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  • Ned's initial reaction to Robert saying he is being monogamous. A case of Ned being Not So Stoic.

  • Victarion and Akhollo's victory feast in the Palace of Order is pretty much Nightmare Fuel, but a bit of black humor is slipped in.
    • A freedman is said to be wearing a judge's fancy hat askance.
    • Akhollo, often depicted as an intense serious soldier and determined abolitionist, dancing on the table singing a Dothraki riding song, drunk.
    • While Robert, the Blackfish, and Ned refuse to attend out of pressing duties in the city, Jaime and Lyn not so much.
      • Jaime apparently just wanted to relax in Rhaegar's old mansion after the battle.
      • And Lyn just bluntly answers he is too busy leading his men in plundering everything he possibly can from the city.
  • The Flash Papers. Whether they are IU fiction or not is unclear, but they are very amusing in their irreverent humor based around a Flashman expy.
    • A Ser Harry Flash does exist IU and was mentioned in the aftermath of the Battle of the Greenblood. Whether the Flashman Papers are accurate at all or just based on someone Famed In Universe we do not know though.
  • The Battle of Solva has a case of Didn't Think This Through with the Iron legion unable to enter the pursuit phase of the battle for several vital minutes. Why? Because the hedge fort the Pioneers had erected and served so well in battle didn't have an exit to properly accommodate a counterattack and the soldiers formation kept the pioneers from getting in place to forcibly dismantle it.

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