and Trixie being the least willing to forgive him for his actions.
  • Sacanas acting like a game show host introducing the contestants when the Nightmare Knights (and Captain Goodking) enter the labyrinth he invited them to.
  • Discord accusing Sacanas of being a "red and black OC is trying so hard to be the biggest bad guy there is that he has to resort to reusing plans used by the villains before him".
    Sacanas: What the Tartarus is an OC?!
  • Sacanas telling Trixie he is one of her ancestors, before whispering this little zinger in her ear:
    Sacanas: Let me tell you a family secret.........…Gullible!
  • Sacanas commenting that Twilight Sparkle's name sounds like the name one would give to a vampire pony.
    Author's Note: (sighs) Twilight's my favourite character and I'm taking the mick out of her name.
  • Discord turning the horned alien's lightsaber into an inflatable, with the poor alien holding on for dear life as he floats off into the air.
    Horned alien: HELP ME!
    • Even funnier when Sacanas checks in on the rest of the aliens and noticed most of them had their heads inflated to a massive size, with the predictable happening.
  • "Captain Goodking was stumbling around the labyrinth the same way Trixie was earlier, with the only difference being he now has an estimated 63 years of bad luck to deal with and is covered in brambles as a result of trying to avoid any hidden mirrors.
  • When tempting Tempest, Sacanas lets out this little gem, which is a reference to Rassilon's habit of naming stuff after himself:
    Sacanas:I know you have no reason to trust me, in fact, I can't think of anyone that trusts me nowadays, but if your former master could turn over a new leaf, why can't I? After all, this staff literally has my name on it! Hello, it's not like I’m the kind of guy that names random stuff after myself. Although I do know a guy that has a habit of doing that! 'Harp of Kronos' this, 'Rod of Kronos' that! What next? 'Underwear drawer of Kronos'?!
  • When Goodking and Trixie meet in the dream world:
    Goodking: And who are you supposed to be?
    Trixie:Gasp! You do not recognize the Great and Powerful Trixie?! I perform for you in exchange for peanut butter crackers!
    Goodking: Oh, I remember now! You're that unicorn that got possessed by Sanies, right?
  • The author's note for Chapter 13 paraphrasing the ringtone heard in Happy Death Day.
  • Sacanas after he got choked out by Discord for kidnapping Fluttershy:
    Sacanas: Kronos did warn me not to choke on my aspirations. Did I listen? Did I buck?
    • Even funnier is the chapter where he said that was uploaded a day after May 4th.
  • When Sanies gloats about how the Mane 6 won't show up in time to stop him and Sacanas, Discord merely finger snaps both the Mane 6 and the Elements of Harmony to their position.
    Sanies: I know this is rich coming from me, but has anyone ever told you that you are ridiculously overpowered?
  • Dead Poop is back for the epilogue!
    Dead Poop: Guess who?
    Author's note: It's you.
    Dead Poop: It's me, (sings) Captain Deeaad Pooop! Nah, just Dead Poop. By the way, did you know the dead can poop?


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