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  • The duo play Afraid of Monsters over Sven Co-op. On Cocyx the Skeleton's server. What follows is them being reduced to inane shouting as David Leatherhoff stalks and kills them, and a scene that can be best described as "Night of the Assisted Living Dead"
    • Once they cause a manual blackout by shutting off the power in the hospital, Spike gets killed by one of the monsters and spends a good ten minutes weaponless after respawning, trying to avoid every enemy after him.
    • A little tempting fate.
    Spike: Be careful when you open that door...
    Barley: What, is it gonna be like, another Fucking zombie?
    • Spikes poor Press X to Die binding wound up killing him several times and then in the finale, Spike was just about fed up with it when this happened.
    Barley: But check it out: like, we're making progress like for—-
    Spike: How was that bind still... AAGGHH!!!
    Barley: How did you even hit it? Hahaha!!! You like fucking faceplanted dude! You didn't even do the curl-up death, you just like faceplanted.
    • Spike goes AFK for a few minutes while Barley wanders around a bit. He climbs up a fire escape and finds a spray paint decoy of Leatherhoff:
    Barley: OH MY FUCKING GOD. That scared the shit out of me! What the fuck is this? Fucking cardboard Leatherhoff over here...
    [Looks away and then looks back]
    Barley: God damnit, I thought it was him again!
    • Once Spike returns, Barley has him follow him to see the spray paint decoy. What happens next is classic:
    Barley: Hey look, get ready for the cardboard cut-out!
    [Barley climbs the ladder to find the REAL David Leatherhoff]
    Barley: AHHHH! AHHHH!
    [Leatherhoff kills him and disappears]
    Barley: FUCK!
    Spike: That wasn't a cardboard cut-out, you fucker!
    Barley: YEAH, NO SHIT! God damnit, I had a heart attack. I'm dead now.
    • It could be made more hilarious as both Spike and Barley's demos were broken when they recorded them into video, making the cardboard cutout appear as the alien blood splat from Half-Life, so it gives the impression that they're seeing the spray decal when it's not there in the video. Cue the caption: "All in his mind"
    • Also during the finale, Spike activates a crane that's supposed to slowly move a shipping container to use as a bridge but David freezes it then uses the entmod modifier commands "entmod_keyvalue speed 1000" and "entmod_keyvalue dmg 1000" then waits for either of them to notice it while in it's path. While the container doesn't kill Barley, it still leads to a great reaction.
    Barley: Now what do we do? What the fuck is the point of this? Oh, I think it's like a bridge—- [The container slams to the wall, Barley barely avoiding getting crushed] AHHH!!! WHAT THE FUCK?!
    Spike: What?
    • They developed a system for deciding who goes first in a scary area through Rock Paper Scissors, or more accurately, Crowbar Pistol Shotgun. One particular usage of which was in a completely dark area, so both switch off and on their flashlights when they call their selection. They go through about 3 ties before Leatherhoff appears right next to them on the 4th. It's scarier than it sounds...
    • Spike lied when he said he would wait for Barley before going onto the next part of the level, leaving David with the perfect opportunity to fuck with Barley.
    Barley: Where are you?
    Spike while riding one of the cages: I'm waiting at the ladder.
    Barley: AHH THAT'S NOT YOU! Oh my god!
    Spike: Hey, bro.
    Barley: Fuck you! Fuck you!
    • David appearing on a balcony with a machine gun and shooting at Spike.
  • While playing Moonbase Alpha, the two are operating robots to fix broken components to the oxygen generator.
    Spike: Time to do a little SWOOPTEY SWOOP!
    [Spike's robot does a rather impressive jump]
    Barley: Th' hell was THAT?!
    • The last second save they pulled off
    Spike: AHHHHH!!!
    [They restore oxygen with 0:00 left on the time.]
    Barley: WHAT?! HAHAHAHA!
  • The lost level moments certainly count. It seemed such for Spike when playing Terraria
    [Spike opens the door, swinging the shortsword and closing it while laughing]
    Barley: Why is this funny to you?!
  • Barley's frustration in Test Drive Unlimited 2 and the tendency for the Volkswagen Golf VI GTI to spin out even with full driving assistance. (This was before the updates that corrected the Golf's handling)
    Spike: You need to slow down on those turns, man.
    Barley: No, no I don't! They [Volkswagen] need to build a car that doesn't suck fucking ass!
  • Then there are some surprising moments in LSD.
    [Barley turns around to see a giant floating fish in front of him]
    Barley: AHHH! Holy shit!
    • And:
    [Barley approaches some marching elephants]
    [Pteorodactyl appears out of nowhere and shrieks]
  • Mortal Kombat gave Barley some trouble as well
    Barley: Spoiler alert! I'm gonna fucking die!
    [Raiden suddenly tackles him]
    Barley: No! Wow you—-
    [Shang Tsung changes into Sub-Zero]
    Barley: I JUST TURNED INTO SUB-ZERO! What the fuck?!
    [Sub-Zero is punched into the acid]
    Barley: Great. I'm a god damn skeleton.
  • Whenever Spike or Barley lampshades or mocks something, and the subsequent reactions.
  • From Hunting Unlimited 2008:
    Spike: Lookit man, lookit! (lowering his voice) I need to look through my scopes. *raises binoculars slowly and dramatically* Huuhhhhh...
    Spike: Sounds like I just squatted and started farting while holding my ass-cheeks apart.
  • The entirety of the Skull Tag wads they played, either it's being scared shitless or mocking the sprite animations.
    [Barley turns around]
    Barley: The names Man.
    [Spike starts laughing uncontrollably]
    Barley: Meester Man.
    • Then they start mocking the player animations.
    [Spike picks up the gun and the face on the HUD makes a weird looking smile.]
    Spike: Little old man! [more laughing]
    • The Hotel started off with some improper settings (specificly: Weapons Stay), winding up with Spike having no weapons and already running from the ghost before they could restart the level.
      • This gem of Spike abusing the kill command.
    Spike: Alright, I gotta piss. Don't let me die dude. Don't let me die.
    Barley: I will not let you die.
    [Barley looks to see that Spike had turned into a pile of Ludicrous Gibs]
    Spike: Ahahahahaaahaaahaaahaaahaaa!
    Barley: I'm at the green lanterns. Hehehehe—-Oh shit!
    [Barley falls into lava]
    Spike in his Guttural Growler voice: Batman: Chronic Masturbator III, if you thought the first two were fucked, wait until you get a load of this one!
  • Barley's antics aren't limited to Let's Plays. In one video, Barley calls his friend out for complaining about a squeaky car, and his response is to get his webcam to zoom in on his face and deliver an exaggerated Kubrick Stare.
    • Earlier in the video, Barley searches for mammary intercourse and the reaction is as expected.
    Barley: Uh oh!~ Can't show you that!~ It's bad for the little kiddies!~ Uh ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!
  • From Amnesia: The Dark Descent
    • There's a particular problem where a pipe is blocking a ladder from lowering. The solution is to repeatedly move the ladder up and slam it down on to the pipe. When the ladder completely bends down the pipe...
    • When both are playing simultaneously, Barley predicts that Spike will leave the scarier areas while telling Barley he's in them too. Later, Barley is getting killed while Spike lies about his game crashing to go back to the safe area.
    • When Spike has his "meat dangling over this wide hole."
    • Spike's screams of terror, he seriously sounds like a husky howling in pain from how terrified he is which can both be hilarious or even more scary.
  • SCP: Containment Breach suffered many memory access violations, not that this stopped them from hilarious moments.
    • Spike had accidentally looked at SCP-096 without realizing the effects and then fled to the bathroom, cue the following:
    [SCP-096 charges into the bathroom and [DATA EXPUNGED] Spike]
    Spike: NO!!!
    Barley: Holy shit! Holy shit! Holy shit! Hahahahaha! Spike got up! Just so everyone knows, Spike ran away from his computer! Oh my god! Oh my god! Hahaha! How're you doing man?
    Spike: Man fuck that shit! I'm not looking at that motherfucker ever again! I thought it would do something like that but I didn't think it would be like:
    Subtitle: Audio Lowered For Your Consideration
    Barley: Is that what it did?!
    Spike: Yes!
    Barley: Huahaha!
    • After getting fed up with SCP-173 killing them too many times in the revisit, Spike modifies the game. The guards are now taller and run at Super Speed and the guard leading you to SCP-173's chamber is so fast he winds up running in circles to reach the path node and it's one of the hardest Spike has ever laughed. SCP-173 itself has been made tiny and barely moves when blinking, revenge has never been so hilarious!
    • It gets better when Spike made a Spike & Barley version of the game (Struts. Charles. Peanut.) along with various edits to the game which includes:
      • Labored porno breathing when running out of stamina, Spike asked Renny to make the most obnoxious sexual noises.
      • The faces of D-Class personnel replaced with Mr. Struts.
      • Making the security officers tiny with Spike's voice.
      • The infamous SCP-173 (the peanut)'s krylon spray painted face replaced with that of Tim Allen and re-textured with a "hot dog bun ass" which unintentionally stretches up the back of the model, making it even funnier. It's also been Nerfed to move less when blinking.
      • Making the signs of various SCPs pertain to something mundane, such as SCP-914 becoming the Charles Machine or SCP-372's sign simply reading "Lil' Ole Light - Object Class: It's On" (not that this stopped a brief moment of Paranoia Fuel when it flashed on the side of the screen at one point).
      • Really, the edited version of the game is worthy of a Joke SCP entry of it's own at this point.
  • Grand Theft Auto IV Part 3, Barley spends almost the entire episode with hiccups which even prevented him from doing his signature laugh.
    Barley: We return to fucking GTA after two years and this god damn hic-*hic* DAMN IT!
    • Spike loaded a cheat trainer into the game, allowing him to propel a driven vehicle at speeds, move it around, spawn cars among other things that make way for gems.
    Barley: Can you imagine driving on the highway and see a fucking boat merging?
    Barley: Oh, I made one of them fucking twitch!
    [Bang! Bang!]
    Barley: Oh, I killed one! Oh, nevermind.
    [Barley shoots some more, only for them to start hurling molotovs and rockets at him]
    Barley: OH SHIT!!!
    Barley: Hey man. That... That's not how you're supposed to drive, okay?
    Spike as he flies off screen in a glitchy manner: Don't tell me how to drive!!!
    • The constant hilarity with the fire truck, particularly knocking Barley or other NPCs over with the water cannon.
    Spike: Does that even do anything to you?
    [Barley stumbles up against a wall, hunched over and unable to do anything. Both start to laugh]
    Spike: Oooooh, look at you over there!~
    Barley: Fuck!!!
  • Them playing gm_ghosthunt 2 is nothing but funny.
    Barley: (Reading a sign) "Ghosts can and have hurt people. Cuts-"

    Barley dies at the very end of the map and sits at the spawn point indignantly
    Renny: Laramy-B, you get your ass back here.
    Barley: Suck a fat dick, you can have fun down there.
    Renny: Don't you love us?
    Barley: I'm going to go back up that elevator and go home and have some fuckin' Hungry Man Dinners and you can suck a fat dick.
    • Renny being killed by one of the specters in the map, then getting trolled by jimbomcb and the other spectators with their ability to pick up objects.
    Barley: Come into this room, look at this chair in the middle of the room.
    Spike: Where?
    Renny: What room—- [killed] WUABABABABABEBEBEBE!!!
    Barley [seeing the specter float by]: A-A-A-AHH!!!
    Spike: AHHH!!!
    Barley: WHAT THE FUCK?! NO!
    Renny: Come back and get me, guys. You told me, you promised.
  • The entirety of Fright Week in Garry's Mod.
    • Spike Vs. the Anti-Strut as he plays around with Ragmorph to run and sneak past him in increasingly silly ways. The way his feet drag the rest of his body along the ground at running speed is just giggle-inducing.
    • After SCP-106 destroys half of the R.M.S. Valiant, the duo make their escape on a small yacht and this exchange happens.
    Spike: Oh my God, the creepy sounds! (remarking on the burbling the airboat makes when idle in the water)
    Barley: You hear it?
    [Clattering and clunking is heard as Spike spawns a bunch of Davy Crockett warheads]
    Barley: What the fuck is that?!
    Spike: [cackling] Welcome to America, motherfucker!
    [Spike tosses a canister of nerve gas setting them all off and engulfing everything in fire]
    Barley: Jeeesuz!
    • Barley being genuinely freaked out as they're demolishing a temple full of Struts and Anti-Struts when Spike grabs the yacht with the physics gun and it starts spazzing toward him.
    Barley: Oh, I killed the shit out of that anti-strut—- Oh my God! Oh my God!!! That's actually really fucking scary! That is actually really fucking scary! It's like it was fucking possessed, dude!
    • Spike breaks the game with Crockett warheads again. This time by spawning the warheads in a nerve gas cloud and continuing to spam more and more of them as each one is set off.
    Barley [as the audio stutters from low frame rate]: I love that Source Engine lag! What the fuck is going on?! What the hell is going on?!
    Spike: Oh!
    [Disconnect: Server Shutting Down.]
    Barley: ... Tyahaha!
  • The entirety of Grave Digger, especially Spike's impression of the main character's Batman-like voice. Leading to Barley even questioning if Spike did the voices for the game.